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News Links, April 17, 2017

The sheer volume of tourists are crowding out local residents from many of the city's most attractive districts while putting unbearable strain on public services and the city's private housing stock.

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
HHGregg laying off nearly 270 at corporate headquarters
Credit card payment disrupted
Three Japanese credit card companies are investigating why processing of payments came to a standstill for several hours on Saturday.
"Out Of Cash" - More Than 90% Of India ATMs Run Dry

## Airline death spiral ##
It is, by now, safe to say that the promise has been broken. The capstone was this week's brutal and bloody eviction of David Dao, a paying customer, for the sin of wanting to remain in the seat that he had paid for. But the airline has been on an inhumane trajectory for quite some time. That's why this week's catastrophe will not be fixed by increasing the eviction fees offered to customers, or by figuring out some other means of removing people from airplanes with less violence.
United changes policy, crew can't displace seated passengers
Russia, Iran and Syria issue warning to US
Russia, Syria and Iran strongly warned the United States Friday against launching new strikes on Syria and called for an international investigation of the chemical weapons attack there that killed nearly 90 people.
Russia Says Evidence Growing Syria Chemical Attack Was Staged
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said a chemical-weapons attack in Syria that provoked U.S. missile strikes on the Middle Eastern country may have been orchestrated.
Did Al Qaeda Fool the White House Again?
Despite evidence that Al Qaeda and its allies have staged fake chemical attacks in Syria before, Official Washington asserts with "high confidence" that it's not being fooled again.
Neocons Point Housebroken Trump at Iran
Now that the neocons have housebroken President Trump, they are ready for a resumption of their "regime change" agenda, with Iran next in their crosshairs.
Trump Uses Tiny Nation to Insult Russia
In another affront to Russia, President Trump has signed onto Montenegro's entrance into NATO, as the neocon/liberal-hawk strategy of encircling Russia resumes.

## Migrants/refugees ##
Boat with 199 migrants stopped in Turkish waters
Migrants are understandably trying to make their way to El Dorado, but there will be great disappointment — and violence — as the developed nations' economies continue to deteriorate, thereby denying the migrants their dreams. What looked like El Dorado will develop into something just as bad — or worse — than what migrants left behind. -- RF

## Energy/resources ##
Hydrogen fuel cell cars face obstacle: few fueling stations
It may be possible to protect the grid from an EMP or cyber attack, but the Pentagon can't protect the grid from financial collapse, which is by far the greatest danger. -- RF
India flirts with nuclear firms facing financial ruin
Two of the major nuclear firms, India is dealing with, have run into financial crisis. As India looks forward to increase its share of nuclear energy in total power generation, the wavering financial condition of the firms raises some serious questions.

## Got food? ##
The Great Japan Potato-Chip Crisis: Panic Buying, $12 Bags
If a potato chip shortage can cause such a panic, imagine what a real food shortage will do. And the reality of a potato shortage itself is something to be taken seriously. -- RF
This is the dictatorship-embracing reality of the U.S. Government that remains largely hidden from its population. That's why Donald Trump's CIA Director – of all people – can stand in a dictator-funded think tank in the middle of Washington, having just recovered from his jet lag in flying to pay homage to Saudi tyrants, and vilify WikiLeaks and "its ilk" of "making common cause with dictators" – all without the U.S. media taking note of the intense inanity of it.

What Russia-gate Has Wrought
For five months, there was a daily drumbeat on Russia-gate, the sprawling conspiracy theory that Russia had somehow put Donald Trump in the White House, but suddenly the "scandal" disappeared.
Trump Walks Into Syria Trap Via Fake 'Intelligence'
Ride out the collapse in style and luxury with pool tables and wine cellars. Just one nagging thought: What happens when occupants must inevitably emerge from their bunkers? -- RF
Hitler autobiography 'Mein Kampf' joins Imperial Rescript's return to classrooms
The government has decided to tolerate the use of Adolf Hitler's autobiography "Mein Kampf" ("My Struggle") as teaching material in schools.
This entrenched cycle of financial deprivation that the death of a loved one can cause, known as 'funeral poverty', has been steadily on the rise since the financial crisis and the onset of austerity.
Two thirds of prisons overcrowded prompting warnings UK penal system has reached 'toxic' levels

## US ##
Restaurants in Worst Tailspin since 2009/2010
This thermometer for discretionary spending is the first to react when consumers hit their limits.
As I've said, it doesn't matter who occupies the Oval Office. -- RF
The Dow Falls Another 138 Points As Geopolitical Shaking Forces Investors To Race For The Exits
Obama/Trump: Contrasting Deceivers
On the surface, Donald Trump and Barack Obama may seem like polar opposites but they are alike in one fundamental way: both promised to challenge a corrupt and brutal establishment but promptly caved in.

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