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News Links, June 20, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Day of Reckoning for Banks in Italy, Spain, & Portugal Kicked Down the Road (Elegantly) for 18 Months
Petrol, electricity and airfares could be taxed under radical proposals being considered by Brussels
Qatar Predicts At Least Three Years Of Budget Deficits
What the Heck's Going on in Global Stocks? The NIRP Rout
New Zealand government offer for $5K to leave crowded Auckland has payback clause
How the Welfare State Dies
Gold Price: USD 65,000/oz in 5 years?
You are currently living through the dumbest monetary experimental end game in history
Tracing the global market thread that could be unraveled by Brexit
Olympic Host Rio Gets Emergency Funding Lifeline From Temer
Slump in oil prices to delay Qatar's $20bn infrastructure programme

## War on cash/cashless society ##
Digital currency Ethereum is cratering because of a $50 million hack
WSJ: US Wants to Keep the $100 Bill

## Airline death spiral ##
NASA working to develop completely electric airplane
Hong Kong airport landing charges to soar by up to 27 per cent
Germany's Lufthansa suspends flights to cash-strapped Venezuela
'Violent' passenger forces Glasgow-bound flight from Barcelona to divert to France
Man says beard got him kicked off Alaska Airlines flight
He looked "Arabic and scary"! Just when you think the mania couldn't get any worse, something like this comes along. Check out the guy's mug shot and judge for yourself. -- RF
False alarms prompt evacuation of Dallas airport

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Saudi FM Backs State Dept Call for Syria Regime Change
Neocons Scheme for More 'Regime Change'
The neocons are back on the warpath, seeking to bomb the Syrian government and scheming to destabilize nuclear-armed Russia en route to another "regime change" – while ignoring the grave dangers.
Read This Before The Government Uses the Orlando Shooting to Start Another War
Belgium Police Arrest 12 Suspected of Planning New Terror Attack
U.S. backed Syrian forces advance two km from center of Islamic state-held Manbij: source
Moscow Denies Strikes on US-Backed Rebels in Syria
Russia, U.S. agree on need to improve military coordination in Syria: Russian defense ministry
The new arms race: robots, swarming drones, 'Iron Man'
Tensions Between US/NATO & Russia Are Flaring Dangerously
As if there weren't enough crises to worry about in the world already, from shooting rampages to accelerating species loss, the US and NATO continue to 'poke the bear' and risk an outbreak of war with Russia.
"I Don't Need A War In The Black Sea" - Another NATO Member Folds As Bulgaria Refuses To Join Naval Task Force
US Could go to War With China Over Scarborough Shoal: Retired US Admiral
Gen. Breedlove, Strangelove-ian War Hawk
Ex-NATO Commander Breedlove was so bellicose toward Russia that the Germans objected to his dangerous provocations, but he is now strutting his stuff in hopes of landing a job in a Clinton-45 administration.
Iraqi Forces Seize Fallujah Hospital in Fight for City
US Aircraft Carriers Start Drills Off Philippines
Israel agrees to $20 million more for settlements
The Israeli government agreed Sunday to devote $20 million more in financing to Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank.
Questions rise over Bangladesh jailing 11,600 in crackdown
Endless war, endless greed: The Pentagon is lining its pockets with taxpayer dollars
World's Largest Arms Dealers Lecture Americans on 'Assault Weapons'
While our humanitarians with guillotines wax compassionate about gun deaths in the United States, they help to flood the world with all manner of bombs, munitions, machine guns, and fighter jets.
China's legal argument on use of Tokara Strait infuriates Japan

## Migrants/refugees ##
Hong Kong's stateless children lost in translation as refugee claims soar
Turkish Troops Kill 11 Syrians Trying To Cross Border: Monitor

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Thousands protest U.S. bases on Okinawa after Japan woman's murder
Turkish Police Fire Rubber Bullets at Pride Parade
Villagers in southern China defy warnings and press ahead with demonstration to demand chief's release

## Energy/resources ##
Turns out, OPEC Isn't Dead Yet
Nigeria: Wsj - Nigeria's Cost of Oil Production Now World's 3rd Most Expensive
San Antonio man has engine that gets 100 mpg (video)
But it won't save industrial civilization. -- RF
Record Breaking Production Drop In North Dakota
Oil bust leaves states with massive well cleanup
The worst oil bust since the 1980s is putting Texas and other oil producing states on the hook for thousands of newly abandoned drilling sites at a time when they have little money to plug wells and seal off environmental hazards.
If the situation is this bad for the oil industry, just imagine the nuclear power catastrophe about to start. Reactor decommissioning costs a lot more money and requires much more time. As I've pointed out time and again, it's clear that most of the world's nuclear reactors will never be properly decommissioned. Prepare for the worst. -- RF

## Got food? ##
Food conference to discuss looming food shortage
Food shortages aren't going to be prevented by GMOs or any other technology. There are too many people chasing after too few resources, while politicians stupidly exhort them to consume still more. Food production will be disrupted by impending world wars, social upheaval, pandemics, net energy decline, and the (already started) collapse of industrial civilization, not to mention climate change, thereby wiping out well over half the current global population. Thank your brain-dead politicians, business leaders, and economists for this mess. -- RF
America's hidden epidemic: food addiction
27 tons of Gold'n Plump chicken recalled, possible contaminants
Dairy farmers say safety net on milk prices is not helping
In 17 Days Vermont's Historic GMO Labeling Law Goes Into Effect: Is Big Food Ready?

