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News Links, September 9, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
EU Launches New Power Grab, to Roaring Public Approval
'Flash Boys' protagonists aiming new exchange at gold
Hanjin Shipping's Collapse Puts 11,000 Jobs in Busan at Risk
Hanjin bankruptcy puts as much as $14 billion in cargo in limbo
Hanjin's Ghost Ships Seek Havens With Food and Water Starting to Dwindle
Hanjin Shipping's collapse likely to hit Christmas shoppers, postage
Drowning Hanjin may not be alone among global shippers
Developing Countries Emulate The US, Turn Citizens Into Debt Slaves
Wall Street's Latest Retail Fleecing Product Exposed – Structured CDs
Tesla gets $300 million lease credit line from Deutsche Bank
ECB's Mario Draghi has run out of magic as deflation closes in 
Switzerland and Norway Begin to Massively Accumulate Precious Metals Mining Shares
DB Warns 35-Year Economic Super Cycle Is Officially Ending
Apple will not make iPhone preorder numbers public

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Tens of Thousands of Jobs Go as China's Biggest Banks Cut Costs
Dell to cut 2,000-3,000 jobs as EMC deal closes: Bloomberg

## War on cash/cashless society ##
War on Cash Intensifies as Gold & Silver Head into Strongest Months
Cash in a Box Catches On as Swiss Negative Rates Bite
Why You Should Be Paying Attention to America's Quiet War on Cash
Former IMF Economist Declares War on Cash
Negative Interest Rates and the War on Cash (3)
Negative Interest Rates and the War on Cash (4)

## Airline death spiral ##
AirAsia Flight Traveled in Wrong Direction After Captain Entered Bad Coordinates: Investigation
GCC airport expansion faces financing crunch amid low oil prices
The continuing expansion of airport infrastructure across the Gulf region will require alternative financing solutions as low oil prices challenge government budgets, according to a new Deloitte report.

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
UNICEF Says 28 Million Children Uprooted by Global Conflict
China's coast guard cause most South China Sea clashes, US report finds
US sent $1.3 billion more in cash to Iran to settle arms dispute: Report
Suspected Aleppo chlorine attack chokes dozens, rescue workers, monitors say
Kerry Heading to Geneva for More Syria Talks With Lavrov
Russian fighter in 'unsafe' intercept of US spy plane: Pentagon
Old Cold Warriors Cool to New Cold War
To the surprise of many, some old Cold Warriors, including Zbigniew Brzezinski, are cooling to the idea of a New Cold War with Russia and China, recognizing that cooperation makes more sense than confrontation.
Neocon Dilemma: Israeli-Russian Detente
As Official Washington's neocons lead the charge into a New Cold War – deeming Russia an implacable enemy – an inconvenient truth is that the neocons' beloved Israel is warming its relationship with Moscow.
Abe tells Asian leaders of 'serious concern' with China posturing in South China Sea
Second couple arrested after car with gas cylinders found in Paris: judicial source
Russia: Israel, Palestinian Leaders Agree to Meet for Talks
A Political Hurricane is About to Sweep Across Europe
US sends more troops to Iraq to prepare for Mosul battle
M. G. Salameh on oil wars in the past and future
Iran Still Sticking to Nuclear Deal, IAEA Confirms
Obama Flinches at Renouncing Nuke First Strike
The U.S. threat to launch a first-strike nuclear attack has little real strategic value – though it poses a real risk to human survival – but President Obama fears political criticism if he changes the policy.
CIA Chief Doubts Syria and Iraq 'Can Be Put Back Together Again'
War of words: China rebukes US and Japan over South China Sea as summit wraps up in Laos

## Migrants/refugees ##
Merkel Mum As Five German Women Assaulted By Migrants, Danes Post Arabic Ads Saying "Don't Come Here"
Germany Wants Christian Migrants, Not Muslims: Angela Merkel's Party Wants Refugees To Learn German
Exciting Step Forward: Helicopter Drop of Debit Cards for Refugees in Turkey
Work to begin on 'big wall' at Calais to block migrants

