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News Links, November 2, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Venezuelans Give Up on Counting Piles of Cash and Start Weighing Them
From here on out politics are only relevant at the extremes — major war, corruption scandal, martial law etc. Short of that, the fiat currency/fractional reserve banking world has such institutional momentum that it really won't matter whether Trump is picking on bankers and building his wall or Clinton is protecting Wall Street and raising taxes.

Dozens of Afghan troops surrender to Taliban in central province
Dozens of Afghan troops have surrendered with large amounts of military equipment to the Taliban in central Uruzgan province, a local government official said, as the insurgents continue to gain ground throughout the country.
US Calls on Saudis to End Airstrikes Against Yemen
No Sign US Is Going to Slow Arms Sales to Saudis
Bus Passenger Kills 4 Suspected Thieves Near Mexico City
Apparently outraged by constant robberies aboard commuter buses on the outskirts of Mexico City, an armed passenger fatally shot four men who had just held up a busload of passengers, prosecutors said Monday.
Russia says resumption of Syria peace talks delayed indefinitely
Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Tuesday a Western failure to rein in violent Islamists in Syria had indefinitely delayed the resumption of peace talks.

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Moroccan Fish Vendor's Death Sparks Protests Against Police

## Energy/resources ##
Will Oil Majors Ever Recover?
The oil majors began reporting their third quarter earnings in recent days, and the figures do not look good. The three-month period ending in September saw oil prices sink to the low $40s per barrel and rebound to $50, but the losses continued to pile up for many of the largest oil companies.
Easier said than done! In a world of declining net energy, building or rebuilding anything is far more difficult than it was in the 20th century. Just look at the slow pace of post-disaster rebuilding in Japan. Governments are no longer able to leverage their efforts with copious amounts of cheap, high-quality energy. Much of what was destroyed in Italy will not be replaced. -- RF
This sheds some light on what's really happening in US oil drilling. The author discusses how these zombie companies distort the oil market, which is a useful observation. But there's an even greater, and more serious distortion happening here. By declaring bankruptcy, these companies can dump their mountains of unpayable debt and get back on the treadmill. Of course declaring bankruptcy, wiping out debt, and continuing operations is nothing new, but here we have a whole industry doing it on a large scale, which strongly suggests that this isn't an economically viable business. -- RF
Orange Juice Rises to Record as Global Supply Concerns Mount
Orange-juice futures surged by the New York exchange limit to a record settlement as the citrus-greening disease shrinks the harvest in Florida, the world's second-biggest citrus grower.
Taking a Page from Joe McCarthy
Hillary Clinton and her supporters have turned to ugly McCarthyism in attacking Donald Trump to divert attention from their email scandals, a dangerous use of Russia-bashing.
A Montreal journalist whose iPhone was monitored by police for months said Monday he was outraged to discover he'd been "spied on" as part of what he calls an effort to identify his sources.
Japan lines MOL, NYK, K Line to join shipping, terminal ops
Three major Japanese container shipping lines said Monday they plan to merge their shipping and overseas terminal operations as the industry struggles with overcapacity and mounting losses.
Waste of money. Even the comparatively tiny project of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is already having budget problems, so how can this very-large-scale project be finished? -- RF
Japan used to be the land of overcooled buildings in summer, and overheated buildings in winter. How times change! -- RF
It won't do a thing to stop or mitigate a nuclear-power disaster from being unleashed on the planet. -- RF

## UK ##
Pothole repair backlog in England and Wales will take 14 years
Cold weather and decades of underinvestment have caused a 'roads crisis' in England, say council leaders
Nuclear reactor cracks 'challenge safety case'
How Easy-to-hack Voting Machines Endanger Democracy
Seven Minutes Per Machine to Steal an Election
17 Shot Dead As Chicago Records Deadliest Weekend Of 2016
Why Police From 7 Different States Invaded a Standing Rock Camp—and Other Questions

## The candidates ##
These Blast Points on Hillary's Campaign... Only The Deep State Is So Precise
The Deep State's most prescient elements must derail Hillary's campaign to clear a path to Trump's executive team.
Highly unlikely! -- RF
Highly unlikely! That's far more than the current US population. Where does Trump get his figures? -- RF
Clintons Are Under Multiple FBI Investigations as Agents Are Stymied
Current and former FBI officials have launched a media counter-offensive to engage head to head with the Clinton media machine and to throw off the shackles the Loretta Lynch Justice Department has used to stymie their multiple investigations into the Clinton pay-to-play network.
Hillary and the Ghosts of Watergate
If there is any lesson to be learned from the ghosts of Watergate, it is that the big-money support of a leader who has lost the ability to deliver the goods crumbles very quickly as the endgame unfolds.
While serving in one of the most senior positions in the United States Government, Hillary Clinton was at a minimum, grossly negligent in the handling of classified information and when confronted with this practice, acted immediately to destroy information and prevent a full, fair and complete investigation of any damage to national security. Anyone else who did such things in the government would long ago have been tried, convicted and sent to jail. You decide if you want to send her to the White House instead.
Who Will Weed Out the Warmongers?
Progressive Democrats are gearing up to fight Wall Street appointees to a Hillary Clinton administration, but there is no similar campaign to weed out neocon/liberal-hawk warmongers.

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