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News Links, December 9, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Australian Economy Contracts 0.5 Percent in September
Dutch to stop subsidizing renewables in long-term climate strategy
The Netherlands will gradually phase out subsidizes for renewable energy and shift its climate change strategy to areas such as energy saving and carbon capture, the government said on Wednesday.
But — as admitted in the article's first sentence — the panels are made using fossil fuels. When the current generation of panels is retired, fossil fuels will again be needed to manufacture a new generation. We can't be sure that fossil fuels will be available then. -- RF
On the other hand, this study makes the opposite claim about fossil fuel debt repayment. -- RF

Just the other day I said that there would not be enough money, and already this huge increase! -- RF
The contraction is coming, no matter what. Trump will perhaps be blamed for it, but there's nothing Trump or anyone can do. -- RF

## China ##
Our "Gaslight" Economy
If you don't like what these charts are saying, please notify The Washington Post to add the St. Louis Federal Reserve to its list of Russian propaganda sites.
Democrats Launch New McCarthyism
Unwilling to examine the real reasons why Democrats did so poorly on Election Day, party leaders in Congress are scapegoating Russia and setting in motion a new McCarthyism.

## Recount ruckus ##

## POTUS-elect ##
Trump and His Iran-Haters
Some of President-elect Trump's national security appointees are part of Official Washington's "we-hate-Iran" group think, raising concerns about another Mideast war.

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