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News Links, July 4, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Australian political deadlock puts AAA rating at risk
Cuba plans cuts in fuel, electricity consumption: sources
As Fears of "Bank Run" Escalate, Italian Banks Get €150 Billion Bailout of Empty Promises
When Will Puerto Rico Default? Government Refuses To Pay Debt Payments
China QE Dwarfs Japan And EU
Why The Goldwagon Won't Wait
All paper currencies are doomed, Marc Faber says
Brexit and the Crisis of Capitalism
If you collapse these extractive, debt-dependent crony-capitalist cartels, you collapse the entire status quo.
30-year US bond yield hits record low amid global bond rally
Central Bank Limbo Party Poll: How Low Will Yields Go?
Cheap Gold Mines Disappear as Buyers Splurge for Surging Bullion
Gold Price Forecast: Gold's Final Warning Of Impending Monetary Collapse
With 5 Million Unemployed, Spain Still Can't Find Workers
Because, as I've observed before, training people to have the sophisticated skills needed in technological society takes a lot of energy, but net energy decline makes it progressively more difficult to do so. -- RF
Italy Just Bailed Out Another Failed Bank, May Use Pension Funds For Future Bank Rescues
Desperately Trying to Salvage Canada-EU Trade Pact after Brexit, EU Escalates Assault on Democracy
Brexit and the Derivatives Time Bomb
EU migration to Germany 'hits record high'
Saudi Economic Growth Slowest In Three Years As Austerity Bites
Sweden faces housing crunch despite government building plan
Decades of weak construction levels combined with a fast growing population has made new homes scarce. Over 80 percent of Sweden's municipalities are suffering shortages, a 30 percent increase since last year, the National Board of Housing said.
IMF Changes Tune On Brexit: Prior Fearmongering Suddenly a "Better Opportunity for Reform"
Merkel Ready to Boot Juncker?
Bad-Loan Ultimatum in India Sees Default Risk Climb Most in Asia

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Pershing Square Lays Off More Than 10% Of Employees
Belarus cuts four zeroes off currency amid economic woes
Murray Energy warns of up to 4,400 layoffs in September
Lockheed-Boeing rocket venture cuts 350 jobs

## War on cash/cashless society ##
The terrible toll of going cashless
Why Australia will be one of the first economies to go cashless
Using Facebook to transfer money? That could be a reality sooner than you think 

## Airline death spiral ##
Boy 'spat at other passengers' on Ryanair flight – mother 'abusive' to cabin crew who tried to intervene
Terror threat 'made against Heathrow airport' before US Independence Day
Family Sues After Disabled Teen Beaten Bloody at Memphis Airport
Airport cops say they need guns to combat terrorists
Six reasons why you could be booted out of your seat on a flight
Airbus proposes denser A380 premium economy cabin to airlines
Pakistani family faces harassment by passengers on Qatar Airways
US airlines cut capacity to trigger PRASM momentum from rising fuel prices

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Hacked Emails Reveal NATO General Plotting Against Obama on Russia Policy
Most Germans want to reclaim some powers from EU, post-Brexit survey finds
Israel should stop settlements, denying Palestinian development: draft Quartet report
Putin calls for transponders on military flights over Baltics
Taiwan Mistakenly Fires Supersonic Missile Towards China
White House: Substantial Increase in Military Aid Offered to Israel
Already set to be the "largest military aid package" the US has ever offered to a single country in history, the Obama Administration has written a lengthy letter to US Senators today, informing them of intentions to "substantially sweeten" the already record offer in an attempt to try to get the Israelis to sign on the dotted line.
Weapons trafficking questions remain unanswered in Benghazi report
Satellite imagery suggests China is secretly punishing North Korea
IS Repels US-Backed Forces Advancing on Syria Bastion
Twenty Hostages Dead After Overnight Siege in Bangladesh
Bangladesh Probes Terror Attack as Government Disputes ISIS Claim of Responsibility
ISIS Bombs Hit Baghdad Shopping District, 130 Killed
EU prolongs economic sanctions on Russia until 31 Jan 2017
Brexit cannot be 'cancelled' or 'delayed' says Hollande
Marine Le Pen Prepares for a "Frexit"
U.S. accuses Russian warship of aggressive maneuvers near U.S. navy ship
Russia's Latest Nuclear-Powered Icebreaker Extends Arctic Dominance
Near Russia's border with the Baltics, soldiers are practicing for war

## UAVs ##
White House Counts 64 to 116 Civilians Killed by Airstrikes Outside War Zones
New Report Highlights US Legacy of Lies on Civilian Drone Deaths
Former US Drone Techs Condemn Inhumanity of Secretive Kill Program
U.S. Counts Drone Kills and Comes Up Short, Rights Groups Say

