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News Links, June 10, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Taxes and recession slash income of Greek households
Next Banking Scandal Explodes in Spain
By making the stock market the only game in town, the Powers That Be can no longer afford to let it decline for any reason.
NIRP Blowback: Commerzbank Plans To Hoard Billions In Euros In Vaults, Avoid ECB
Negative Interest Rate Mutiny in Germany, Japan
ECB Gets Clocked by the Two Biggest German Banks
France shuns Europe as Brexit revolt spreads
Pensions Timebomb in "Slow Motion Detonation" In U.S., EU and Internationally
Currency Wars Re-Escalate As Bank Of Korea Eases To Record Low Rate With Surprises Rate Cut
Only Five Oil Majors Make The Fortune 500 List
Why big investors think it's time to hoard gold
Fear is on the rise and so is the price of gold.
George Soros has made big, bearish investments, including gold and gold-miner stocks: WSJ
The Upcoming, Historic Silver Shortage
Copper Is Crashing Again...
Brazil mulls emergency loan to Rio de Janeiro ahead of Olympics
Gross Says Negative Rates Are Like 'Supernova' That Will Explode
Paying governments $10.4 trillion to take your money is now a political fiasco
Zimbabwe runs out of money

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Half Of Washington DC Employers Have Cut Jobs, Hours Due To Minimum Wage Increases - And It's Going To Get Worse

## Airline death spiral ##
Egyptian Airliner Makes Emergency Landing In Uzbekistan After Bomb Threat
United, Iberia airlines pull out of Nigeria; funds blocked
Capping cancellation fees will lead to fare hike: Airline execs
Caught on camera: Delta flight diverted to Memphis due to 'disruptive' passenger
Flight Attendant Tells Passenger to 'Shut Up' After Argument Over Pasta
FAA: No psychological testing needed of airline pilots
Man 'threatens to kill girlfriend and kids' after drinking bottle of vodka on flight

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
ISIS Setbacks Not Significantly Weakening Group, UN Warns
Chinese J-10 Fighter Plane Makes 'Unsafe' Intercept Of US Air Force RC-135 Spy Plane Over East China Sea
Car bomb hits police station in southeast Turkey, many wounded: sources
Turkish Police Forces Hit by Second Car Bombing in Two Days
Turkey's President Erdogan Calls Women Who Work 'Half Persons'
The Strait of Hormuz in Danger
Rehearsing for World War III — Operation "Anakonda 16" is a dangerous provocation
Global Peace Index 2016: There are now only 10 countries in the world that are actually free from conflict
Susan Rice Promises Israel 'Largest Military Aid Package In U.S. History'
The Bilderberg 2016 Agenda: Trump, Riots, Migrants, Brexit
Bilderberg group meeting: What actually happens at the world's most secretive gathering of global elites, and who is attending?
Beijing aside, Tsai presidency looks to draw Taipei closer to Tokyo
Saudi Arabia Forces the United Nations to Remove it from a List of Child Killers
Senators Seek Halt to US Bomb Sales for Saudi War
Finland, Russia in Talks Over NATO Relationship
Holocaust Denial, Inciting Racial Hatred Now Crimes In Italy
Trillions Spent on Violence as World Continues Downwards Spiral Away From Peace
US military tests massive GPS jamming weapon over California
Israeli occupation to blame for fatal Palestinian attack on cafe - Tel Aviv mayor
Admiral Grigorovich frigate arrives in Sevastopol
Look Out EU – Eurosceptic "United We Can" Party Surging in Spain
U.S. Deploys Two Aircraft Carriers To Mediterranean To "Send A Clear Message To Russia"

## UAVs ##
Drones In America: First Passenger Drones Set To Hit The Skies Above Nevada
Russia plans to increase marketing of its unmanned aerial systems
Interest in IAI's Drone Guard counter-drone system grows
Drones emerge from shadows to become key cog in U.S. war machine

## Migrants/refugees ##
Refugee Crisis In Europe 2016: Human Rights Watch Slams Sweden Over Treatment of Asylum-Seeking Children

