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News Links, July 29, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Contagion from Italy's Bank Meltdown Spreads
Households on the Hook for Italy's Next Bailout
Deutsche Bank Profit Plunges 98% And The Worst Is Yet To Come
A Psychiatric Diagnosis of the U.S. Market: Schizophrenic Disconnect From Reality, Bipolar Mania, Psychotic Delusions of Wealth
Caterpillar just put the global economy on watch
Coca-Cola cuts sales outlook amid weak international demand
Corrupt Or Just Stupid? Markets Hand Corporations An Unlimited Credit Card
The world is following Japan's lead at the worst possible time
A major factor in the postwar rise of Japan (and West Germany, etc.) was high net energy. -- RF
Companies have a $10 trillion bill that is coming due
Ford calls an end to U.S. auto boom, rivals bet other way
IMF admits disastrous love affair with the euro, apologises for the immolation of Greece
Experts: "Peak Gold" Has Arrived
Forget What the Government Says…This Key Indicator Says the Economy Is In Big Trouble

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Baker Hughes Cut 3,000 Jobs in Q2, Plunges Deeper Into Red
Lloyds bank to axe 3,000 jobs and close 200 branches

## Airline death spiral ##
European Airlines Hurt by Terror, Air France KLM (AFLYY) CFO Riolacci Says
United Airlines May Be Poised to Drop One of Its Hubs
Oil pressure issue [sic] again promps Hawaiian Airlines emergency landing in Japan
Air Pegasus cancels all flights due to 'technical glitches'
Wife's bomb hoax caused security scare at Geneva airport
Watch: Meltdown mode! Man flies into a violent rage after flight delayed - punches and kicks security staff
Lexington man arrested after attacking flight attendents
Dubai-Calicut Indigo flight diverted to Mumbai after unruly behaviour by passengers; two detained
American's Pilots Say It Flies 'Ragged Edge' of Safety Rules
Efforts by American Airlines to keep flights on schedule during the summer travel season are on the verge of violating safety rules, according to the union for the carrier's pilots.
Boeing: 679,000 maintenance technicians needed by 2035
Air France-KLM warns on impact of terror attacks
Airline Speeds Have Stagnated For 40 Years

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Turkey orders detention of 47 more journalists: government official
India To Upgrade Sukhoi Fleet With Russia's Help
There's No Business Like the Arms Business
US Silent as Major Ally Begins Campaign of Murdering Drug Users — Executing 11 People a Day
Coups Inside NATO: A Disturbing History
Canada's Massive Surface-Combatant Program To Get Underway This Summer
The Canadian government will ask for bids as early as next month for the largest shipbuilding program in the country's history, with the field of contenders for a new fleet of surface combatants expected to be dominated by European firms.
Russia-South China Sea Relations Update: Putin Enters Fray With Planned Naval Drills In September
Erdogan Closes 130 Media Organizations, Arrests CEO Of Oil Company

## Migrants/refugees ##
Migrant death toll passes 3,000 in Mediterranean this year
Merkel: attacks by asylum seekers 'mock' Germany
German police raid mosque and apartments in crackdown on Salafists
The Makeshift Homes Where Refugees Await Their Fates

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Leon Panetta shouted down by anti-war protesters at Democratic convention
Mass student demonstration against 'marketisation of education' confirmed to take place in central London

## Energy/resources ##
Low Oil Prices Kill Off 7 Billion Barrels Of Oil Production
Oil Bust Endures For Big Oil As Refining Margins Deteriorate
Oil Majors Lost One Engine; Now The Second One Is Sputtering
The Price Rally Is Over: Capital Drives the Oil Market to Low Prices
Statoil Posts $300M Loss In Q2, Blames Wavering Upstream Revenue
Oil Bust Takes Its Toll On Alberta, Amount Of 'Orphans' Increases By 45%
The Orphan Well Association (OWA), which manages the abandoned wells and related facilities, along with their remediation, has a 25-page long list of orphan wells, 17 pages of reclamation sites, and 26 pages of pipeline segments.
Why Renewables Can't Do It Without Nuclear Power
Actually, both nuclear and renewables cannot do without fossil fuels. Advocates of both completely ignore the obvious. And we also know that, owing to the impossibility of decommissioning most nuclear power plants, they will turn into nuclear bombs. -- RF
Europe backing 'limitless' energy project in France
Brazil Said to Study Scrapping Nationalist Pre-Salt Rules
Is This The Beginning Of The End For Venezuela's Oil Sector?
How Much Energy Does It Take To Fuel The Pokemon Go Craze?
Calif. power grid extends call for conservation during heat wave
Here's Why It's All Downhill for Oil Refiners
$60 Is the New $50 for U.S. Oil Drillers Contemplating Rebound
Earlier this year, oil and natural gas companies facing the worst slump in a generation said they'd need crude to reach $50 a barrel before resuming drilling. This week, despite higher prices and lower costs, the industry has raised the bar, signaling it will take $60 or better before meaningful production can resume.