## Migrants/refugees ##
US on track to take in 10,000 Syrian refugees: official
Turkey to offer citizenship to Syrian refugees
European Purgatory: Migrant Smugglers Helping Refugees Return to Turkey
The closure of the Balkan route has left tens of thousands of refugees stranded in Greece with nowhere to go. Smugglers who once profited from sneaking migrants deeper into Europe are now offering a new service: A way back to Turkey.
More than 57,000 migrants and refugees stranded in Greece

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Chinese factory workers in Italy protest in the streets after clashing with police during inspection
Thousands gather at 'March for Europe' referendum protest in London
Myanmar mob burns down mosque, second in a week
Police Injured as Residents Protest Incinerator in China

## Energy/resources ##
Fracked Gas LNG Exports Were Centerpiece In Promotion of Panama Canal Expansion, Documents Reveal
Brexit: a subversive in Brussels
You can't tell people what they don't want to believe. -- RF
Fossil fuels will still dominate U.S. landscape
Chart Of The Day: 1 MB/D Of Global Oil Demand From China's SPR Fill Set To Disappear
U.S. Oil Industry May Soon Face Rig And Worker Shortages
U.S. Sees Largest Monthly Production Decline Since The Downturn Begun
Who pays for Germany's nuclear phase-out?
Russian Oil Exports Set for Record as Europe Competition Grows
America's "Soaring" Gasoline And Oil Demand Was Just An Illusion: How The EIA Fooled The Algos

## Got food? ##
Will sea bass catches be totally banned next year?
British sea bass stocks are so low they may never recover, experts have warned. 
General Mills widens flour recall after four more get sick

## Environment/health ##
Hundreds of safety incidents with bioterror germs reported by secretive labs
Six People Rescued From Racing Floodwaters in Las Vegas Area
Popular weed killer faces lawsuit over cancer claims
Large animals driven extinct by human hunters still affect ecosystems today
Scientists warn of 'global climate emergency' over shifting jet stream
Other scientists have since dismissed the claims as 'total nonsense'
Amid Zika concerns, the many threats of mosquitoes examined
California wildfire prompts new round of evacuations
Vines are taking over the world's forests

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Alphabet's Nest wants to patent a surveillance crib to monitor your baby's every move
CIA knew it had the wrong man, but kept him anyway
Google Calendar Back Up After Access Interrupted, Social Media Declares Emergency
Attorney general wishes she hadn't met with Bill Clinton
Hacked Emails Confirm NATO Push To Provoke, Escalate Conflict With Russia
Hillary Clinton Gives Interview to FBI About Emails, Campaign Says
File 17 is glimpse into still-secret 28 pages about 9/11
Journalistic Standards at the Guardian
This U.N. Official Accidentally Crushed His Own Throat Right Before He Was Set To Testify Against Hillary Clinton
Security Tips Every Signal User Should Know
Homegrown Terrorism In Memphis——-TSA-Style
Facebook Defends Its Role In Censoring Content In Light Of Israeli Official's 'Monster' Comments
Senator Admits The FBI Is "About To Ask Putin For His Copies Of Hillary's Emails"
MH-17 Probe's Torture-Implicated Ally
The Ukrainian intelligence service at the center of the inquiry into who shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 is accused by a top U.N. official of blocking a probe into Ukrainian government torture.
Symantec's Woes Expose the Antivirus Industry's Security Gaps
Report: 43% of Millennials Feel "Bored" Without their Phone

## Propaganda/censorship ##
Major Political News Outlets Offer Interviews for Sale at DNC and RNC Conventions
Video of the Day – CNN Anchor Embarrasses Herself in Interview with the UK's Daniel Hannan
When Free Speech Signifies Nothing
The United States touts its commitment to free speech but American discourse has degenerated into self-absorbed info-tainment and trivia, ignoring many of the most pressing issues of the day.
Guns and Hotdogs: How the U.S. Military Promotes Its Weapons Arsenal to the Public

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Why The Collapse Of The U.S. Economic & Financial System Has Accelerated
Latest Rio Headache: Body Parts on the Beach
High-tech boom may be over, Israel's chief scientist warns
A lack of skilled workers is a central obstacle for growth of startups and more established tech companies

## Japan ##
LEAKED: Japan's Mega-Pension Fund Plows into Stocks, Eats $50Bn Loss, Tries to Hide it till after Election
Something Huge Is Coming From Japan
¥56.2 trillion tax revenue lower than government's estimate, making financing an extra budget difficult
Japan plans July fighter jet tender seen worth $40 bln as China tensions simmer
Japan's U.N. envoy airs concern over S. China Sea rows
Osaka cops: Korean women smuggled gold in underwear
Sense of stagnation prevailing among Japanese companies: Tankan survey
Sharp relocates headquarters in Japan to cut costs
MSDF to strengthen remote islands defense capability

