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News Links, August 17, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Japan April-June GDP flat on-quarter, missing forecasts for 0.2 pct growth
Singaporeans, Worried Over Jobs and Pay, Are the Gloomiest Since 2009
Economic Slump Sends Big Ships to Scrap Heap
North American Intermodal Shipping Traffic Suffers First Dip in 25 Quarters
Portugal Gaining on Italy in the Banking 'Doom Loop'
"It's Surreal" - Negative Yielding Debt Rises To Record $13.4 Trillion
Wealth Tax Looms As Greeks Forced To Declare All 'Assets' To Tax Authority
Can robots address Singapore's labour crunch?
Qatar Airways cuts frequency of Adelaide flights amid aircraft shortage
Apple's woes leave Taiwanese tech companies hungry in July
The World's Biggest Miner Just Posted Its Worst-Ever Loss
BHP Billiton reported on Tuesday a massive loss of US$6.385 billion for the fiscal year ended June 30.
Expect To See A Panic Into Gold
Bundesbank Proposes Raising German Retirement Age, Sees Demographic Shock

## War on cash/cashless society ##
China's mobile payment giants are chasing their customers all the way to Europe
Beware the Bitcoin Bail-In
Cash is king for how long?

## Airline death spiral ##
Thousands evacuated at JFK airport after woman says she saw man with gun
Police: Investigation indicates no shots fired at New York's JFK Airport
New Jakarta airport terminal flooded just days after opening
Most delayed flights from UK airports revealed
270 airline crew violated safety norms this year (India)
Part of Nice Airport's Terminal 2 Evacuated Due to Suspicious Luggage
Parts of Memphis airport shutdown after security situation

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Iran taps into Turkish-Russian reset
US nukes at Turkey base at risk of seizure: report
Dozens of US nuclear weapons stored at a Turkish air base near Syria are at risk of being captured by "terrorists or other hostile forces," a Washington think tank claimed Monday.
Japan, South Korea strike conciliatory note on war anniversary
Russia Says It's Edging Closer to Deal With US on Aleppo
Russia uses Iran as base to bomb Syrian militants for first time
China Sides With Russia In Syrian War, Will Provide "Aid And Military Training" To Assad
Report Questions Necessity of Nuclear Weapons in Europe
Indonesia to destroy 71 boats, including Chinese, in display of maritime sovereignty
The U.N. and U.S. Embassy Stand Down as American Aid Workers Beaten and Raped in Sudan
Modernized Russian bombers will be able to fly in the stratosphere

## Migrants/refugees ##
Give Us EU Visa Freedom In October Or Abandon Migrant Deal, Turkey Says
Obama Accepts "Surge" Of 8,000 Syrian Refugees - More Than All Of Europe (And Hillary Wants More)

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Shots fired as Milwaukee unrest continues

## Energy/resources ##
Russia says oil market talks with Saudi developing - newspaper
Is the Oil Industry Dying?
The peak oil controversy stages a comeback as the industry confronts a future of higher costs — and low prices.
Australia's Gas Paradox: Supply Crunch Looms Despite Rich Reserves
Ocean Waves Could Supply the World's Power and Drinking Water
It's a "virtually endless supply of electricity." Where have I heard that before? BTW, if we have an endless supply of electricity, we'll be using it with abandon, and it pays to remember that any use of energy involves generating waste heat. People who entertain environmental concerns might want to keep that in mind. -- RF
Nigeria Oil Losses Reach 900,000 Bpd Due to Militant Attacks
Deepwater Tech Companies Still Reeling From Low Oil Prices

## Got food? ##
California drought costs to top $600 million
Calculating the Hidden Cost of Industrial Farming
The price of pork: Cheap meat comes at high cost in Illinois
World's Largest Vertical Farm Grows Without Soil, Sunlight or Water

## Environment/health ##
Why the South China Sea is on the verge of an environmental disaster
Heavy Rain Causes Moscow River to Overflow, Floods Streets
Myanmar monsoon floods kill eight, disrupt lives of 400,000
Are Climate-Related 'Hot Blobs' Spreading and Killing Marine Life Worldwide?
Climate change impacts on energy, water, and land use in the U.S.
The Hidden Costs Of Food
NASA: Natural gas industry the source of massive methane 'hot spot'
Sitting Really Can Kill You, Heart Experts Say
Healthy lifestyle reduces build-up of sticky brain plaques which lead to Alzheimer's, scientists show
Now Your Pets Might Infect You With Superbugs