## Environment/health ##
If Europe had a Sahara Desert, It Would Be a Small Africa. Does the World Really Have an "Overpopulation Problem"?
(A comment on the brain-dead movie "Population Boom.")
Southern California Wildfire Spreads As Blazes Hit Parched States
Crews Fighting Southwest Wildfires Prepare for Excessive Heat
Rio Olympics 2016: Here's Who's Skipping The Olympics Over Zika Fears
We saved the alligators from extinction — then moved into their territory
13 months of global warming records
An effective treatment for a common cancer in the US may vanish from the market
The head of the American Medical Association calls many health apps pure "snake oil"
35 killed in Indonesia floods, landslides
Zika spreading rapidly through Puerto Rico: CDC
Scientists battle to save world's coral reefs
Ducks give lowdown on Pacific changes

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Disturbing new site scrapes your private Facebook and informs landlords, employers
"The Missing 28 Pages Raises Directly the Issue of U.S. Government Complicity In the 9/11/2001 Terrorist Attacks"
WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Begins Fifth Year Living In Ecuadorian Embassy In London
The FBI Has Planted Surveillance Cameras Throughout Seattle, You Just Can't Know Where

## Japan ##
Japan's Okinawa Sees Massive Protests Against US Military Bases After Woman's Murder
Mrs.Watanabe Defies The BOJ Once Again While Betting On Robots
40-year-old nuclear reactors receive green light
Decommissioning is economically impossible, so that's a strong incentive to keep reactors running. -- RF
Japan to bankroll 'Japan quality' homes in Vietnam
You have to wonder what kind of "quality" they have in mind, as it's well known that most Japanese housing is built to last only about one generation. -- RF
U.S. dangles large land return as anti-base resentment surges in Okinawa
Government to check whether nation's aging public schools can be used as emergency shelters
Hurry up and die: In fresh shot at elderly, Aso asks: 'How much longer do you intend to keep living?'
Aso is rich and doesn't have to worry about how he's going to finance his lavish retirement. -- RF

## China ##
China home prices rise faster in May as smaller cities join rally
China Faces Record Debt Maturities in Next 6 Months
China Imposes Blackout on Hong Kong Bookseller's Revelations
China Foreign Minister, In Call To Kerry, Urges US Not To Interfere In Tibet
Shanghai told to shut down factories in August to give Hangzhou G20 summit clear blue skies

## UK ##
EU is 'sinking' and UK should leave, says economist
UK government is preparing contingency plans for North Sea bankruptcies
Pensions timebomb faced by UK firms is frightening
Middle-classes ditching traditional rental properties to become guardians for mansions and stately homes
24-hour shopping set to become a thing of the past as Tesco reduces store openings
UK government needs a nuclear plan B, says Tim Yeo

## US ##
These are the faces of America's growing youth homeless population
A Palace For Fannie (Mae)—–Why The Imperial City Must Be Sacked
Democrats' new line on gun control: Do it for national security
What's Going On With Visium Asset Management? 'Imploded' Hedge Fund Plans Shutdown
Why one man thinks the US government should pay citizens $1,000 a month
Meet the Americans Going Off the Grid This Election Season (video)
Too Much Corporate Debt—–And Going Sour Fast
How Many Law Schools Need to Close? Plenty
The Pentagon's controversial plan to hire military leaders off the street
Study: Bigger strains coming for Mass. infrastructure

## The candidates ##
Who's Advising Donald Trump on Foreign Policy?
Bernie Sanders Just Made It Official: He Isn't Dropping Out.
Trump: If Orlando Clubgoers Had Guns And Shot That "Son Of A Bitch" It Would Have Been "A Beautiful Sight"
Pick Your Poison: Clinton Vs. Trump on Foreign Policy
Donald Trump Calls Republicans Trying To Thwart Him 'An Insurgent Group,' Threatens To Stop Fundraising If No Support
Trump suggests 'profiling' of Muslims as response to terrorism
Republican Operatives Launch All-Out Effort To Unbind The Delegates And Deny Trump The Nomination
Is Leaked Cable Greasing Skids for Clinton's Next Regime Change Disaster?
Nobody is challenging Hillary Clinton enough on what her plan for a no-fly zone and military escalation in Syria will mean. And the slope is very, very slippery.
Con vs. Con

And finally...
Freakishly Huge Lizard Shows Up at Family's Front Door, Tries to Turn the Knob

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