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News Links, July 20, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
We've Entered an Era of Rising Instability and Uncertainty
Gold, Trump and Rates: Bank That Foresaw Rally Flags $1,500
Italy isn't the only European country with 'a systemic banking crisis'
New report calls for 'justice for millennials'
The Millennial generation, or those aged between 16 and 35, are earning less than previous generations - the first time this have ever happened - and are less likely to own a home, according to a new report.
This is inevitable because we are now in a world of declining net energy. -- RF
Dead Yahoo Walking
To the mattresses: Cash levels highest in nearly 15 years
Swelling Pile of Iron Ore Casts 'Dark Cloud' Over Prices: Chart
'Most challeng­ing period': Alberta is in the midst of its worst recession on record
Trump 'Close Friend' Unleashes Economic Reality Check: America Is "Lost In The Black Hole Of Entitlement"
The financial system is breaking down at an unimaginable pace
Exodus of Professional Workers Reshaping Qatar

## War on cash/cashless society ##
Hauling cash, replacing cards, fixing ATMs: the stubborn costs banks can't erase

## Airline death spiral ##
Hawaiian Airlines plane punctures eight tires in emergency landing at Haneda airport
Oman Air flight's nose wheels burst while landing in Tanzania
Identifying 'suspicious' passengers is where customer service meets national security
Half Of TSA's 30,000 Employees Accused Of Misconduct; Nearly A Third Multiple Times
British airports consider replacing air traffic controllers with remote system
Passengers refuse to board plane demanding apology and compensation after flight delay
Two Air Transat Pilots Arrested on Suspicion of Being Drunk

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Iraqi Shiite Cleric Muqtada al-Sadr Calls Additional US Troops a "Target"
Fethullah Gulen Accuses Turkey's Erdogan of Staging Coup
Turkey Formally Requests Extradition of Exiled Cleric Fethullah Gulen From US, Prime Minister Says
Fair question: Would Turkey Be Justified in Kidnapping or Drone-Killing the Turkish Cleric in Pennsylvania?
Turkey's Faltering Democracy
Turkey 85 Generals, Admirals Charged in Coup Attempt
Turkey's government fears second coup attempt as purge removes many army commanders
Erdogan Unleashes Unprecedented Crackdown: Fires All University Deans; Suspends 21,000 Private School Teachers
John Kerry Threatens Turkey With NATO Expulsion
Energy Is The Reason Europe Is Still Backing Erdogan
Afghan man wounds 20 with axe in attack in Germany
Philippines rejects conditional offer of talks from China on South China Sea dispute
North Korea fires 3 ballistic missiles, flew up to 600km: South Korea
Biden Reasserts US as a 'Pacific Power' in Trip to Australia

## Migrants/refugees ##
Migration And Terrorism Go Hand In Hand, Say Prominent Figures Of Hungary's Ruling Party
Migrants brawl in Hungarian camp as border tension grows

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Obama urges Americans to tamp down inflammatory rhetoric

## Energy/resources ##
Blacking Out: Struggles of the California Power Grid
Saudis Aim To Create The World's Biggest Oil Fleet
Popularity of Big Hydropower Projects Diminishes Around the World
Canada's Oil Heartland Is In the Midst of its Worst Recession on Record
Is large-scale energy storage dead?
People consistently fail to comprehend the scale of industrial society. -- RF
Murray Energy working with investment banks on debt relief: sources
Murray Energy Corp, one of the largest privately held U.S. coal miners, is working with investment banks to renegotiate terms of its credit agreements in a bid to stave off bankruptcy, people familiar with the talks said on Monday.
Incirlik relying on generators to power operations
40% of wind power capacity under cloud (India)
The Peak Oil Paradox -Revisited-
EIA: U.S. shale oil output forecast to fall by 99,000 barrels a day in August
North Sea Field Shutdowns To Climb As Brexit Deepens Oil Gloom

## Got food? ##
Ocean's brand tuna recalled due to leaking cans
Food fraud: Everything we love to eat is a scam
Middle-Class Venezuelans Liquidate Savings to Stockpile Food
Can we feed the world without cutting forests? It can be done, says U.N.
World population will never reach 9 billion. -- RF
Toxic Wheat, GMOs and the Precautionary Principle

## Lifestyle solutions ##
Tiny houses are back and more versatile than ever with Yadokari and Enjoyworks' Skeleton Huts!
The Days After Tomorrow 6: They Voted With Their Feet

