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News Links, June 4, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
The Lie Behind Argentina's "Growth" Model
US trade deficit increases 5.3 percent to $37.4 billion
South Korean shipbuilders plan restructuring

## Airline death spiral ##
Zaventem's Frankenstein airport provides a test case for the EU
Airline passenger arrested for assault
Passenger behavior diverts Southwest Airlines flight to Phoenix
British Airways flight searched in U.S. after threat
Delta introduces '30 percent Faster' lanes to cut TSA wait times
Airlines call for EU-wide air traffic control to stop French strike disruption

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
There is No U.S. War Against ISIS; Instead, Obama is Protecting His "Assets"
Carrier Truman Launches 1st Strikes from the Med
Kuril Islands Update: Russia To Equip Disputed Chain With New Security System
The Iran Nuclear Deal Was Never A Peace Deal
U.S. falters in campaign to revive Iraqi army, officials say
America Excels in Business of Death
America may lag behind the developed world in many categories, but it is No. 1 in the "merchant of death" business, experiencing a boom in the commerce of boom, especially in areas destabilized by U.S. invasions.
Poland's 'Cold War II' Repression
As the U.S. government ratchets up a new Cold War, Poland is taking hostility toward Russia to the next level, inviting in U.S. military bases and arresting an anti-NATO politician on vague "espionage" charges.
Japan, India agree to boost 3-way defense cooperation with U.S.

## UAVs ##
Joint Air-to-Ground Missile Fired From Drone, a First

## Migrants/refugees ##
Hungarian police secure refugee camp, block protesters from leaving
France to take 400 refugees per month from Greece
Migrant Crisis: Libyan Officials Find 117 Bodies; Greece Rescues Over 300 in Mediterranean

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Migrants hurt in fresh camp brawl on Greek island
Protesters Assault Trump Supporters With Eggs, Bottles, Punches After Rally
'We want food!', Venezuelans cry at protest near presidency
Fresh Attacks in Niger Delta Target Shell, Eni Installations
Wave of deadly gunbattles hit [sic] Rio as the Olympics get closer

## Energy/resources ##
REN21: Wind and solar deliver record year for global renewables in 2015
According to the scientists, the new project "will include whole-genome engineering of human cell lines and other organisms of agricultural and public health significance, or those needed to interpret human biological functions."
The Nuclear Option Could Be Best Bet to Combat Climate Change (dubious thinking from Scientific American)
Hard-Pressed Rust Belt Cities Go Green to Aid Urban Revival
Gary, Indiana is joining Detroit and other fading U.S. industrial centers in an effort to turn abandoned neighborhoods and factory sites into gardens, parks, and forests. In addition to the environmental benefits, these greening initiatives may help catalyze an economic recovery.

U.S. lawmakers probe Fed cyber breaches, cite 'serious concerns'
Tech moguls declare era of artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence and machine learning will create computers so sophisticated and godlike that humans will need to implant "neural laces" in their brains to keep up, Tesla Motors and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk told a crowd of tech leaders this week.

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
The Structure of Collapse: 2016-2019
Leaders face a no-win dilemma: any change of course will crash the system, but maintaining the current course will also crash the system.
What's all the rage about?
Rise of the fat cats: almost 50,000 Britons claim to earn £1million a year

## US ##
Deaths of Despair: Overdoses, drinking, suicides hit whites
Rising drug and alcohol overdoses, suicides, and disease from chronic alcoholism - labeled "deaths of despair" by one expert - are cutting the lives of white Americans short by nearly a half a year on average.
Worst Jobs Report In Nearly 6 Years – 102 Million Working Age Americans Do Not Have Jobs
US hiring grinds to a near-halt; many stop looking for work
Mining, Oil And Gas Jobs In The U.S. Drop For 20th Month in a Row
Obama's Latest Whopper—-Let's Raise Social Security Benefits!
Big banks, waited years for a rate hike, get pummeled
Letting 'Wall Street' Walk
Legal double standards are the norm in the U.S. – no jail for law-flouting Wall Street bankers but mass incarceration for average citizens, especially minorities, who get caught up in the prison-industrial-complex.

## The candidates ##
Trump University: It's Worse Than You Think
Protesters punch, throw eggs at Trump supporters in San Jose
About those emails: Just How Shady is Hillary Clinton? This Shady…
Violent California Protesters Play Right Into Donald Trump's Hand
Clinton's Foreign Policy Speech Marred by Inherent Contradictions
The Bigger Nuclear Risk: Trump or Clinton?

And finally...
Elon Musk says we could all be living in a video game

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