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News Links, August 29, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Pemex Collapse Threatens Biggest Banks in Mexico — Big-oil bailout already under way.
UBS whistleblower exposes 'political prostitution' all the way up to President Obama
Welcome To The Third World, Part 18: Pensions Overwhelm Public Services
Euro area banks see net profit fall 20 percent in first quarter: ECB
Japan Mega-Pension Fund Dives into Stocks, Foreign Assets, Loses Shirt. People Not Amused
Dubai's double-digit property price rises 'gone forever'
Construction work slows in Calgary as recession delays office tower projects
Construction crews have boarded up the skeleton of a partially built office tower in the middle of Calgary as real-estate developers slow or stop projects amid a glut of available commercial space.
German Economy Minister Says EU-US Trade Talks Have Failed
Global central bankers, stuck at zero, unite in plea for help from governments
Wrapping Up Jackson Hole: What Did We Learn?
Jackson hole did little more than make Fed Chair Janet Yellen look like a blithering fool.
Hedge Funds Bail on Copper as Goldman Predicts 'Supply Storm'
Free money: Finland to test out basic income scheme
Free money: A Basic Income Would Upend America's Work Ethic—and That's a Good Thing
Gather 'round and git yer free money while it lasts! -- RF
Investors pull out of European stocks in record outflow streak, pile into bonds
Grim employment prospects for young people around the world

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Brewer AB Inbev to cut thousands of jobs in takeover deal
Bombardier hands out pink slips as part of effort to cut 7,000 workers

## War on cash/cashless society ##
Harvard Professor Creates Blueprint for Ending Cash in US; Calls for Immediate Phasing Out of $20 Bills
As our homes get smarter 'it could become incredibly easy to spend money'
In our increasingly cashless society, we already mindlessly and perhaps frivolously blow our cash with the tap of our credit card and the wave of our mobile phones.

## Airline death spiral ##
New Saudi airline set for take-off next year
U.N. aviation emissions pact to let states opt out in first phase: sources
Airlines Bring Free Sandwiches and Streaming Back to Coach
They're hoping you'll overlook the baggage costs and vanishing legroom.
Southwest Airlines plane makes emergency landing in Florida after engine breaks apart midflight
More airline computer glitches likely
Two United Airlines pilots arrested at Glasgow Airport on suspicion of being too drunk to fly to America
New Passenger Fee Added at Qatar's International Airport
Air inquiry faults control tower after JAL near-miss with car

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
World War 3 Coming Soon? Tanks Roll Across The Border As Turkish Invasion Of Syria Begins
Turkish Officials: Troops to Remain in Syria As Long As It Takes
Turkey-Backed Rebels Expel Kurdish Forces From Syrian Towns
Russia's New Military Helicopter Is Faster, Tougher: Mi-28H Night Hunter Is 'Virtually Invulnerable To Enemy Fire'
Japan, South Korea To Install Aegis Baseline 9 In Atago-Class And KDX-III Sejong-Class Destroyers
Angela Merkel Assassination Attempt Thwarted In Prague Amid Protests Over German Chancellor's Refugee Quotas
The Broken Chessboard: Brzezinski Gives Up on Empire
Kerry and Lavrov settling 'technical issues' on new Syria agreement
European Union Military Force Needed To Fight Off Russia, Eastern Europe Nations Warn
Iraq Asks Saudi Arabia To Replace Saudi Ambassador: Iraqi State TV
Israel expands patrols into East Jerusalem to stem Palestinian attacks
Rebranded Al Qaeda Group In Syria Receiving US Weapons
Poll: Germans for at Least Partial Ban on Face-Covering Veil
Dutch far-right party says it will ban mosques, Koran
Car Bomb Kills At Least 11 At Police Headquarters In Turkey
Russia's Misplayed Hand with Iran
The High Cost of American Hubris
Americans have paid a very high price for the Establishment's imperial ambitions, a price passing a breaking point in blood and money, a problem that must be addressed with realism and humility.
Filipinos Seen Backing Duterte Despite Rising Drug Killings
North Korea planning submarines that can carry multiple SLBMs
KSA: A Kingdom in Turmoil - An Interview with Dr. Ali Alyami
Obama to visit Laos as secretive communist country opens up to Vietnam, US influence
US Continues to Cut Aid to Pakistan

