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News Links, March 20, 2017

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
In my opinion, it's long past time we be brutally honest about the banks. Their influence and reach has metastasized to the point where we now live under a captive system. From our retirement accounts, to our homes, to the laws we live under -- the banks control it all. And they run the system for their benefit, not ours.

## Airline death spiral ##
While Trump talks tough, US quietly cutting nuclear force
The Air Force is quietly shrinking its deployed force of land-based nuclear missiles as part of a holdover Obama administration plan to comply with an arms control treaty with Russia.

## Migrants/refugees ##

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Protesters march in Paris against police violence

## Energy/resources ##
Peak foiled
This Grist writer claims that — unfortunately for the climate — peak oil is no problem. Apparently the writer is not aware that the oil industry is in deep trouble because what's flowing is not only oil, but also lots of red ink. It doesn't matter how much energy a given energy system produces. What matters is the net energy left over for self-replication and for powering socioeconomic systems after all energy costs have been paid. Infrastructure is crumbling, economies are in the toilet, and governments are racking up titanic piles of debt because the net energy delivered by the fossil-fuel energy system has already fallen below the level needed to sustain industrial society. -- RF
Here's how California ended up with too much solar power
Increasing amounts of wind and solar energy are being wasted or "curtailed," because no one can use it.
It sounds almost too good to be true, and in a sense, it is. Depths of more than 3,000-4,000 meters, which is where deepwater offshore oil and gas projects are located, present engineers with a unique challenge. The challenge comes in the form of finding materials and components strong enough to withstand the water pressure.

## Solutions ##
How Rich Is Your Knowledge Capital?

## Environment/health ##
Skyscrapers may trigger motion-sickness, sleepiness and depression  because they sway slightly in the wind, experts believe.
These sick Vietnam vets blame exposure to Agent Orange, but VA won't pay

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
The Trump/Obama 'Leak War'
"Leaks" can be whistleblowers exposing government wrongdoing, but many actually are government agencies manipulating the public or punishing enemies, as is playing out in today's Trump/Obama "leak war."
Intel Chair: "No Collusion Between Trump and Russia... Leak Is The Only Crime"

## Propaganda/censorship/fake news/alternative facts ##
Contrasting Tales of Two Besieged Cities
The U.S.-backed offensive to retake Iraq's Mosul from the Islamic State is inflicting hardships on civilians, but the Western media treats this humanitarian crisis differently than the recent one in Aleppo.
School children 'should be taught to recognise fake news' (UK)
CNN: President Trump "Has Spent His Whole Life Bullsh*tting"
With the "Russians are to blame" narrative fading - due to lack of any evidence - it appears CNN has turned back to ad hominem attack 'reporting' on the Trump administration.
Half a million dollars for what is essentially a driver's license. -- RF
A "deluxe" edition for $49,000! -- RF
Like Hillary Clinton's "reset" of US-Russia relations? -- RF

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