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News Links, August 22, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
The Impossible Italian Job — The Italian Banking Crisis would complete Europe's "Doom Loop."
Italy's repeated attempts to stave off a full-blown financial crisis and breathe life back into its moribund banking sector can be summed up in four words: too little, too late.
The Seemingly Unstoppable Growth Of Negative Yields
Paul Singer fund: Market 'breakdown' to be 'sudden, intense, and large'
S&P Global: Negative Interest Rates (PDF)
Savers hit by negative rates are starting to store their cash in safes
Negative rate moves 'clear sign of desperation'
Bank of Ireland joins six central banks, decides to charge large depositors
RBS to impose negative interest rates on some clients
The Hunt Is On for a New Way to Measure the World's Economic Output
Brexit: Worst Case Scenario for EU; Armageddon Promise Now Visible as Pack of Lies
Dollar Disaster Looms? China and Russian Currencies Break Away
Things keep getting worse for EU banks
What Ails the Industrial Metals Industry?

## Airline death spiral ##
Small airports hit by shortages
"Get air service, use the air service, or lose the air service. The industry is playing a zero-sum game."
Japan airports to install new screening system
Laser emitters target Nepal Airlines plane at TIA
Sri Lankan Airline pilot shows up for work drunk, and expects to fly
Smoking phone-charging battery prompts Skymark emergency landing in Hokkaido
Germany eyes facial recognition systems at airports

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Yemen Offers Russia Use Of Its Airports And Ports In "Fight Against Terrorism"
Syria War: Russian Cruise Missiles Target Aleppo From Mediterranean Warships
US Warplanes Confront Syrian Military Jets in Nation's Northeast
It's not far-fetched, as a number of US officials have been pressing for the war against ISIS to be abandoned in Syria in favor of a war against the Syrian government. The US seems to be looking to use the new fighting with the Kurdish allies as a pretext to that end.
US Hawks Advance a War Agenda in Syria
The U.S. government, having illegally sent American troops into Syria, is now threatening to attack the Syrian military if it endangers those troops, an Orwellian twist that marks a dangerous escalation.
Turkey: Assad Can Be Part of Transition in Syria
George Galloway, British Politician, Blames US, UK for Creation of ISIS (video)
A Lawless Plan to Target Russians in Syria
Official Washington's disdain for international law – when it's doing the lawbreaking – was underscored by ex-CIA acting director Morell reiterating plans for murdering Russians and Iranians in Syria.
Young Suicide Bomber Attacks Turkish Wedding Party; 51 Die
Are US efforts to isolate Russia faltering?
The leaders of several key U.S. allies have been reaching out to Russian President Vladimir Putin in a sign that efforts to isolate the country over its 2014 annexation of Crimea may be faltering.
Saudis Bomb Yemen's Capital City During 'Million-Person March'

## Migrants/refugees ##
Refugees in Greek camps targeted by mafia gangs

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Trump Protesters Turn Violent In Minneapolis: Jump On Motorcade; Spit On Donors
German Anti-Immigrant Party Leader Urges People To Arm Themselves
Indian Forces Fire at Kashmir Protesters, Killing 1
Dakota Pipeline Construction Halted Amid Ongoing 'Defiance of Black Snake'

## Energy/resources ##
Chesapeake Making Moves To Recover From The Crash
Even as oil is starting to climb out of the crater it created over the last year, numerous oil companies are still in severe distress.
Anger in the Delta keeps oil majors quiet - and Nigeria's crude offline
Limitless imagination and physical limits
Peak Fossil Fuels: overview of peak oil, coal, and natural gas

## Got food? ##
India's alarming loss of agricultural lands has global impact
A new analysis of satellite images shows that nearly 30 percent of India's agricultural lands is turning into desert, and the rate of soil degradation is increasing at an alarming rate.
Flooding in South puts a damper on US rice harvest
Mexico's Zapatista Movement May Offer Solutions to Neoliberal Threats to Global Food Security