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Dozens reported wounded as PNG police fire on protesters, riots spread
Three Dead in Tel Aviv Shopping Mall Attack
South Africa's Platinum Production Halted By Unions
Venezuela Opposition Leader Hit On The Face With Metal Pipe As Police Watch

## Energy/resources ##
U.S. Shale Hurting: Largest Monthly Drop In More Than A Year
$50 oil won't make US frackers turn on the tap: Expert
Niger Delta Avengers Reject Talks; Blow Up Another Chevron Well
Seventy Seven Energy Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
India Overtakes Japan as World's Third Largest Oil User After US, China
Renewable Energy Hit Record Levels in 2015
International Energy Agency targets 100 million electric cars by 2030
A clearly unattainable goal. -- RF
Second Militant Group Threatens Niger Delta Oil
After 350,000 Layoffs Oil Companies Now Face Worker Shortages

## Got food? ##
Venezuelans pick through trash for food to eat or sell
How to Build a Root Cellar to Extend the Life of Your Harvest
Pacific bluefin tuna treading in dangerous waters
Progress toward conserving endangered Pacific bluefin tuna is not enough to keep up with the pace of fishing, and the industry faces the risk of collapse, said Amanda Nickson, director for Global Tuna Conservation at the Pew Charitable Trusts.

## Environment/health ##
China says important glacier is melting due to climate change
El Niño, rising sea spur record 'clear-sky' flooding in 7 cities
El Niño and rising sea levels linked to global warming spurred a record number of days of "nuisance flooding" last year in seven coastal U.S. cities, according to a federal report.
Fast-spreading genetic mutations pose ecological risk
Baby Bust: US Fertility Rate Unexpectedly Drops to Lowest on Record
When net energy declines, so do fertility rates. -- RF
EU nations refuse to back new license for glyphosate
Zika virus is widespread and expected to grow in Puerto Rico
New Map Shows Where Zika Mosquitoes Live in U.S.
Super-Sized El Niño Is Over, La Niña Is Up Next
Is The Ebola Outbreak Really Over? WHO Declares End To Epidemic In Liberia, For The Fourth Time
Cruise Ship Pollution: Cruise Sewage And Air Pollution A Rising Concern As Ships Sail Toward Northwest Passage
Surveying Damage on World Oceans Day, Experts Say Worst is Yet to Come
Can we just turn excess carbon dioxide into rock?
Article makes no mention of cost. -- RF
Palm oil giant's impact in Indonesia worse than reported, says Greenpeace

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Singapore To Cut Internet Access On All Government Computers
Cybersecurity 2016: Belgium Most Vulnerable To Hacking, Online Attacks, Report Says
Germany's Foreign Intelligence Service (BND) to Become Branch of America's CIA?
US Homeland Security Could Get Its Own Cyber Defense Agency
One of the World's Largest Botnets Has Vanished
Russia Imprisoning Dozens Of Social Media Critics For 'Hate Speech'
Your phone may soon sense everything around you
Suppose your smartphone is clever enough to grasp your physical surroundings - the room's size, the  location of doors and windows and the presence of other people. What could it do with that info?
The more your machines know about you, the more others will know about you. -- RF
The Fog of Cyberwar: Now theft and sabotage instead of just spying
Tech Terrorism: Saudis Blamed for Hacking Iranian Newspaper Website
The Assault On The Fourth Amendment Intensifies—-FBI Seeks Search Warrant Selfies
Sir Tim Berners-Lee: Internet has become 'world's largest surveillance network'
France Launches New Terror Alert App Ahead of Euro 2016 Tournament
FBI Running 'Hundreds' of ISIS Sting Operations

## Propaganda/censorship ##
China's propaganda chiefs rapped by government inspectors over 'weak' efforts to control the internet, media
Clinton-Related Record Requests At State Department Often Delayed Past Presidential Election

