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News Links, January 9, 2017

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
EU breakup 'is no longer unthinkable,' says German vice chancellor
Hideous Constellation of Threats and Challenges Facing Mexico
The Risk of Contagion of a full-blown Mexican crisis is far greater today than it was during the Tequila Crisis 22 years ago.
And remember, that mountain of new debt is primarily needed to compensate for net energy decline. Governments believe they face a money problem, and their attempted solutions are therefore money-related. Actually, the world is facing an energy problem, which is why money-related solutions aren't working. -- RF

Bitcoin is indeed worthless, but here's the real reason: Bitcoin's believers assume wrongly that we will always have electric power and a functioning internet, which we won't. When that day comes, bitcoin will disappear without even a puff of smoke. At least fiat currencies which have a physical presence will still be around. -- RF

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
US goes from bandleader to bystander in Syria peace efforts
Israel apology after plot against UK politicians
Al Jazeera reveals discussions of Israeli diplomat and UK civil servant to 'take down' anti-settlement politicians.

## Migrants/refugees ##
Czech Government Fears Muslim "Super-Holocaust", Urges Citizens To Shoot Them Yourselves

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Clashes Erupt as Protesters March Against China Port Deal (Sri Lanka)
US Report Still Lacks Proof on Russia 'Hack'
Despite mainstream media acceptance, the U.S. intelligence community's assessment on alleged Russian "hacking" still lacks hard public evidence, a case of "trust-us" by politicized spy agencies.
Wikileaks 83%, US intel officials 17%. Any more questions? -- RF
All that sanctimonious talk, all that playing the victim... -- RF
Duh! Popular Show "Breaking the Set" Listed as One of the Justifications for Russia Punishment
A show which was discontinued two years ago affected the election? Not much "intelligence" here! If high school students or first-year college students submit reports comprising page after page of glittering generalities and unsubstantiated drivel, they get an F. -- RF

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Your Shower Is Lame, Your Dishwasher Doesn't Work, and Your Clothes are Dirty
The argument here is that government regulations are to blame for this dysfunction of modern conveniences. In a direct way, that is true (and yes, I agree that there are too many government regulations), but there's an unrealistic belief that if we just get rid of these regulations, problems like these will disappear. In reality, the energy system and physical infrastructure that make these modern conveniences possible are rapidly deteriorating (for example, water mains are rupturing and gas lines are leaking, in addition to precipitous net energy decline). Enjoy your hot shower, dishwasher, and washing machine while you can. -- RF

## Japan ##
True British Values and the #NHScrisis
The total amount thrown at the banks by the taxpayer to enable their casino banking scams and cocaine fuelled lifestyles to continue, was £1.16 trillion, courtesy of Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling. By one of life's more meaningful coincidences, that is precisely ten times the annual budget of the NHS for the whole UK.
Obama has just expelled 35 Russian diplomats for precisely the same offence, with the exception that in the Russian case there is absolutely zero hard evidence, whereas in the Masot case there is irrefutable evidence on which to act.
This is a big deal because you have an enormous proportion of your adult population off the charts.  This convenient math has also allowed the unemployment rate to look lower than it probably should be.  After all, if you are simply dismissing millions from your overall calculation then things can look better.
Barnes & Noble Founder Riggio Fails to Prevent Its Collapse
U.S. Treasury Lets Private Pensions Slash Benefits for the First Time In History
Public pensions are falling apart around the country, but now the security of private pensions is being threatened as well.

## POTUS-elect ##
You have to be pretty simple-minded to be convinced by the government's extremely flimsy case. -- RF

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