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News Links, June 6, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
How To Misallocate Hundreds Of Millions Of Taxpayer Dollars: Luxembourg Begins Push For Asteroid Mining
On southwestern fringe, China's Silk Road ambitions face obstacles
Saudi Authorities Panic - Ban Speculation On Riyal Devaluation Amid Banking Crisis
NY Fed first rejected cyber-heist transfers, then moved $81 million
World faces pensions crisis, warns OECD
The global pensions crisis has been laid bare by new analysis that shows people retiring today can expect half the income of those who became pensioners at the start of the millennium.
Gulf migrant workers will be biggest victims of oil shock
Saudi Arabia's army of migrant workers will be among the biggest losers from the slump in oil prices and the impact will reverberate to poor countries across the Middle East and South Asia where many of them originate.
"The Specter of a Break-up Is Haunting Europe"
Switzerland rejects guaranteed income proposal in national referendum
Saudi central bank bans use of options against riyal: executive
Bundesbank Lowers German Growth & Inflation Forecasts

## War on cash/cashless society ##
Sweden leads the race to become cashless society
Here's what would happen if America totally abandoned cash

## Airline death spiral ##
Lufthansa CEO says rising protectionism hampering M&A
One-Third of All Chinese Flights Are Late — Delays last 21 minutes, and getting longer
Chinese tourist in Taiwan fed up with waiting for his flight claims he has a bomb in his luggage
Airbus adds a fifth seat into the middle row of the A380 passenger cabin
Airbus have said the new layout could provide airlines with an additional £16m in revenue each year
Cyber security a growing threat in aviation
Protection against cyber attacks is becoming a growing challenge in the aviation industry, according to Tony Tyler, CEO of the International Air Transport Association.

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Russian FM: US Asks Russia Not to Attack al-Qaeda in Syria
Japan Pledges Support For Southeast Asia Security To Counter Coercive China
France to Push for Coordinated EU Patrols in South China Sea
Temer Convicted of Breaking Election Laws As Thousands March for Democracy in Brazil
Turkish Warplanes Target Kurdish Militants, At Least 27 Killed: Army
Syrian and Russian aircraft step up bombing of Aleppo city: monitor
Libya's 'Chaos Theory' Undercuts Hillary
Hillary Clinton's Libyan "regime change" project remains in chaos with one U.S. official likening rival factions to rogue water "droplets" resisting a U.S.-carved rewards-and-punishment "channel" to reconciliation.

## Migrants/refugees ##
Refugee Crisis 2016: Amid Syrian War, Displaced Population Reaches 60M
Number Of Migrant Bodies Found On Libyan Coast Rises To 133: Red Crescent
More than one-third of refugees in Vermont test positive for tuberculosis
Fatal Migrations: Some of The Places People Died While Trying to Cross The Border

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Violent anti-Trump protests (video)
Do-Nothing San Jose Police Hammered for Allowing Thug Riot
Three Days In Chicago: 64 Shot, 3 Dead - Why It Keeps On Happening
"We're Hungry And Tired" - Protesters In Venezuela March Toward Presidential Palace Demanding Food
Clashes Erupt During Eviction Drive in North India; 24 Dead
Violence in Bristol as protesters clash with police
US cities see unexplained rise in violent crimes this year
Full strike: French Unions Step Up Protests Against Labor Reforms
Thousands of anti-Abe protesters rally in Tokyo as election nears

## Energy/resources ##
Demand destruction and peak oil
The biggest take-home tidbit here is the point made about the difference between the energy provided by tight oil and conventional oil in connection with running industrial civilization. This has major implications for net energy decline because tight oil is produced at great expense, yet offers less bang for the buck. -- RF
Why the Oil Rally May Have Run out of Juice
Colombian Oil Patch Needs $70 Billion To Survive
Australian budget 2016 underestimates role of oil part 1

## Environment/health ##
The Dark side of Cruise ships. Garbage. Sewage. And more.
The Latest: 14 cars on oil train derailed, 4 caught fire
Expect more shark encounters, experts say
Woman Becomes Second in Week to Die From Shark Attack in Australia
500-Acre Calabasas Fire Forces Thousands of Californians From Homes
Zika Virus In Brazil: Ahead of Rio Summer Olympics, Health Concerns Rise
DOD: 11 troops infected with Zika virus this year
Alabama Community Warned of Potentially Toxic Chemicals in Water
Scientists grow human organs for transplant inside pigs