## Migrants/refugees ##
Hungary To Build Second Fence On Serbian Border To Keep Out Migrants
Germany expecting 300,000 new migrants in 2016
Norway to build fence on border with Russia to curb refugee inflow
Europe's refugee crisis simmers despite efforts to solve it
Nicolas Sarkozy demands border controls for thousands of migrants in Calais be shifted to Britain

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Tribe Trucks Totem Pole 4,800 Miles in Fossil Fuels Protest
Bolivian deputy interior minister kidnapped and beaten to death by striking miners
No Arab Spring in Zimbabwe: Mugabe warns protesters

## Energy/resources ##
EV Revolution Set To Cripple More Than Just The Oil Industry
Did Moody's Just Sever Energy Giant Abengoa's Last Life Line?
Africa Check: Is nuclear energy really the 'cheapest source of electricity'?
Coking coal prices spike
EIA: OPEC Earns Lowest Oil Revenues in Over A Decade
The Bakken: The Top 10 Wells
Iraq plans to sell oil through Iran if talks with Kurds fail
The Price of Solar Is Declining to Unprecedented Lows

## Got food? ##
What's Been Cooking at Our House? Summer 2016
Milk price talks between Lactalis and producers collapse
Japan, China, other nations agree to curb chub mackerel catches in North Pacific

## Lifestyle solutions ##
Garden for half hour to slash heart risk

## Environment/health ##
Millions at risk as deadly fungal infections acquire drug resistance
Researchers believe widespread use of fungicides on crops is reducing effectiveness of frontline medicines
Human Population Growth Continues to Threaten Biodiversity
Study confirms the release of ancient carbon in Arctic permafrost
New Study Warns Biofuels May Be Worse for Climate Than Gas
But more than that, biofuels are a loser in terms of energy because the net energy they deliver is far less than that needed to sustain industrial society. -- RF
Sugars in breast milk protect babies from infection
FDA expands Zika screening to all US blood centers
Hong Kong confirms first case of dangerous Zika virus
Singapore confirms 41 cases of locally-transmitted Zika virus
Italy earthquake survivors: "The future is finished"
The most serious element of the tragedy is that we are now living in a world of lower — and still declining — net energy. As we've seen from Japan's experience in recent years, recovery from natural disasters in today's low-net-energy world is painfully slow, and will never recreate what was lost. -- RF
Ships Bring Your Coffee, Snack and TV Set, But Also Pests and Diseases
USDA: Bird flu strain that hit U.S. last year found in wild duck

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Whatsapp says it will start sharing user info with Facebook
WhatsApp users protest move to share mobile phone numbers with Facebook
Europe plans news levy on search engines
European news publishers will be given the right to levy fees on internet platforms such as Google if search engines show snippets of their stories, under radical copyright reforms being finalized by the European Commission.
Judge orders search of new Clinton emails for release by September 13
Assange Promises "Most Interesting And Serious" Hillary Emails Are Yet To Come
BleachBit Brags Of Wiping Hillary's Servers Clean With Claims It "Stifled FBI Investigation"
Scary! All the Ways Your Wi-Fi Router Can Spy on You
It can even be trained to read your lips.
Shawn Lucas Cause of Death Still Unknown as Clinton's Campaign Lawyer Tries to Move DNC Lawsuit into the Weeds
NSA Whistleblowers: NSA Hack Was Likely An Inside Job
BAE Systems Sells Internet Surveillance Gear to United Arab Emirates
Scams & waste loom as charity millions donated after Orlando
Update your iPhone or iPad: Israeli cyber-spy firm can hack you
NASA explains why self-driving cars may not be in your future

## Propaganda/censorship ##
The Dumbed-Down New York Times
A New York Times columnist writes Americans are so "dumbed-down" that they don't know that Russia "invaded" Ukraine two years ago, but that "invasion" was mostly in the minds of Times editors and other propagandists.
How I Was Blacklisted at CNN, and How Easily America Goes to War Now

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Makkah, Dubai lead Middle East's hotel construction in July
Makkah, Saudi Arabia's holy city, and Dubai both have more than 20,000 hotel rooms in the pipeline, according to latest data supplied by analysts STR.
Everything eventually peaks and crashes. People never learn. -- RF
Mega projects to help 'build future of Istanbul': minister
Happy 100th Birthday, National Parks! Sorry You're Falling Apart.
The parks enter their second century with a $12 billion backlog of repairs.
GOLD & DEBT: The 1929 Great Depression vs The Next Great Collapse
Africa's population set to double by 2050, says new report
Ain't gonna happen. -- RF