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Eye on Social Mood: Stock Market Bubble Will Pop, Social Mood Will Get Extremely Ugly

## Energy/resources ##
Peak oil by any other name is still peak oil
Record Earthquake Threatens Oil And Gas Industry In Oklahoma
White House: No change in fracking stance since Oklahoma quake
One hundred years of natural gas? Not at these prices
U.S. gas production is declining and shale gas output is down almost 2.5 Bcf per day. Production is decreasing while consumption and exports are both increasing. EIA data indicates a supply deficit by the end of 2016.
Energy sector job losses mount for Norway
Cash Runs Low For S&P Oil And Gas Majors, Dividends Sparse
Nigeria Risks Total Distress If Oil & Gas Problems Not Addressed: Oil Manager
Suncor Looks To Abandon Oil Sands Assets
What's Behind The Epic Draw In U.S. Crude Stocks?
Asia Oil, Gas Layoffs Mount as Industry Recovery Stays Elusive
Deep Investment Cuts Will Slow Rebound For Offshore Oil Services

## Got food? ##
Venezuela pets go hungry as economic crisis deepens
Hawaiian seafood caught by foreign crews confined on boats
Future fisheries can expect $10 billion revenue loss due to climate change
Global fisheries stand to lose approximately $10 billion of their annual revenue by 2050 if climate change continues unchecked, and countries that are most dependent on fisheries for food will be the hardest hit, finds new UBC research.

## Environment/health ##
Seven new Zika cases in South Florida
The US Superbug Crisis Growing as National Tracking Efforts Fall Far Short
Ocean warming affecting Arctic fish and birds

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Hackers just leaked a new batch of 100 million email addresses and passwords
Alleged data breach exposes almost 800K porn site users
Watch your algorithms: When artificial intelligence judges a beauty contest, white people win
"Storm of the Century" – How the Internet of Things Could Destroy Privacy
Proteins in human hair could work like fingerprints
Millennials Horrified As Facebook Algo Accident Exposes Millions To New Ideas
Smartphone-linked vending machines on rise as drink makers thirst for sales (Japan)
Blackballed by machine learning: how algorithms can destroy your chances of getting a job
Forget Software—Now Hackers Are Exploiting Physics

## Propaganda/censorship ##
Identity Politics = Totalitarianism
The truth is we have more in common with people of different ethnicities and religions than we can possibly know in a totalitarian system drenched in the divisive propaganda of identity politics.
New York Times and the New McCarthyism
The New Cold War and its fellow-traveler, the New McCarthyism, are arriving on the hawkish wings of The New York Times and other mainstream U.S. media outlets.

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
The Fading Glory of America's Highway Rest Stops
Our Selfie Society Is Incompatible with Democracy
WHY 2017 is The Threshold to Chaos

## Japan ##
Japan Developing Emergency System To Deter North Korea Missile Launches
Japan's economy barely grows in April-June: revised data
Japan pledges Y45 bil to bolster Asia's anti-terrorism steps
541,000 Japanese aged 15-39 confine themselves to home: survey
Japan to check background of nuclear workers to prevent terrorism
Ex-PM Koizumi says Abe's Fukushima 'under control' remark was 'lie' 
Honda recalls 668,000 more cars in Japan over Takata air bags
Brace For "VaR Shock" - How The Bank Of Japan May Be About To Unleash A Global Selloff

## China ##
China's state-owned banks cut thousands of jobs
Five years from now, one-third of China's shopping malls will be out of business, report says
Why China's massive infrastructure investment is a model to avoid
Why is everything "massive" these days? Don't journalists know any other adjectives? -- RF
Climate change in East Asia caused by China's air pollution, study reveals ... because it's making goods for the West
The making of a space junk disaster? China's low-cost microsatellites may lead to 'space pollution', say experts
Beijing Vows to Strike Back After Kyrgyzstan Embassy Attack
China's Foreign Exchange Reserves Fall to Their Lowest Since 2011

