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News Links, July 18, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
"Helicopter Money" Won't Fix What's Broken
Creating "free money" to support bloated bureaucracies and corrupt cartels only makes the underlying problems worse.
Italy will likely be next EU member to face an economic collapse
Landlords scramble to fill near-empty skyscrapers dotting Calgary skyline
Oil Prices Lower Forever? Hard Times In A Failing Global Economy
Global Trade On Flat Line Since January 2015—–Protectionist Headwinds Rising
This Could Be A Major Red Flag For The World's No.1 Copper Nation
Why Italy's banking crisis will shake the eurozone to its core
A Barclays Chart Shows Just How Negative Bond Yields Have Become
Negative Mainstream Media Articles on Gold and Silver Don't Tell the Truth

## War on cash/cashless society ##
Gallup Poll: 30 Percent Say US 'Very Likely' to Become Cashless
ATMs are becoming extinct (Australia)
Zimbabwe: Banks Tighten Cash Withdrawal Limits
The shortage of cash in Zimbabwe continues unabated with banks continuing to tighten screws on withdrawal caps; taking down limits to as low as $50 and $100 per day.

## Airline death spiral ##
Enjoy Your Cheap Summer Airfares. You'll Pay More Next Year
Serious Allegiant Airlines safety issues revealed in FAA reports
Turkey Coup Attempt Sparks Wave of Flight Cancellations
FAA Bans Turkish Airlines From Flying to the United States
Airline surrenders to America's obesity epidemic by offering wider seats

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Nice Truck Crash Is Just Latest Terror to Strike France, Europe
France calls up 12K police reserves to beef up security
U.S. arms sales approvals on track to reach nearly $40 billion
Russia To Receive Seven Tu-95MS Strategic Bombers That Can Carry Long-Range Cruise Missiles
What Really Happened in Syria
The U.S. government blames the Syrian civil war almost entirely on Bashar al-Assad – and some progressives have bought into that propaganda narrative – but there is another side of the story.
Turkish officials declare coup over, nearly 3,000 soldiers arrested
The Counter-Coup Begins: Erdogan Purges 2,745 Judges, Prosecutors; Arrests Hundreds
Turkey re-opens airspace for U.S. base, strikes against ISIS resume
Turkey coup bid: US warns against 'insinuations' of involvement
At height of Turkish coup bid, rebel jets had Erdogan's plane in their sights
Syrian-Launched UAV Evades Israeli Air Defenses
An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) from Syria managed Sunday to penetrate Israeli airspace and evade two Patriot anti-air interceptors and possibly an F-16-launched air-to-air missile, sources here said.
Report: Russia to send S-400 to Crimea next month
The New Cold War's Frontline in Crimea
The mainstream U.S. reporting on the Ukraine crisis has been as biased and imbalanced as any in recent memory, leaving many Americans confused about what the on-the-ground reality is.
Asia-Europe talks end with no mention of South China Sea ruling by Hague tribunal
Beijing Open to Negotiations With Manila on South China Sea Dispute Sans Hague Court Ruling
Airlines' hiring could have negative effect on number of military pilots

## Migrants/refugees ##
Death in the desert: refugees fleeing to Europe may die in even greater numbers in the Sahara than in the Mediterranean
Stressed and stuck in Macedonia: Balkans' hidden migrant story
Serbia to send army, police on borders because of migrants
20 Migrants Dead, 366 Saved From Boats in Mediterranean

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Argentines bang pots against soaring utility bills under Macri
Iraqis defy ban to rally for change
South Koreans protesting over U.S. missile defense plan block PM's bus
Vietnam Detains Dozens in Anti-China Protest in Hanoi
Police: 65 arrested after blocking Baltimore expressway during protest
Black Lives Matter Occupy Los Angeles City Hall

## Energy/resources ##
Venezuela's Oil Production Plunges To 13-Year Low
Some reflections on the Twilight of the Oil Age (Part II)
Exxon Declares Force Majeure on Nigerian Oil Exports
Nuclear sector in crisis as South Africa weighs options
Solar PV cells using rare elements unlikely to scale up enough to replace fossil fuels
Petrobras Gets Permission To Halt Production At 16 Oil Platforms
The Brazilian government gave permission to Petrobras to suspend production at sixteen oil platforms as the troubled state-owned firm attempts to reduce costs.
M. King Hubbert and the future of peak oil

## Got food? ##
America Wastes About HALF The Food That It Produces While Hunger Runs Rampant Around The Globe
Scientists enter into battle with Greenpeace over GM food

## Environment/health ##
Expanding farms harm nature on 58 pct of world's land: study
An expansion of farmland has damaged nature beyond a "safe" limit on 58 percent of the world's land surface, threatening natural services such as crop pollination by insects, scientists said on Thursday.
Too much red meat might harm kidneys, study suggests
It's more than apparent that the lack of money and action for nuclear decommissioning and waste disposal is a planetary disaster in the making. -- RF

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Where did that telemarketer get your number? From you!
The Long-Hidden Saudi-9/11 Trail
The U.S. government and mainstream media are playing down the long-hidden 9/11 chapter on official Saudi connections to Al Qaeda's hijackers, hoping most Americans won't read it themselves.
But you should not be distracted by the 28 pages. There is much more to the story, with the most explosive and shocking revelations yet to come. -- RF
The united opposition of Turks to the coup against Erdogan and his ruling Islamist party stood in marked contrast to comments from some Americans expressing support for the attempt to force an elected leader from power.
In the American way of thinking, "democracy" comes from violent regime change. -- RF
MH-17: Russia Convicted By Propaganda, Not Evidence
MH-17: Two Years of Anti-Russian Propaganda
Perhaps it's only fitting that as we reach the second anniversary of the horrific shoot-down of Malaysia Airlines Flights 17, The New York Times would mark the occasion by once more using the tragedy as a propaganda club to advance the neocon goal of a new, costly and very dangerous Cold War with Russia.

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Extended Blackouts: Power Grid Completely Vulnerable to Sabotage: "America Could Go Dark"
As in many other such discussions, all the attention is given to possibilities, and none to inevitabilities. Failures of the grid by faults, sabotage, terror, a coronal mass ejection, or an artificially produced EMP are all possibilities, with varying probabilities, none of which is 100%. On the other hand, if one of these possibilities doesn't occur first, the grid will fall victim to an inevitability such as collapse of the global economic system (100% probability) or the decline of fossil fuel net energy to virtually zero (also a 100% probability). Note also that although quick or eventual recovery from grid collapse due to a possibility is conceivable, grid collapse due to an inevitability is final. -- RF
Funding pulled for opening/closing ceremonies to Olympic Games
Brazil's government has finally given up on Rio de Janeiro's 2016 Summer Olympics' opening and closing ceremonies, deciding at the last minute on Wednesday to not fund either event.
Fixing Baltimore's aging infrastructure goes $105 million over budget since 2012
As the cost of producing energy (not to be confused with the price of energy) keeps rising, the costs of infrastructure construction and maintenance skyrocket. It's all downhill from here. -- RF

## The candidates ##

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