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Picture Of Decline
A population of illiterate, non-thinking morons can't possibly obtain good paying jobs. [The US] spends $12,000 per public school student per year on education and this is the outcome? The factual data presented below paints a picture of an empire in rapid decline.
Global Violence Worsens, Driven By Middle East Conflicts: Peace Index
Grim sign of war, blast walls turn Afghan capital into maze
The US Government Has Recently Issued 2 Alarming Warnings to Prep…But Is Anybody Listening?
Nissan to recall 4,700 cars in South Korea over faulty seat sensor
Honda recalls 784,000 vehicles in Japan over Takata air bags
"This Could Be The Biggest Auto Scandal Since The GM Ignition Switch" - Why Tesla Is Probed Over A "Suspension Issue"
EBT Card Outage?: It Is 8 Days Into June And Many Americans Are STILL Waiting For Food Stamp Money
5 Ways George Orwell's 1984 Has Come True Since It Was Published 67 Years Ago
Gov. Rauner calls some Chicago schools 'crumbling prisons'
Bailout Nation - Detroit Public Schools Receive $617 Million Government Handout
Keep watching as education becomes something only for those who can pay for private schooling. -- RF

## Japan ##
Bank of Japan's sovereign debt endgame is the naked emperor
7th Post-Crisis 'Recession' Looms As April Japanese Machinery Orders Crash Most Since 2009
Japan protests after Chinese navy ship sails near disputed islands
New Tensions Erupt In The East China Sea, This Time With A Russian Twist
Water levels in Tokyo-area dams lowest ever
NIRP Goes Political For Japan's Abe As Opposition Party Demands "Withdrawal Of Negative Interest Rates"

## China ##
China's trade contracts in May for another month
South China Sea Controversy: Beijing May Build Military Deep-Sea 'Space Station'
China uses SWAT teams to crack down on college exam cheats
Pity Poor China: There's No Easy Fix to the S-Curve
Why are so many Chinese nostalgic for the Cultural Revolution?

## UK ##
Two-thirds of students in England 'feel degree cost is not good value'
HS2: the zombie train that refuses to die
British navy intercepts Russian submarine on way to Channel
The number of British millionaire households grew by 12% in 2015
How Bleak Is UK Continental Shelf Employment In Next 12 Months?
Survey shows 30 percent of firms operating in the UK Continental Shelf expect more job cuts.
#1 Reason to Vote Brexit: Goldman Sachs, JPM, IMF Seek Remain
UK Subsea Services Recruitment Falls amid Oil Price Drop

## US ##
How California's Primary was Rigged Against Independent Voters
How the IRS Used Civil Asset Forfeiture to Ruin the Lives of Two Connecticut Bakers
This $250 Million Condo Is a Sign Manhattan's Ready to Pop!
"Leveraged Loan" Backed Asset Stripping Resurges
Time is Running Out: Coalition Calls on Obama to Protect Democracy Before November Election
Millennials' Healthcare Problems: Insurance Is Terrifyingly Expensive And Highly Confusing For Young Americans, Survey Finds
Number of store closures already set to outpace last year
BLS Says Jobs Openings Up; Actually, Openings Falling Fast!
Big Money's Conquest of Democratic Party
Democrats Are Now the Aggressive War Party
Tased in the Chest for 23 Seconds, Dead for 8 Minutes, Now Facing a Lifetime of Recovery
LinkedIn Job Postings Plunge, "by far the Worst Month since January 2009"
Record Shattering 94.7 Million Americans Not in the Labor Force. Up by 664,000 in One Month.
China High-Speed Rail Project Meant To Link Los Angeles To Las Vegas Called Off As US Company Pushes Ahead
Oklahoma Highway Patrol Uses New Device To Seize Money During Traffic Stops
DIVIDED AMERICA: Rosy economic averages bypass many in US

## The candidates ##
Don't Like Donald Trump Or Hillary Clinton? Here Are Your Third-Party Options For 2016
Attack Of The Bernie Bros? Sanders Supporters Harass Reporters Online After AP Reports Clinton Win
David Stockman's View of Trump vs. Clinton (Bloomberg video interview)
Neocon Hillary Clinton Launches "Republicans Against Trump"
State Department Delays More Clinton Related Records Requests Until After the Election
President Barack Obama Formally Backs Hillary Clinton
Sanders Says He Will Work With Clinton To Defeat Republican Trump
Some of Hillary Clinton's greatest hits

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