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News Links, May 9, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
How Puerto Rico's $70 Billion Crisis Is About to Get Catastrophic
Coming Bank Run Will Send Gold to $3,000+
Saudi Arabia's Oil-Bust Cash-Flow Debacle Begins to Bite
Nigeria goes from powerhouse to pariah as 'hurricane' hits economy
Greece passes pension, tax reform bill
Greece Shut Down by Protests and Strikes Over Pensions; Emergency Eurogroup Meeting Monday
Africa faces challenges as global banks pull out, says Bob Diamond
Vinny Lingham on the Bitcoin Price – Prepare for the "Mother of All Short Squeezes"
And prepare for the end of any money that you can't hold in your hand. -- RF
Barbarous relic: Demand for physical gold is exploding
"The Death Of The Gold Market" - Why One Analyst Thinks A Run On London Gold Vaults Is Imminent

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Saudi Binladin Group's shaky foundations
The sheer number of job losses announced by construction giant Saudi Binladin Group (77,000, or about one-third of its total workforce) last week is colossal. But the most telling sign of the company's crisis is the warning that it is also planning to fire between 12,000 and 17,000 Saudi nationals, including some in top management and supervisory roles.

## War on cash/cashless society ##
One Swede Will Kill Cash Forever—Unless His Foe Saves It From Extinction
Banks move forward on cashless payment system (Thailand)
Walmart confirms police report, says card readers compromised in Virginia

## Airline death spiral ##
Lufthansa Sets Sights On Cheap Long-Haul Flights, Looks To Expand Eurowings
Professor suspected of being a terrorist because of a math equation
Penny (or a nickel, quarter or dime) for your troubles: TSA's hefty haul
Be prepared! Airport nightmare will get worse this summer
Now, in spring, it can take three hours to get past security, so just imagine what it'll be like in summer.
Jewish passengers claim they were removed from an EasyJet flight because of their religion
No-Fly List Kids: Mom Still Concerned Despite Official Plan
Qatar Airways cuts flights due to aircraft shortage

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Colombia greenlights use of military force against armed gangs
Commentary: Why Ukraine's NATO membership is not in America's interests
Recent war games revealed NATO would lose a war in the Baltics to Russia within 36 to 60 hours, and it's hard to envision anything other than a similar outcome in Ukraine.
Erdogan "Prince of Europe" Rejects EU Demands to Reform Terrorist Law
Vietnam asks Japan for vessels to strengthen coastguard
Taiwanese, Japanese vessels arrive in Okinotori for show of force
ISIS Claims Responsibility For Attack That Killed 8 Policemen Near Cairo
Introducing: Israeli 12-Kilo Killer Robot
US struggles to convince Iraqis it doesn't support Islamic State
What A War With ISIS in Libya Would Look Like
With three competing governments, some of which hate each other more than the Islamic State, things would get tricky fast.
Libyan Factions Launch Competing Offensives Against ISIS
Somnolent Europe, Russia, and China (Paul Craig Roberts)

## UAVs ##
Defense Bill Has Nuclear Facilities Fighting Drones
Nigeria bans unauthorised use of drones

## Migrants/refugees ##
Migrant arrivals in Italy top 30,000 for 2016: Navy
Rights Groups Denounce Kenya's 'Reckless' Move To Close Refugee Camps Housing Over 500,000

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Defence industry poised for billion dollar profits from global riot 'contagion'
Forecasts of relentless civil unrest in the US, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia seen as massive 'investment opportunity'
Italian police, demonstrators clash in protest against Austrian fence
Massive Anti-Government Protests Sweep Across Warsaw In Show Of Polish Support For EU
Greek Protesters Hurl Firebombs at Police Ahead of Key Reform Vote

## Energy/resources ##
The sustainable energy transition: a "back of the envelope" calculation
Can Iran And Saudi Arabia Production Claims Be Believed?
Saudi Arabia names Khalid al-Falih energy minister to replace Naimi
The EMP threat: the U.S. is unprepared for a total power blackout
Horizontal Land Rig Count Summary 6th May 2016
Nigeria: Eko Disco Begins One-Month Power Rationing in Lagos Island
Is Iran finally ready to join oil production freeze plan?
Peabody's Australian mines sag ahead of collapse

## Got food? ##
February freeze decimates the peach crop in Northeastern US
Study: one in six Kentuckians 'food insecure'
Food Insecurity Rises in Missouri
16% of Malians affected by food insecurity - UN Agency
How bad is it in Venezuela? Soldiers are stealing goats for food

## Environment/health ##
Sea-level rise claims five islands in Solomons: study
Abrupt Sea Level Rise Looms As Increasingly Realistic Threat
Toxic Phthalates Are Everywhere: Report Reveals Ubiquity of 'Hormone-Assaulting Chemicals'
Welcome To Hell: The Giant Fort McMurray Fire Is The Worst Blaze In Canadian History
Fort McMurray Wildfires May Double In Size, Albertan And Canadian Officials Warn
Research Finds That Increased Coal Use May Cause Droughts
India seeks to shut 12% of power capacity in anti-pollution move

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Oregon DOJ Encourages Surveillance Of First Amendment Activities; Acts Surprised When Agents Do Exactly That

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
This is what happens to societies as regulations and complexity increase. Another good example is traffic systems. At first there were no driver's licenses, no traffic signs, no stop lights, or anything. Now we have vast road networks built and maintained at colossal cost, myriad traffic signs and lights, a dizzyingly complex system of laws and regulations governing how we drive and how vehicles must be built, maintained, and operated, and an extensive regulatory and police apparatus to enforce all of this — at considerable expense that is no longer payable. It's clearly unsustainable. We are dragging our societies down into the quicksand of our systems for regulation and compliance, while at the same time net energy decline dictates that we expend progressively less energy on maintenance. Get ready for collapse. -- RF
Sainsbury's builds its own power plants amid energy shortage fears
Sainsbury's has cast doubt on the UK's ability to keep the lights on, revealing it has built a string of new power plants for its supermarkets in part due to fears of a looming energy crunch.

## The candidates ##
Pro-Clinton Super PAC Caught Astroturfing on Social Media, Op-Ed Pages
Jeb Bush: Why I can't support Trump or Clinton
Haircut: Trump Floats Radical Idea To Back Out Of US Debt Obligations; Economists Aren't Thrilled
Radical and outrageous it may be, but most of the government debt in the world won't be repaid, anyway. Bondholders of the world — get ready to be scalped! -- RF
Why Trump's U.S. Debt 'Default' Isn't as Insane as It Sounds
G.O.P. Unravels as Party Faces Trump Takeover
Real history: Hillary Clinton and healthcare
'Dilbert' Creator's 6 Reasons Why Trump Will "Win In A Landslide" In November

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