## Japan ##
Bank of Japan Prepares for Crash Triggered by Fed Tightening
Japanese Government Squanders Pension Funds On Failed Stocks As Losses Reach $130 Billion In Past Year
Anti-nuclear governor in Japan asks Kyushu Electric to suspend nuke plant
Japan PM pledges to invest $30 bn in Africa by 2018
Japan to establish AU mission

Japan July consumer prices post biggest annual fall in three yrs
Gov't to submit revised conspiracy bill citing terrorist threat
BOJ has 'ample space' for more monetary easing, says Kuroda
Olympics: Unrecoverable cost total rises for new national stadium
The unrecoverable costs stemming from changing to a less-expensive plan for Japan's new national stadium have risen to nearly 68.6 billion yen, the Japan Sport Council announced Friday.

## China ##
China's Great Divide: A New Cultural Revolution?
The only question left for China (and every other debt/bubble-dependent nation) is what socio-political consequences will manifest when the credit bubble finally bursts?
China Basks in 'G-20 Blue' as Factories Ordered to Shut
Red Ponzi Ticking—-China And The Dark Side Of The Global Bubble, Part 2
Red Ponzi Ticking—-China And The Dark Side Of The Global Bubble, Part 3
The Man Who Fabricates China's Econ Data Was Arrested For "Selling Power For Sex" And "Lacking Political Faith"
Why Beijing's headache over calls for Hong Kong's independence has only just begun

## UK ##
Britain does not need Hinkley for future energy needs -think tank
Nuclear security: Government pouring millions into steeling power plants from potential terror attacks
NHS 'plans cuts across England' to fill £22bn funding shortfall
Austerity measures include closure of hospitals and more 'virtual consultations' 
Londoners back limit on skyscrapers as fears for capital's skyline grow
Theresa May will trigger Brexit negotiations without Commons vote

## US ##
Layoffs In Oil & Gas See These Industries Hit Their Bottom Lines
225+ heroin overdoses in 4 counties in 4 states in 1 week
August U.S. auto sales seen down 5.2 percent; 2015 was peak: forecasters
Federal Reserve Facebook page overrun by Internet 'trolls'
US economy grew at tepid 1.1 percent pace in spring
US wants to force lower speeds on truck and bus drivers
Why is the Fed So Desperate to Hike?
Losses Piling Up for S&P 500 as Weekly Drop Is Worst Since June
Past deadline, feds see no end in sight for veteran homeless crisis
Stunning Maps Depict Collapse Of Obamacare "Coverage" In 2017
"Things Are Worse" - Dollar Stores' Startling Admission: Half Of US Consumers Are In Dire Straits
Confidence in the Fed Sinking Fast from Greenspan to Bernanke to Yellen: How Much Confidence Do You Have?
Pensions, Oy Vey
The focus on 401ks has destroyed the retirement for millions of Americans over the last generation
The EpiPen Scandal Is Worse Than You Think: What You're Not Being Told
The 11 Bone-Chilling Things I Gleaned from Yellen's Chart
"I've Never Seen Anything Like This Before" - The Housing Markets In The Hamptons, Aspen And Miami Are All Crashing
The US: A Dead Nation Walking (Paul Craig Roberts)
In my opinion, the chance of nuclear war from Neoconservative intention, miscalculation or false launch warning remains high.
Three in five millennials think bar soap is gross: research firm

## The candidates ##
Hillary Clinton Enters the Media Wars
Millions From Maxed-Out Clinton Donors Flowed Through Loophole
Democratic Pundits Downplay Serious Ethical Issues Raised by the Clinton Foundation
Trump Doctor Wrote Health Letter in Just 5 Minutes as Limo Waited
"His health is excellent, especially his mental health."
How Neocons Helped Create Trump
Hillary Clinton's calendars won't be released until after election, State Dept. says
Warning of 'war' on farmers, Trump seeks support in Iowa
Trump vows crackdown on immigrants who overstay visas if elected
How The Hillary 'Victory Fund' Uses State Democratic Committees To Launder Money To The DNC
Where do Trump and Clinton stand on keeping the internet open?
Mike Pence: Some Undocumented Immigrants Can Stay — After They Leave
Donald Trump just threw a wrench into the debate about immigration
Trump Closing Gap With Hillary In Latest Reuters Poll: This Is How He Could Win
Donald Trump doesn't want Gary Johnson or Jill Stein in the debates

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