## Got food? ##
New Superfood? Cockroach Milk Crystals
From herdsmen to central bankers, southern Africa counts drought cost
France to support grain farmers after crops hit by weather
California's tomato business is rotten — and farmers are seeing red

## Environment/health ##
Brazil agency to say Rio Olympics will bring no environmental gains: sources
Brazil's top government finance and spending regulator is expected to report in the coming months that Rio de Janeiro will receive almost none of the environmental benefits promised by organizers of the 2016 Olympic Games, officials working on the report told Reuters.
California declares state of emergency over Los Angeles wildfire
The double-edged sword of wildlife-friendly yards
Why Florida's Toxic Algae Bloom In 2016 Is Here To Stay, For Now
South Florida mosquitos may be transmitting Zika, CDC says
Bee Sperm Count Decreasing Due To Exposure To Pesticides, New Study Finds
Heat Wave Sparks Anthrax Outbreak in Russia's Yamalo-Nenets Area
Antibiotics that could fight superbugs produced from bacteria in human nose
Humans Cause Animal Extinction: Large Mammals Including Elephants And Gorillas Are Under Threat, Study Finds
The world's largest mammals could go extinct if humans don't do more to protect their ecosystems, according to an international team of conservation scientists. Animals including gorillas, rhinoceroses and bears could be wiped out if challenges such as expanding livestock and crop operations, illegal hunting, deforestation and human population growth aren't addressed, the scientists said Wednesday in the journal BioScience. 
The Addiction Conspiracy: How Government and Big Pharma Created an Epidemic

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Turkey closes scores of TV stations, newspapers
Interview with Wikileaks' Julian Assange – Hillary Clinton Expands the Overton Window of Corruption
Assange: "A Lot More Material" Will Be Released
Maybe Putin Did It After All: Trail Emerges Linking DNC Email Hack To Russia
Russia to U.S., Trump: Sort out your own pre-election hacking scandal
Did the Russians really hack the DNC or is this another Sony Pictures moment? You decide
Wikileaks Releases Hacked DNC Voicemails During Convention Speeches
Gestapo In The USA: FCC Intimidates Press and Kills Free Speech at 5G Rollout
Erdogan Files Criminal Charges Against Head Of Research At Turkish Bank For Writing Displeasing Report
In Secret Battle, Surveillance Court Reined in FBI Use of Information Obtained From Phone Calls
Official who oversees whistleblower complaints files one of his own
10K Google Wi-Fi kiosks are collecting millions of faces and MAC addresses
Ransomware Poses Potential Threat to Oil, Gas Cybersecurity

## Propaganda/censorship ##
Chinese propaganda video on South China Sea will be played 120 times everyday in Times Square
Strange interview raises fears about Beijing's influence over Hong Kong's paper of record

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Terror Attacks And Mass Killings Are Becoming A Daily Event
It no longer matters who gets into the White House, or who leads any country, for that matter. World leaders will just flail about, lash out, start wars, declare martial law, and commit other mayhem in a vain attempt to save a dying system. Buckle your seat belts. -- RF

Waste of time and money. -- RF

US Government Mucks up Money-Laundering in Real Estate, Puts Luxury Housing Bubbles at Risk
Manhattan and Miami already get mauled. Now expanding to San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Southern California, even Texas!
Silicon Valley Elites Get Home Loans With No Money Down
The Atlanta Fed just slashed its GDP outlook
GDPNow Forecast Sinks to 1.8% Following Advance Economic Indicators Reports

## The candidates ##
Trump Vs Clinton: How The 'Big' Donors Stack Up
DNC Lawyers Now Implicated in Email Leaks as Giving 'Pro-Hillary' Advice
How Sanders Delegates Organized a Walkout Under Everyone's Nose
Trump To Russia: Find Hillary Clinton's Emails; 5 Unexpected Things GOP Nominee Said At Doral Press Conference
Trump Talks In Circles On The Minimum Wage, Among Others
Hillary's Speech On "Inequality" And The $12,500 Armani Suit It Came In — Bamboozling Voters in Style
Trumped! (Part 5. The Aspen Strategy Group—-Hillary's War Party In Waiting)
Sanders endorses War Criminal Clinton for US President
The Fear of Hillary's Foreign Policy
Hillary Clinton's nominating convention has focused on domestic issues, but her foreign policy has many anti-war Democrats worried, as she surrounds herself with neocons and liberal hawks.
New Milestone: Trump and Hillary Converge at 58% Unfavorable Rating; Neocons for Hillary
Trump Extends Lead To 7 Points As Hillary's Convention-Bounce Evaporates
'Wish I Had The Power' To Hack Enemies' Emails, Says Man Very Close To Having Such Power
Clinton Friend Admits What Everyone Knows Is True: Clinton Still Supports TPP & Will Back It
Donald Trump Thinks He Heard Vladimir Putin Call Barack Obama "the N-Word." He Didn't.
Did Longtime Ally Just Blow Major Hole in Clinton's TPP Credibility?
Video of Anti-Hillary Protesters in a "Free Speech Cage" at the DNC
Bernie Sanders Leaves the Democratic Party
Tim Kaine's Connections to Fossil Fuel Industry Under Scrutiny in Fracking Pipeline Debate
The Content of Donald Trump's Character
Hillary Clinton Talks Tough on Shadow Banking, But Blackstone Is Celebrating at the DNC

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