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News Links, November 19, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
The Peak & Decline Of International Reserves Warns Of Massive Asset Deflation Ahead
It Gets Ugly in Houston — Auto Sales, Construction Get Totally Crushed
Diana Shipping reports 3Q loss
Venezuelan Banks Introduce 10,000 Bolivar ATM Withdrawal Limit
Euro suffers longest losing streak on record, as Goldman Sachs predicts pound will sink to $1.14 by end-2017
Puerto Rico Board Warns Deep Debt Cuts Needed to Steady Island
EU the Toothless Tiger, Totally Dysfunctional Until it Disintegrates Into Oblivion
Global Trade Is Slowing
Global Bonds Post Biggest Two-Week Loss in Quarter Century
Caterpillar Retail Sales Decline For Record 47 Consecutive Months

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Volkswagen to cut 30,000 jobs at VW brand by 2021: source
More store closures may be ahead for Abercrombie & Fitch
First Solar To Cut 1,600 Jobs, Revises 2016 Guidance Again

## War on cash/cashless society ##
U.S. Banks Close Rupee Exchanges After Large Bills Ruled Illegal
The War on Cash Just Escalated Big-Time

## Airline death spiral ##
Police Detain Suspect After Threat to Dutch Airport

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
US Navy says it won't buy any more $800,000 shells for new destroyer
War In Turkey: Turkish Military Officers Ask For Asylum In NATO Countries
Russia to build heavy-duty radar station near Murmansk
Ridiculous Lame Duck Agreements: Obama, EU Agree to Keep Sanctions on Russia
John Bolton Calls for US to Impose Regime Change on Iran
Amnesty Warns New Egypt Rights Bill 'Draconian'

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Argentine Unions March in Capital, Demanding More State Benefits

## Energy/resources ##
Energy Sector Defaults Hit 78 Since January
The Energy Problem behind Trump's Election
Is The Trump Presidency A Boon For Nuclear Power?
Colombia's 'Blood Gold' Turns Up in Everything From Smartphones to Cars
Venezuela's Oil Industry To Receive Another Shot In The Arm From China
Obama administration bars new oil exploration in Arctic waters
Developer says Dakota Access pipeline will not be rerouted: AP

## Got food? ##
Precut salad promotes salmonella growth: Study

## Environment/health ##
78 People Die a Day From Opioid Overdose, Surgeon General Says in Landmark Report (US)
Is Zika Still A Problem? Emergency Status Lifted By World Health Organization, But Virus Is Still Spreading
High blood pressure now major problem in developing world: study

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Tennessee's Electoral College members 'harassed' by anti-Trump emails
Top reasons for network downtime
Meet leftist prof who wrote 'hit list' of 'fake' news sites

## Propaganda/censorship ##
Snowden to the World: Stop Letting Facebook Control Your News
Enter Fake News as Replacement for Conspiracy Theory?
What to Do About 'Fake News'
A pushback is coming to the Internet's success in giving the world access to diverse opinions and dissenting information. Politicians, mainstream media and technology giants are taking aim at what they call "fake news."

## Japan ##
Japanese Yen Set For Biggest Plunge Versus Dollar In 18 Years
Japan's nuclear export ambitions hit wall as Vietnam set to rip up reactor order

## China ##
China's Labor Costs to Rise Nearly 9% in 2016, Think Tank Says
Effectiveness of Beijing-Area Pollution-Curbing Measures Questioned

## UK ##
Bank of England Trips over House-Price Bubble in Prime London, Hilarity Ensues
Britain's SSE to freeze energy prices this winter
Staples sale takes jobs affected by retail failures in 2016 to 26,000
Sale of US stationery chain's UK business brings jobs figure to 25,933 – highest since 2012 and four times last year's number
Two-hour daily commute 'on rise among UK workers'

## US ##
US Pension Crisis: This is How Families Get Squeezed to Bail Out Pension Funds in Chicago
The Great Con: Political Correctness Has Marginalized the Working Class
Wall Street Democrats Proved Yesterday That They Still Don't Get It
Wells Fargo New Account Openings Dive By 44 Percent
More than half of US says they can't afford to pay over $100 per month for health insurance
DuPont to end pension contributions, freeze benefit plans
US recovery is heading towards its death: SocGen's Edwards

## POTUS-elect ##
Yes, Trump Can Be Compelled to Testify in Trump University Lawsuit
Trump supporter cites internment camps as precedent for Muslim registry on Fox News
Donald Trump's Lobbying Ban Effectively Bans Very Little
What's the Truth About Steve Bannon?
Steve Bannon Interviewed: "It's About Americans Not Getting F—ed Over"
Trump Picks Pro-Surveillance, Tea Party Hawk Mike Pompeo to Lead CIA
Trump picks conservative loyalists for top security, law enforcement jobs
Trump agrees to settle Trump University lawsuits
Trump picks Kissinger's brain as team takes shape
Keeping Up With the…Kushners, Bannon Hit Squad, Trump Transition Team

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