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Edward Snowden Had Greater Government Interaction Than Initially Revealed, Investigation Finds
Former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor-turned-whistle-blower Edward Snowden had greater interactions with the agency before leaking documents to journalists about its surveillance programs, a Vice investigation has found. The findings challenge the U.S. government's narrative that Snowden had not tried to warn officials before his leak.
Kerry condemns editing of State Department video as 'stupid'
How Nations Use Digital Espionage Against Each Other (infographic)
Anonymous Declares War on Mainstream Media: Attacks Fox, CNN, NBC and More
Facial recognition will soon end your anonymity
Nearly 250 million video surveillance cameras have been installed throughout the world, and chances are you've been seen by several of them today.
'Wifi Whisperer' Siphons Your Data in the Creepiest Way Possible
US Government Intentionally Destroys 9/11 Evidence
As US court bans smart meter blueprints from public, sysadmin tells of fight for security info
Obama Admits The Government Monitors Your Browsing History
The Government Is Building A Database To Predict Who Will Be The Next Edward Snowden

## Propaganda/censorship ##
Turkey's Erdogan says women who reject motherhood 'incomplete'
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said a woman who rejects motherhood is "deficient" and "incomplete", urging women to have at least three children.
More dangerous population growth advocacy, cloaked in religious ideology. -- RF
Putin's Internet Trolls Mercilessly Smear Finnish Reporter Simply For Pointing Them Out
MH-17 Probe Relies on Ukraine for Evidence
The Dutch-led investigation into the 2014 shooting-down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 relies heavily on information provided by the Ukrainian security service and operates primarily from a field office in Kiev, despite the fact that Ukraine should be a principal suspect in the mystery of who was responsible for killing 298 people.

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Climate accord 'irrelevant,' and CO2 cuts could impoverish the world: Scientist
This is a good read. IMHO — and unfortunately for industrial civilization — the professor is correct on all counts. There is simply no way to avoid collapse. -- RF
Suburban Chicago boy, 16, shot in head while sitting on porch
Why is Chicago so broken? Hundreds of newly released files detail violence
22 people were shot over the course of 10 hours from Friday night to early Saturday in Chicago
Brazil's Political, Economic Turmoil Haunt Olympics
Grasshopper Nation: Planning For Those Who Aren't Prepared

## Japan ##
Thousands of anti-Abe protesters rally in Tokyo
NSA whistleblower Snowden says U.S. government carrying out mass surveillance in Japan
Japan PMI Surveys Point To Second Quarter Economic Decline
Japan's CO2 levels at record high

## China ##
Thousands gather in Hong Kong in memory of Tiananmen Square massacre
China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi Freaks Out at Question from Canadian Journalist
It was that embarrassing. -- RF
China Considering Banning Smoking In All Public Places Nationwide
China sets regional 'red lines' to cut coal, water and energy use
Chinese dream of home ownership defies fear of rude awakening
China's real estate binge has left it with a stock of unsold homes so big that their combined floor space is the size of Singapore.
Young Hong Kongers turn backs on Tiananmen vigil, calling for autonomy rather than mainland reform

## UK ##
A last hurrah for banknotes as UK switches to mobile and card payment
Snooper's charter: Most Britons unaware of Tory plans, survey finds
England not windy enough, admits wind industry chief
England is not windy enough to justify building any more onshore wind turbines, the chief executive of wind industry trade body has admitted.

## US ##
How Michigan Dominates US With Poorest Towns and Cities
Connecticut Ranked As State With Worst Fiscal Status – Second Only To Puerto Rico
Once upon a time Congress knew an energy crisis was coming
Millennials get real about moving back in with the 'rents
Pew finds that more Millennials than ever are moving back home.
Composite PMI Flirts With Contraction; Markit Chief Economist Estimates GDP 0.7-0.8%
Construction Employment Declines Back-to-Back First Time Since May 2012; Questions of the Day
These Are The 9 Zero Hedge Charts Showing "Obama's Recovery" That Angered The Washington Post
Xenophobia: Chinese students assaulted by woman in Arizona for speaking Mandarin on the train
Patchy reporting undercuts national hate crimes count
For Most Payday Loan Borrowers, the Math Doesn't Add Up
Four shot at Coney Island in New York
Fed provided banks and other companies with $1.2 trillion in public money (interactive chart)

## The candidates ##
The War Party's Candidate Harrumphs About Trump—–But Hillary's The Dangerous One
Trump 'University' Instructors, Documents Reveal Sales Push To Max Out Credit Cards
Sanders to Clinton: Yes, Trump's Foreign Policy Ideas Are Scary. But So Are Yours
Hillary Campaign Rocked By Shocking Secret Service Book Exposing Clintons' Dirty Laundry
Did Clinton's Emails Expose CIA Agents?
Even as Hillary Clinton closes in on the Democratic nomination, facts continue to emerge indicating that her sloppy email practices may have endangered secrets, including the identities of covert operatives.

And finally...
Gravediggers in Hungary compete in first national grave-digging contest

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