## UK ##
Government removes a thousand extremist videos a week from the internet but still can't keep up with radicalisation
Zero-hours contracts used far beyond short-term work, research says
Theresa May claims selling arms to Saudi Arabia helps 'keep people on the streets of Britain safe'
Tesco announce job cuts and end 24-hour shopping in Scottish stores

## US ##
The Great Debt Unwind Beneath the Surface: US Commercial Bankruptcies Soar
FBI's Records on Financial Crisis Requested by U.S. Lawmaker
July Factory Orders Didn't Rebound Strongly—-More Misleading Spin
"It's Worse Than The Great Depression" - One In Six Prime-Aged Men Has No Job
Labor Department Revises Away 150,000 Jobs
U.S. job openings at record high, skills mismatch emerging
There's an attempt to put a good spin on the lack of workers with the requisite skills, but the underlying problem is that education and training for jobs in a high-tech society are energy-intensive. Net energy decline hampers this education and training, which results in the worker shortage.
Fading College Dream Saps U.S. Economy of Productivity Miracle
This is the No. 1 cause of financial stress in your state
Paying off personal debt wins, hands down. -- RF
Rash Of Heroin Overdoses Leave 13 Dead in Wisconsin
A Native American fight to stop an oil pipeline is a "morally embarrassing reminder" of America's founding
GAO: DOD's recovery from war ops, budget cuts might take another 10 years
NYC Luxury Real Estate Weakness Spreading As Lower Pricing Tiers Tank
Election "Rigging" Tensions Rise With Questions On Reliability Of Paperless Voting Machines
Wells Fargo Fined $185 Million on Phony Accounts, Fires 5,300 Staff
Consumer borrowing grows by $17.7 billion in July
Illinois pension funds more than $100 billion in the hole
Tax to rescue Chicago pension fund passes council committee
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's proposal to tax water and sewer usage to save a city pension fund from insolvency passed a key city council committee on Thursday despite concerns that revenue will fall short.
Record 29% Say Obamacare Hurt Their Finances; Overall Only 44% Positive on ACA
Is US Auto Sales Data Fabricated: FBI Investigating Chrysler For Falsifying Monthly Sales Reports

## The candidates ##
Clinton Campaign Unloads On NBC For Covering Hillary's "Coughing Attack"
Trump Might Call for Four-Way Debates – But Only If He Thinks He Can't Win
Trump promises huge increase in number of soldiers, equipment if elected
Commander in Chief Forum: NBC's Military Forum Was a Master Class On How Not to Hold Candidates Accountable
Clinton Versus Trump on War with Russia
The biggest difference between the two major-Party U.S. Presidential candidates is that Hillary Clinton wants to continue the Obama-Administration's policy of regime-change in nations that aren't hostile towards Russia (such as Iraq, Libya, Ukraine and now Syria), and that Donald Trump doesn't.
Poll: Trump Leads Clinton Among Military and Veteran Voters
"Clinton Foundation Is Charity Fraud Of Epic Proportions", Analyst Charges In Stunning Takedown
Wikileaks declares new Clinton revelations coming as early as next week, alleges Clinton knew meaning of (C) annotation on emails
Hillary Clinton slams Donald Trump for commenting on Federal Reserve
Goldman Sachs bans Trump campaign donations, allows Clinton campaign contributions
What Really Happened at Donald Trump's Intelligence Briefing
Clinton Slams Trump But Blabbed About Briefing in 2008
Gathering Up the Generals, Clinton and Trump Compete for Best Imperialist
Did Putin Really Call Trump 'Brilliant'? Experts Say It Got Lost in Translation
'What is Aleppo?' Wonders Gary Johnson in TV Interview Stumble
Here's the bill for Trump's military buildup plan
Hillary Walks Away From Concussion Question As Press Avoids Emails, Clinton Foundation

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