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News Links, November 11, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
S. Korea: Shipbuilders' order backlog hits 13-year low
I wish to point out, once again, that cryptocurrencies exist only so long as we have electricity and the internet. The eventual demise of both is not a risk; it is a certainty. -- RF

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Georgia's Saakashvili resigns as governor in Ukraine
Reasons to Risk Nuclear Annihilation
The latest neocon/liberal-hawk scheme is for the U.S. population to risk nuclear war to protect corrupt politicians in Ukraine and Al Qaeda terrorists in east Aleppo, two rather dubious reasons to end life on the planet.
Japan, US train on island where WWII atomic bomb runs once took off
Japan took new steps toward integrating its air, sea and land forces this week during its most complex field exercise with the U.S. military since Tokyo passed laws expanding defense options last year.

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Taxi Drivers Protest Against Uber in Brazil's Capital

## Energy/resources ##
Once the fossil fuel industry crashes, everything crashes. -- RF
World Oil And Its Seven Biggest Chokepoints
It's common knowledge that most of the world's oil is transported internationally by tankers. What might not be so commonly known is the fact that almost half of the crude shipped around the world passes through waters where piracy, the danger of terrorist attacks, or the possibility of local governments shutting down the waterway are all too real.
Recall that Iran is also escorting its tankers. -- RF

## Environment/health ##

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Secure Electronic Documents: France Just Set a Very Scary Precedent

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
The Source of our Rage: The Ruling Elite Is Protected from the Consequences of its Dominance
There are many sources of rage: injustice, the destruction of truth, powerlessness. But if we had to identify the one key source of non-elite rage that cuts across all age, ethnicity, gender and regional boundaries, it is this: The Ruling Elite is protected from the destructive consequences of its predatory dominance.

## China ##
China Scales Back Solar, Wind Ambitions as Renewables Cool
China, the world's biggest clean-energy investor, lowered its solar and wind power targets for 2020, a reflection of how record installations of renewables have overwhelmed the ability of the nation's grid to absorb the new electricity.
Trump Victory Crashes Chinese Yuan To Record Low
Marks & Spencer to Shutter China Stores
Good luck with that. -- RF
Many Americans seem to have the mistaken belief that life will be better in Canada, but I guarantee you that Canada's economy will not escape the global industrial collapse now in progress. It won't make any difference who's in charge of any government — a genius or an idiot, a liberal or a conservative. Collapse is baked into the cake. -- RF
If Clinton didn't commit any crimes, why would a pardon be necessary? -- RF
It's eight years since the crash of 2008, but we are still seeing businesses downsizing themselves into profitability. -- RF

## Election/Trump ##
I'm not the only person to point this out, but many of the people who voted for Trump weren't actually voting for the man, but for what they perceive as his anti-establishment ideas, or, seen from the opposite direction, they were voting not against Clinton the woman, but against the corrupt globalist elitism that she stands for. (Disclosure: I didn't support Trump or Clinton; both are simply awful.)
Who Lost: A Biased Media, Pundits, Pollsters, Political Parties, Warmongers, the Corporatocracy, Pay-to-Play Grifters, Neoliberals
Fake Progressives are perfectly fine with soaring inequality and corrupt governance, as long as everyone's public utterances are politically correct.
Why Trump Won; Why Clinton Lost
Hillary Clinton's stunning defeat reflected a gross misjudgment by the Democratic Party about the depth of populist anger against self-serving elites who have treated much of the country with disdain.
Money can help in a competitive race, but "it can't make up for a sea change in the views of the electorate."
Trump due in court before Oval Office
Within a few weeks of winning the White House, President-elect Donald Trump could face another group of U.S. citizens, a federal jury in California, courtesy of a lawsuit by former students of his now-defunct Trump University who claim they were defrauded by a series of real-estate seminars.

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