## Environment/health ##
June was Earth's 14th straight record warm month
Cyclones set to get fiercer as world warms
Ocean warming primary cause of glacier retreat
Toxic algae bloom spreading in Utah river, canals
New Zika case in Utah stumps officials
Fracking May Worsen Asthma in People Living Nearby
Rotterdam offers burial at sea for greenhouse gases
U.S. teen diabetes rate exceeds prior estimates
Plastic debris in oceans a growing hazard as toxins climb the food chain

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
6 high-tech ways thieves can steal connected cars
Police Rushed to Rescue Bono and Other Celebrities During Nice Attacks
Notorious hacker reveals top DNC donor info, political strategy
Lockheed Martin makes final preparations for DigitalGlobe's WorldView-4 Earth imaging satellite
Turkey Caught Fabricating Story Of Who Is Responsible For "Military Coup"

## Propaganda/censorship ##
Israel's Wolf-Crying about Iran's Bomb
Fake CIA Agent and FOX News "Terror Expert" Sentenced to Prison for Lying to the Public for Years

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Baton Rouge, Nice, Dallas, Orlando – A Dark And Distressing Time Has Descended Upon The Civilized World
Citi Is Stunned How Quick The "Extraordinary Political Backdrop" Is Deteriorating
Returning to an Ohio town on the decline
Axe-Wielding Terrorist Attacks Train Passengers In Germany And A Police Car Is Firebombed In Florida
This Is What Hyperinflationary Collapse Looks Like

## Japan ##
Some 600 people made withdrawals in massive ATM heist: police
Japan Suspends Nuclear Power Revival After New Earthquake
Japan Is a Bankruptcy Waiting to Happen
Smelting meltdown sinks nonferrous-metal profits
Japan's producers of nonferrous metals are experiencing a double-digit drop in profits as falling metals prices and a strengthening yen put a dent in smelting operations.
For some expats, U.S. gun violence makes Japan feel like a haven

## China ##
China Announces South China Sea Military Exercises
Freedom of navigation patrols may end 'in disaster': Chinese admiral
Madness: Chinese Cities' Expansion Plans Could House 3.4 Billion People
PLA Navy 'ready' to counter aggression in South China Sea
Many in Hong Kong look for the exit amid China tension
China's Local Debt Problem Goes Global

## UK ##
London Housing Bubble Set for Collapse
Bank of Mum and Dad is now paying the rent, too
Engulfed by doubt, top UK firms shelve spending plans after EU vote: Deloitte
Millennials 'set to earn less than Generation X'
Britain facing higher winter gas imports due to Rough outage
Trident: British PM Willing to Nuke Hundreds of Thousands; Parliament Approves Funding
UK weather: Soaring temperatures cause travel chaos over fears railway lines will buckle

## US ##
Honeywell Internal Email Shows Airplane Boom Time Over, More Layoffs Coming
Corporate Profits Set to Shrink for Fourth Consecutive Quarter
Rate-starved U.S. banks happily gobble mortgage business
Worst Performing Asset Class Since May 2015—–Stocks!
Large investors make the full exit: Big rental investors like Blackstone are now selling properties to current renters.
Jobs and employment: Seven reasons the US picture is still weak
Largest US Pension Fund Suffers Worst Annual Return Since Financial Crisis Due To Heavy Stock Losses
2 Years Since Cops Killed Eric Garner — Only Person Punished So Far is the Man Who Filmed It
Is This What You Had in Mind for Retirement? Here's What Actual Retirees Found Out
America's Failure to Protect Voting
Nightmare on Wall Street: Republicans & Democrats Agree on Reinstating Glass-Steagall Act
The Deep State—–How America Became a "Parasitocracy"
US Housing Starts Rise………..To January 1991 Levels!
Calpers Earns 0.6% as Long-Term Returns Trail Fund's Target
Self-Serving Obama-Sponsored Study Concludes "Student Debt Helps Economy"; Mish Rebuttal
Steve King creates uproar with salute to contributions of white people

## The candidates ##
Clinton, Trump deeply unpopular, polls show
Sanders Fans Plan DNC 'Fart-In' Protest of Clinton Nomination
'Never Trump' faction launches floor fight at GOP convention, sparks chaos
'Art of the Deal' author regrets book, says Trump presidency would be 'terrifying'
Clinton's Statements On GMOs Vary Depending on Who Is Listening
Hillary Clinton Never Changes and Always Skates

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