## Lifestyle solutions ##
Why do so few alter their lives to lessen climate change and peak oil?

## Environment/health ##
Water issues linger for residents after Olympics close
WiFi in the Sky, Convenient, Profitable and In-demand - Is It Safe?
Cruise ships start to come under scrutiny as massive pollution machines
Health Official Warns Zika Could Spread Across U.S. Gulf
Evidence piles up for popular pesticides' link to pollinator problems
Capybaras may be poised to be Florida's next invasive rodent
Americans Are Gorging on Meat in Amounts Not Seen in Decades

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
"Clinton Defense" Popularity Surges In Espionage Cases
Leaked memo proves George Soros ruled Ukraine in 2014, minutes from "Breakfast with US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt"
Hackers Use Google's Ad Network To Spread "Fake Login" Malware
Assange itching to get leaks on Trump
There's a Big Loophole in the Pentagon's Guide to Eavesdropping
A privacy update to 1982 Defense Department rules for conducting surveillance on Americans contains a loophole that lets the National Security Agency continue eavesdropping on a wide swath of online conversations, critics say.
Data Breaches Top 600 So Far in 2016

## Propaganda/censorship ##
A Cheap Shot at Bernie Sanders' Summer Home
Charles Lane and other Washington Post editorialists defend neocon and neoliberal orthodoxies by demonizing foreign leaders who step out of line and now by making fun of Bernie Sanders for buying a summer home.
Pentagon Drops Claim Against Navy SEAL That He Spilled Bin Laden Secrets
No surprises here. And no secrets, either. -- RF

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
The Marginal Buyer Holds The Pin That Pops Every Asset Bubble
The Spike and the Peak: what future for humankind?
German Government Urges Citizens To Stockpile Food, Water "In Case Of Attack Or Catastrophe"
How Digital Copyright Law Is Being Used to Run Roughshod Over Repairs

## Japan ##
Japan eyes fiercer fighter jets to counter China
Anti-nuclear activists' tents forcibly removed from economy ministry premises after yearslong battle
Number of gas stations halves in 21 years
Tokyo governor vows to make 2020 games sustainable event
Abe denies conveying concern to U.S. commander over 'no first use' nuke policy
Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda says he won't rule out deepening negative rates: Report
Japan sinking deeper into de-facto helicopter money

## China ##
Ghost malls: Hong Kong mini-shop owners and operators find the going tough amid retail downturn
China's Agriculture Reforms to Address Food Crisis Despite Lack of Arable Land
China called SDF dispatch to South China Sea 'red line,' hinted at military action if sent
New home prices in China continue to fall
Chinese ships, planes hold war games in Sea of Japan
China Is Grappling With Hidden Unemployment

## UK ##
Hospital doctors 'miss signs of illness' because of chronic staff shortages
Navy to lose 'invaluable' only repair ship in cost-cutting
5 charts which show how homelessness has soared
Corbyn refuses to say he'd defend NATO ally from Russia
Britain's most dangerous extremists to be locked up in 'prisons within prisons' to prevent radicalisation

## US ##
The wealthiest 10% hold 76% of the wealth: The rich continue to pull away from the rest of the crowd.
Our Society Is Sick, Our Economy Exploitive and our Politics Corrupt
Prescription drug costs are on the march, and out of reach for many Americans
When schools are threatened, untold learning time is lost
Chart: Most Millennials Have Less Than $1,000 in Savings
In Massive Shift, Lutherans Vote To Halt US Aid To Israel

## The candidates ##
Clinton's Syria War Plans: Her national-security team-in-waiting wants a return to big U.S. interventions.
Roaming Charges: Prime Time Green
Trump and Clinton Would Both Bring Ethics Baggage to White House
Hillary Clinton Flies 20 Miles In Private Jet To Attend Rothschild Nantucket Fundraiser
Trump Hypes a New 'War on Terror'

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