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News Links, May 6, 2016

Posting will be irregular and light until rice planting is finished. -- RF

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Canadian Western Bank reignites concerns about energy loan losses at big banks
A dramatic increase in expected energy-related loan losses at Canadian Western Bank has reignited concerns that the effects of the energy downturn are just beginning to be felt by the country's biggest lenders.
Warren Buffett warns he'd take his money out of the banks in subzero interest rate environment
Indian Steel industry passing through severe downturn: Minister
Barbarous relic: Gold price to rise further, charts show, with a $1,340 upside target
R.I.P. TTIP? Holy Grail US-EU trade deal is "probably doomed."
Let the TTIP trade pact die if it threatens Parliamentary democracy
The March Trade Fiasco——Proving Yet Again Global Weakness Starts Here
How the Kleptocrats' $12 Trillion Heist Helps Keep Most of the World Impoverished
How A Collapse In South America Could Trigger Martial Law In The U.S.
Turkish Lira Plunges Most Since 2008 As Yet Another Political Crisis Appears Imminent
Japan, China, S. Korea to enhance capital flow monitoring
Wrath of Draghi Hits Germans who Refuse to Blow their Savings
Rail Traffic Depression: 292 Union Pacific Engines Are Sitting In The Arizona Desert Doing Nothing
German Study Proves It – 95% of Greek "Bailout" Money Went to the Banks
Goldman targets 'mass affluent' borrowers with unusual lending plan

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Shell hints at further North Sea job cuts as profits plunge

## War on cash/cashless society ##
The War On Paper Currency Officially Begins: ECB Ends Production Of €500 Bill

## Airline death spiral ##
Air Freight Volumes Across Largest Global Market Tumble 15% In First Quarter
New Risks from Brussels' 'Security'
After a terror attack, Western governments react – or overreact – to show they're doing something, but often make matters worse, as Belgium's new layer of security outside Zaventem airport shows.
Europe's air safety agency to study aircraft-drone collision risk

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
To Thwart U.S. Lasers, China Wants Smokescreens
Pirates paid '$400,000' ransoms in West Africa's Gulf of Guinea
Ransoms of up to $400,000 (£273,000) have been paid to gangs which hijacked ships in the Gulf of Guinea in 2015, a maritime report says. The region was the most dangerous in the world for seafarers, with pirates becoming more violent, it added.
Kidnapping Now More Profitable for Pirates Than Cheap Oil
A Moment Of Hope For Syria? Amid Aleppo Carnage, Russia, US Extend Truce To Cover City
What Is the US Military Doing in the Baltics? Get out – before we start World War III
Israel to upgrade ties with NATO
Russia to form 3 new divisions to counter NATO buildup
Pakistan says ready to discuss arms control with India
Turkey Political Controversy: Erdoğan Consolidates Power As Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu Announces Resignation
NATO Accepts Israel, 4 Other Nations as Headquarter Liaisons
Iran to close key oil shipping lanes If U.S. proceeds with military drills
The U.S. Navy now has an unmanned drone [sic] warship. Could it be hacked at sea?

## UAVs ##
Cloud-seeding drone makes first flight over Nevada
CybAero Completes Drone Tests for Swedish Navy
Finland May Turn to Drones To Supplement Combat Aircraft

## Migrants/refugees ##
EU Plans $290,000 Per Person Fine on Countries Refusing "Fair Share" of Refugees; Case For Brexit Crystallized
EU leaders in Rome to discuss migrant crisis

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Fishermen protest as deadly red tide blooms in southern Chile
Thousands of Chilean fishermen blocked roads with barricades in the region of Los Lagos on Monday and Tuesday, saying government efforts to mitigate the economic effects of a harmful algal bloom have been insufficient.
Hong Kong protesters scuffle with guards as they storm lifts at Link Reit headquarters

## Energy/resources ##
Australia to double ethanol production?
Biofuel Breakthrough: Production Jumps 64%
In view of the much higher costs than petroleum (humans have to do all the work themselves) and the fact that even oil producers are not making much money these days, biofuels don't yet look like the savior of industrial civilization. For industrial civilization to thrive, we need a lot of highly dense energy that is also cheap. -- RF
A 4.5-Million-Barrel Per Day Oil Shortage Looms: Wood Mackenzie
Fort McMurray ‪Wildfires: Canadian Oil Sands Producers Cut Output As Alberta Fires Rage
OTC 2016: Deepwater Projects Delayed as Low Oil Prices Linger
UK's proposed nuclear plant is one of the costliest things on Earth
Nigeria's oil exports drop, 20 cargoes remain unsold
Schlesinger predicts investments in 2006 will cause oil glut and denial of peak oil in future
Uranium industry focuses on costs as supply glut continues
Uranium miners and traders are suffering from oversupply, low prices, lack of liquidity and low demand from utilities, and have little to no expectation of improving market conditions in the short- to medium-term, uranium market participants said during the World Nuclear Fuel Cycle conference.
Shell's Profits Plunge 83%
Marathon Posts $407M Loss, Sees Oil Production Decline
Devon Energy Reports $3.1B Loss, Increases Production Guidance
500,000 Barrels And $1 Billion In Losses: The True Cost Of Canada's Wildfire
Explosions in Kirkuk Take More Iraqi Oil Offline
Militants Blow Up Chevron Oil Platform in Niger Delta
Asteroid Mining News: Luxembourg Partners With Deep Space Industries For Prospector-X Mission

