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News Links, January 1, 2017

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
"A Warning for Property Investors in Australia"
"Guilty, But Not Punished": Another Banking Criminal Let Off The Hook

It might happen. But keep in mind that we won't have power grids and the internet forever. The day will come when digital currencies will go POOF, and those who had "digital wallets" full of virtual money won't even have anything to stuff their mattresses with. -- RF

## Airline death spiral ##
'Air Rage' Forces Delta Flight to Land as Cases Soar
Cases of "air rage," or incidents in which a passenger angrily loses control, have continued to increase in the past few years. Airlines reported 10,854 cases of "air rage" last year, according to the International Air Transport Association. That marks a 16.5 percent jump from 2014, when 9,316 cases were reported.
Stress-inducing modern industrial society is full of rage (road rage, air rage, shopping mall rage, desk rage, password rage, etc.), of which this is just one manifestation. If industrial/technological society is so wonderful and fulfilling, why all the exploding heads? -- RF

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
U.S. Special Operations Numbers Surge in Africa's Shadow Wars
Turkish Committee Clears Draft Expanding Erdogan's Powers
This is how it starts. -- RF
Summing Up Russia's Real Nuclear Fears
The mainstream U.S. media's relentless Russia-bashing has obscured Moscow's legitimate fears about Washington's provocative nuclear-missile strategies, which could lead to Armageddon.

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
DAPL war rages on: 'Water protectors' arrested as protests continue

## Energy/resources ##
The End Of The Oil And Gas Bankruptcy Wave
It's just a temporary reprieve. Although the advocates of renewable energy would like to take credit for the fossil fuel industry's troubles, the real reason is net energy decline. -- RF
Long Gas Lines, Price Hike Mar Holiday Season in Mexico
The holiday season has been a little less merry for car owners in Mexico as gasoline shortages in many parts of the country have forced grumbling customers to contend with hours-long lines.
Deflationary collapse is eating away at the energy industry. -- RF
Meanwhile, many people are lucky to be eating anything at all. -- RF

Yes, this is a solution. Gross overpopulation and gross overconsumption by all those people are primary causes of war because they drive the quest for more of everything. Low human populations, low consumption, and modest lifestyles leave more for nonhuman species, alleviate pollution, and create far smaller incentives for expansion, which leads to friction and war. And believe it or not, people can find happiness with modest lifestyles. -- RF

## Environment/health ##
CRISPR 'Off Switch' Discovered, Could Make Powerful Gene-Editing Tool More Precise
Keep in mind not only the potential uses, but also the inevitable abuses, of this technology. -- RF
Monitor your brain waves? -- RF

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Hypocrisy Over Alleged Russian 'Hacking'
As Official Washington rages over alleged Russian hacking of Democratic emails, a forgotten back story is how the U.S. government pioneered the tactics of cyber-war and attacked unsuspecting countries.
North Korea's Kim Jong Un Faces A Rebellion? Slaves, Purges, Nuclear Threats Define Five Years Of Rule
Skepticism remains, however, as tight controls on the press in North Korea mean these reports are virtually impossible to verify, and the country often has been the target of fake news reports originating in the West and Seoul.
Smart electricity meters can be dangerously insecure, warns expert
But security experts say that the document provides little in the way of forensic "proof" to confirm the government's attribution.
Plus, the alternative claim about the emails (leaked, not hacked) contradicts the US government story. Although this claim likewise needs to be substantiated, the lapdog media make no attempt. -- RF
Something About This Russia Story Stinks
Nearly a decade and a half after the Iraq-WMD faceplant, the American press is again asked to co-sign a dubious intelligence assessment

## Propaganda/censorship/fake news ##
Never let the facts get in the way of a good story about the bogeyman du jour. -- RF
Fake News, Mass Hysteria and Induced Insanity
A really good read. -- RF

Smart homes will be of little use when the internet is down and armed mobs have taken over the streets. -- RF
Most of our shrinking energy surplus is spent on new, flashy things (like smart homes), while basic infrastructure continues to crumble. There's simply not enough energy to fix what's broken AND make new things. -- RF

## UK ##

## US ##
Accounting Gimmicks Won't Stop The U.S.A. Titanic From Sinking
The U.S. Government has gone to great lengths in using accounting gimmicks to prop up the financial system and domestic economy.  One area where this is readily apparent is the disconnect between the rising U.S. debt versus the annual budget deficits.
Whether good or bad, having more laws just raises the degree of complexity, which is the enemy of civilizations. -- RF
Guns and Chipotle: Millennials are the most employed generation in two occupational areas: food services and military.
Pick your child up from school and you could be charged with trespassing. That's the threat against parents at Bear Branch Elementary School in Magnolia ISD. This is the school's tactic to keep parents who live close to the school from walking on school grounds.
A refutation that "most Americans" voted for Hillary Clinton. -- RF

## POTUS-elect ##
Which would have been just as scary — or likely even scarier — if HRC had become president. Where do HRC fans get the idea that Clinton would have been less dangerous? -- RF

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