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Why you should think twice before posting that picture on social media
Citing Clinton, sailor seeks leniency in submarine photos case
Mysterious Group Hacks The NSA
FBI hands over Clinton email probe documents to Congress
Edward Snowden Explains The Historic NSA Hack: "This Escalation Could Get Messy Fast"
Soros Hack Reveals Plot Behind Europe's Refugee Crisis; Media Manipulation; Cash For "Social Justice"

## Propaganda/censorship ##
In Rudy Giuliani's Universe, 9/11 Is Everything and Nothing

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
What Will You Do When The Lights Go Out? The Inevitable Failure Of The US Grid
Nearly 100 people shot in Chicago in less than a week
Work till you drop: German central bank suggests raising retirement age to 69
The Deep State's Catch-22

## Japan ##
Japan's Economy Slows to Snail's Pace as Exports Falter
Japan's economy stalls in April-June, casts doubts on Abe's policies
The Bank of Japan's Unstoppable Rise to Shareholder No. 1
Japan negotiating with banks to borrow at zero rate: government official
Abe tells U.S. of Japan's concern about 'no first use' nuclear policy
Emperor expresses 'deep remorse' for war on 71st anniversary of surrender, Abe does not
Heat warps rail track in Kyushu, causing train delays of 2 hours
The Mysteriously Obtuse Case Of The Missing Fukushima Fuel
Japan in transition: The world's biggest mobilization of elderly workers is underway
Krugman's Arrow Theory Misses Target by Light Years

## China ##
Surge of Diabetes in China Threatens Healthcare System
China pledges to cut size of its massive fishing fleet due to serious threat to nation's fish stocks
China's special forces need to extend overseas reach to safeguard interests, military mouthpiece says
Western lifestyle brings epidemic of heart disease to China: study
Real Estate: China's Fading Animal Spirits

## UK ##
Ex-Soccer Player in UK Dies After Police Use Taser on Him
Children's healthcare at 'breaking point', warn doctors
Younger generation in UK face overwhelming pensions bill, says report
Commuters set to face 'staggering' hike in train fares
Half of graduates who paid £9,000 tuition fees live with parents
Neonic pesticide link to long-term wild bee decline

## US ##
Is College Worth It? The $1.4 trillion question gets harder to answer as a record number of Americans attend universities.
New York City's Summertime Swelter Just Hit Peak for 2016: Chart
The Pooh-Poohed Doom-and-Gloom Scenario for Miami's Condo Bubble and its Lenders Has Arrived
PT Barnum, Elon Musk And The Stench Of Crony Capitalism
Here's the salary you need to afford rent in 10 of the largest US cities
Empire State Manufacturing Index Dips 5 Points to -4.2
Peak Season Shipping Roundup: Long Beach Port Traffic Down 7.7%; Cass Freight Index Down, Intermodal Shipping Down
US Industrial Production—-11th Straight Month of Y/Y Decline
Hedge Funds Are Losing Endowments After Exodus of Pensions
Aetna Pulls Back on Obamacare Health Insurance Plans in 2017
Feds See Shortage in 2018 Lake Mead Water to Arizona, Nevada
Poll: Restaurants most popular in U.S. industry, federal gov't dead last
E-Commerce Retail Sales Jump 4.5%: Two Perspectives

## The candidates ##
Trump lacks experience but his detractors lack common sense
Trump May Have Dropped Another Clinton Bombshell
Trump's populist hogwash: His debunked trickle-down proposals would only serve folks in his tax bracket
Trump gets facts wrong on Benghazi, Middle East refugees, gifts from Brunei and more
GOP launches pro-Trump campaign in Israel
Trump Unveils Plan to Fight ISIS
Trump Calls For 'Extreme Vetting' to Screen 'Hostile Attitudes'
Evan McMullin: Raising the Neocon Flag — The neocons and the rule-or-ruin principle
Trump says US interventions an 'absolute failure'
Can Anything Possibly Go Wrong For Hillary: 5 Scenarios
Is "Special Government Employee" Huma Abedin The Smoking Gun In Hillary's "Pay-To-Play" Scheme?
Clinton Transition Team Headed by Anti-Climate 'Powerbroker'
Hillary Clinton Picks TPP and Fracking Advocate To Set Up Her White House
The Wall Street Journal issues an ultimatum to Donald Trump: shape up or drop out
Maureen Dowd: 'The Republicans Have Their Candidate' in Hillary Clinton 
How Bloomberg Spun its Own Poll Data to Make Hillary Clinton Seem Inevitable
Trump reverses course on NATO alliance
"To Ensure Her Election": Wasserman-Schultz Admits She Really Worked For Hillary While At DNC

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