## Got food? ##
CRF Frozen Foods expands recall after 7 confirmed Listeria cases

## Environment/health ##
New Research Links Cell Phones To Health Issues [sic] In Children
Medical Error is Third Leading Cause of Death – Estimated at 250,000 Annually
Wildfire guts large swath of Canadian city; 80,000 flee
Canada evacuating 8,000 wildfire evacuees by air
Canada wildfire: More than 200K acres burned; some blazes 'out of control'; evacuees forced to flee again
Amid Superbug Scourge, Study Finds 1 in 3 Antibiotic Prescriptions Unnecessary
Thousands of Tons of Dead Creatures Hit Chile's Beaches
CDC: Hepatitis C kills more Americans than any other infectious disease
U.S. proposes giving wind farms 30-year permits to kill eagles
American Smoking on the Rise Ignites Tobacco Bonds
U.S. cracks down on e-cigarettes and cigars, bans sales to minors

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
How Traffic to This YouTube Video Predicts ISIS Attacks
One company is using metadata from video posts, Wikipedia entries, and other sites to forecast geopolitical unrest.
NSA and CIA Double Their Warrantless Searches on Americans in Two Years
Apple CEO Tim Cook: US government is dysfunctional
Big data breaches found at major email services - expert
Notorious Hacker Makes 'Bombshell' Claim: "I Got Inside Hillary's Completely Unsecured Server"
The Pentagon Wants to 'Fingerprint' the World's Hackers
By tracking their tools and behaviors, DARPA aims to solve one of the thorniest problems of cybersecurity: attribution.
'Bitcoin Creator' Craig Wright Cancels Promise To Provide 'Extraordinary Proof' Of His Claim
Apple says service restored after multiple problems affecting users

## Propaganda/censorship ##
The New York Times uses the same accounting techniques the paper critiques

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Eight "New Normal" Charts That Are Insanely Abnormal--and Dangerous
Is there anyone on the planet who's actually stupid enough to believe these New Normal charts are healthy and sustainable?
Takata Corp. Air Bag Recall: Japanese Manufacturer Recalling Up To 40 Million More Inflators In US Vehicles

## Japan ##
Trump urges Japan to pay more to maintain U.S. military bases
Southeast Asia's migration wave highlights Japan's barriers
No. of children in Japan down for 35th straight year
¥170 bil. infrastructure damage seen in Kumamoto
Over 16,000 remain in Kumamoto shelters
Easy Money Isn't the Answer for Japan

## China ##
Hong Kong independence 'inevitable' says campaign leader
Goldman Sachs advises cutting exposure to Chinese property sector despite tier 1 boom
Commodities become China's Hottest New Casino
China Unleashes SPR (Strategic Porcine Reserve) As Pork Price Surge Threatens Social Unrest
Hong Kong cracks down on illegal money flows from mainland China trade
Hong Kong is conducting a multipronged customs, shipping and financial sector crackdown against so-called fake trade invoicing that allows billions of dollars of capital to leave mainland China illegally.
Enterprise the latest buzzword as Chinese iron rice bowl has to go
China's Latest Sugar High is Fizzling Fast

## UK ##
Google Now Has Access To Millions of Patient's [sic] Medical Records
Wood Group to shed 300 workers from North Sea operations
Barclays' no-deposit mortgage lets you borrow 5.5 times your income. A good idea?

## US ##
A tidal wave of defaults coming? Banks say oil town Americans missing auto, mortgage payments
More Import And Factory Contraction—–It's Sunset, Not Sunrise
This is Why No One Should Bail Out the "Smart Money" Stuck in Brick-and-Mortar Retailers: Let them Shed their Own Tears
Freight Rail Traffic Plunges: Haunting Pictures of Transportation Recession
292 Union Pacific engines idled in Arizona Desert
Detroit Schools Shuttered as Lawmakers 'Illegally' Withhold Teacher Pay
90% Of American Households Have Lower Real Net Worth Today Than In 1970s
Productivity in U.S. Decreases for a Second Straight Quarter
Freedom Isn't Free: It Costs the Taxpayers $700 Billion Per Year
IED Found Under Central Texas Bridge
Number of homeless people increases in Los Angeles
The Great American Credit Collapse
Please remember this warning when you go to the ATM to get cash — and there is none.
New banking normal where lending $2 increases GDP by $1: US bank credit up 44 percent since 2008 while GDP up 21 percent.
One Chart Says It All
Money velocity vs. the civilian employment-population ratio
Mother's Day 2016: More Millennials Are Living At Home With Mom, Study Finds
Homemade Bomb Explodes At California High School
U.S. Army Captain Sues President Obama, Says He Lacks Authority to Fight ISIS
Hate Crimes Rise Along With Donald Trump's Anti-Muslim Rhetoric
The number of Americans renouncing just keeps going up

## The candidates ##
Why Trump Winning the Republican Nomination is Good for American Democracy
Trumped! Why It Happened And What Comes Next, Part 1
Less than 1% of the Hillary Victory Fund Benefited State Parties
Susan Sarandon: I'm more afraid of Hillary's war record than Trump's wall
Trump Camp Plans To Make A Play For Sanders Voters Who Won't Back Clinton
Donald Trump's Finance Chair Is A Bank Exec Who Made 'Yuge' Profits From The Financial Crisis
The Cost Of Donald Trump Deporting Every Undocumented Immigrant? Economists Worry, Report Finds
Who Will Trump Pick As Vice President? The Donald Says He Would Consider Cruz, Rubio, Kasich
A Third-Party Candidate To Stop Trump? Ben Sasse Demands 'Adult' Challenger To Republican Nominee And Hillary Clinton
Bernstein: There Will Be 'Very Damaging' Leaks From Hillary Email Investigation, Her Actions Reckless and Entitled

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