## China ##
Economist Andy Xie thinks China is headed for a 1929-style depression
Bookseller Drops out of Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Protest
China's population could drop below 1 billion by the end of the century
It will happen sooner than that, and not only China. -- RF
Police injured as residents protest incinerator in China
Thin-Skinned Chinese Govt. Declares Media War On Lady Gaga For Meeting With The Dalai Lama
China Bank Bailout Calls Grow Louder as Markets Seen Vulnerable
Shanghai pressures gold paper markets, and China remonetizes silver
China to create new methods to evaluate 'new economy', official says
China to hold military drills off Paracel Islands ahead of Hague court ruling

## UK ##
Excellent: Quo vadis, Britannia? Where are you going, Great Britain?
Let's see... population of 70 million but ecological carrying capacity of 3 million. Now that's a serious problem. And Britain is not the only country that has far outstripped its capacity to support its oversized human population. -- RF
Michael Gove admits 'dream of home ownership receding and wages stagnating' after six years of Tory government
Sea bass shortage could bring complete fishing ban in 2017
British bonds go negative as Bank of England plans more money creation
Osborne Floats 15% Business Tax to Prop Up Post-Brexit Economy
We may have reached peak pensioner
Today's well-off retired are a dying breed – existing workers will be lucky if they get 25% of their former salary.
Theresa May, Your New Islamophobic Prime Minister?

## US ##
Retirement is making people more miserable than ever before
Are State and Local Government Pensions Underfunded by $5 Trillion?
"Off The Rails" - What Slumping Rail Traffic Tells Us About The U.S. Economy
4 charts that prove that today's 30-year-olds are NOT adults
A third of U.S. businesses would reduce staff to pay for $15 minimum wage
Influenza outbreak would cost country billions of dollars in losses
NYPD: Ready for War With ISIS Terrorists
Obamacare enrollment at 11.1M, as some drop off after premium bills come due
Final Auto Numbers: Total Sales Down 4.6%, Much Worse Than Expected
Rising off-grid indicators like metals and gun-buying reveal cautious side of U.S. economy
Phys Ed, Illustration Majors Top List of Grads Who Are 'Underemployed'
Behind the bloodshed: Every U.S. mass killing since 2006
Since 2006, there have been more than 200 mass killings in the United States. Well-known images from Newtown, Aurora and Virginia Tech capture the nation's attention, but similar bloody scenes happen with alarming frequency and much less scrutiny.
Most Americans Believe the Economy Is Rigged; They're Right
American Gasoline Demand Isn't as Strong as Previously Thought
Income inequality widens as top 1 percent see greatest growth
SNS: Did you know the feds have secret medical warehouses?
Military is asked to march to a less expensive tune
When the neighborhood is owned by billion-dollar companies
This Is "Worrisome": The Probability Of A US Recession Surges To 60%, Deutsche Calculates

## The candidates ##
Seriously: Poll: 13% prefer meteor hitting Earth to Trump or Clinton as president
Bizarre: Donald Trump Says He'll Consider Replacing Hijab-Wearing TSA Agents With Veterans
Attorney General Loretta Lynch Calls It 'Perfectly Reasonable' to Question Bill Clinton Meeting
Attorney General Loretta Lynch will follow whatever recommendation the FBI and prosecutors make on whether to charge Hillary Clinton in connection to an email probe, she said today, tying her announcement to the recent controversial meeting with Bill Clinton that she called "perfectly reasonable" to question.
Bill and Hillary Clinton React to Loretta Lynch Meeting
Hillary: The Most Devious Politician of All Time?
China is the country with the most confidence in Donald Trump's presidential qualities
What the populace of a country might think is one thing, but the leaders of China and Russia are not so stupid that they believe Trump or Clinton have presidential qualities. -- RF
Lost in the Military-Industrial Complex
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have ducked any serious discussion of America's escalating military spending, suggesting that whoever wins will be captive of President Eisenhower's "Military-Industrial Complex."
How Hillary Clinton Ignores Peace
Special Report: Despite neocon-instigated chaos and bloodshed across the Mideast (and now into Europe), Hillary Clinton continues to advocate more "regime change" wars with almost no fear from a marginalized anti-war movement.
Indicted or not indicted, Clinton could lose politically
UNCOUNTED: The True Story of the California Primary
Clinton marshals African-American surrogates against BDS to stop pro-Palestinian influence 'in the public narrative'

And finally...
Upset animal lover takes 'dead cat' to animal shelter before realising it's a hand puppet

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