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News Links, July 11, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Fear, Loathing & Record Money-Making in Government Bonds
Wall Street Monkeyshines—— Look Ma, No Hands! (David Stockman)
The boys and girls on Wall Street are now riding their bikes with no hands and eyes wide shut. That's the only way to explain Friday's lunatic buying spree in response to another jobs report that proves exactly nothing about an allegedly resurgent economy.
Global economy 'grim' and G20 must step up to fix it: China
Irony of the Day: Hollande Lectures US About Trump; Two-Way Frexit?
Peak gold? Top Gold Miners Burned Record Amount Of Fuel To Produce Gold In 2015The top two gold miners burned a record amount of fuel to produce gold in 2015.  Even though Barrick and Newmont burned less overall fuel than their operations did in 2013, their consumption per ounce of gold produced was the highest ever.
Just as with oil, coal, base metals, and other nonrenewable resources, we exploit the high-quality resources first, then move  on to the lower-quality deposits — which require progressively higher expenditures of energy. -- RF
Long Lines In Hong Kong To Buy Metals & Upcoming Shortages
Kimberly-Clark halts Venezuela operations on deteriorating economy
Deutsche Bank Chief Economist: "Europe is Seriously Ill", Banks Need €150 Billion Bailout
Nowhere Fast: Drifting World Economy Skirts Worst But Still Lags
Charting The Epic Collapse Of The World's Most Systemically Dangerous Bank
Economic Disaster: Governments Around The World Struggle to Stay Afloat

## War on cash/cashless society ##
Bitcoin 'miners' face fight for survival as new supply halves

## Airline death spiral ##
Delta Flight Diverted After Numerous Passengers Feel Ill
TSA's airport wait times grow shorter, with some help from airlines
Airbus Is Running Out of Buyers for Its Enormous A380s
Chinese passenger shoves member of airline staff to ground after she was told her flight was cancelled

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
US Expels Two Russian Diplomats After Attack On American Official In Moscow
Russia Expels Two U.S. Diplomats in Row after American Tackled Outside Embassy
Russia Pushes Back on NATO Expansion
As NATO presses up to Russia's borders – with secret schemes to influence and absorb unwilling populations – Russia has begun to push back, explaining the origins of the new Cold War.
NATO Allies Agree To Spend $1 Billion On Afghan Security Forces Through 2020
NATO Has a Very Peculiar Way of Showing It Doesn't Want New Cold War
China and US in silent fight for supremacy beneath waves of South China Sea
Ukraine NATO membership not on agenda: Stoltenberg
Philippines' top diplomat walks back claims of sharing South China Sea resources
Warmongers Delight: Abe Hits Super-Majority with Sweeping Victory in Japan Election
Renewed fighting erupts in South Sudan as fears of civil war mount

## Migrants/refugees ##
Up to 300,000 Syrians 'could get Turkish citizenship'
Volunteers leave Greek island after attacks on refugees
Migrants stuck in squalid conditions at Hungary-Serbia border

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
The Dallas Massacre: This Is The Kind Of Civil Unrest That I Have Been Warning Is Coming To America
Social upheaval is arising everywhere. It's just a matter of time until many countries declare martial law, impose curfews, and take other draconian measures to tamp down unrest. -- RF
Phoenix Police Use Tear Gas, Pepper Spray During Civil Rights Rally
More Than 100 Arrested at Baton Rouge, Rochester Black Lives Matter Protests
Black Lives Matter Protests Continue, Hundreds Arrested Across US
Protesters Shut Down Interstate 94 Near Downtown St. Paul
Minnesota protesters throw fireworks, rocks at police in I-94 shutdown
Brixton protest: Black Lives Matter rally bring London streets to standstill
123 police injured in Berlin anti-gentrification protest
Former Philadelphia police commissioner said America is 'sitting on a powder keg'

## Energy/resources ##
PG&E California natgas storage facility shut due to small leaks

## Got food? ##
Gaza Fishermen Feel Bite of Tightening Israeli Blockade
GMO industry: The dumbest guys in the room

## Environment/health ##
Dustin Johnson to Skip Rio Olympics Over Zika Fears
San Francisco enacts broad ban on foam cups, coolers, toys
Coal use can cause water stress in Asia

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Of Course 23andMe's Plan Has Been to Sell Your Genetic Data All Along
The Era of Lethal Police Robots has Arrived
Bahamas Issues Travel Advisory: "Avoid Interaction With US Policemen"
Putin Says All Encryption Must Be Backdoored In Two Weeks
Appeals Court Says Government Email Stored On Private Servers Is Still Subject To FOIA Requests
There were indications that Clinton's use of a private email address was an attempt to route around FOIA requests.
The Chilcot Report—–Whitewash Won't Cover Blair's Guilt
Bin Laden's son threatens revenge for father's assassination: monitor
Who pulled the wool over this dude's eyes? Or is he going along with the story for a "higher purpose"? -- RF

## Propaganda/censorship ##
TIME Suggests Another 9/11 Is Necessary to Re-direct American Anger

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
115 Shot This Week In Chicago As 'Gun-Free-Zone'-City Continues Death Spiral
Looting On the Rise As Venezuela Runs Out of Food, Electricity

## Japan ##
Angst-Ridden Japanese Investors Seen Seeking Haven in Swiss Gold
LDP-led ruling bloc clears two-thirds majority hurdle in Upper House poll
Tokyo Welcomes Treasury Investors to 'World of Japanification'

## China ##
Chinese official warns of grim global economic outlook
Steel, coal SOEs to cut 15% capacity within five years
New Law to Protect Endangered Animals in China Actually Allows Them to be Farmed and Eaten
Is China's innovation boom producing too many useless inventions?
China June inflation eases further, more policy stimulus anticipated

## UK ##
Intensive care unit closed after new deadly superbug emerges in the UK 
Sterling's down, sales are falling, shoppers anxious: gloom gathers over the UK economy
Black Lives Matter protest brings Brixton to a standstill
David Cameron to commit more British troops to Afghanistan
Major banks 'charging more to borrow money than payday lenders'
UK government rejects 4m-strong petition for 2nd EU vote
Tony Blair could be barred from public office over Iraq War 'deceit'

## US ##
Oil Crisis Pushes Houston Office Vacancy Rates to 20-Year High
Houston police fatally shoot black man pointing a gun in street
3 American police officers outside of Dallas shot in past 3 days
Elizabeth Warren Turns a Blind Eye to the Central Bank
Lobbying Money Twirls the Political World
Hillary Clinton Email Investigation Shows Inherent Unfairness in U.S. Justice System
Chart of The Day: The "Golden Age" of Economic Growth, 1870-1918
I don't know why Stockman has "golden age" in quotes, but the primary driver here is none other than energy. Compare the period covered by Stockman's chart with the same period in this EIA chart of energy sources and their consumption in the US throughout its history. The exact same time period is also that during which the US rapidly ramped up its consumption of coal, which is a denser energy source than wood/charcoal. -- RF
Women more likely than men to face poverty during retirement

## The candidates ##
Bernie Sanders On Green Party Ticket? Jill Stein Offers To Make Way For Vermont Senator's Presidential Bid
Trump looks at retired general Flynn as possible running mate
Hillary's Seven Biggest Lies Refuted By The FBI, And The "Smoking Gun"
The Strange Gaps in Hillary Clinton's Email Traffic
Interactive database shows Trump lawsuits surpass 4,000
Clinton's Disregard of Secrecy Laws

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