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News Links, June 26, 2017

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Jim Rickards Exclusive: Dollar May Become "Local Currency of the U.S." Only
Why The Next Recession Will Morph into a Decades Long Depressionary Event...Or Worse
However, I disagree that population is the fundamental driving force. Population is a function of available resources and energy (and government policy). Underlying the coming "decades-long depressionary event" is net energy decline, during which humanity will perforce adapt itself to progressively less energy, ultimately returning us to an 18th-century lifestyle. -- RF
9.5 Trillion Reasons Gold and Silver Are Looking More Lustrous Than Ever
Don't look now, but negative-yielding sovereign debt is climbing once again.
Contagion from the 2 Friday-Night Bank Collapses in Italy?
This is how desperate the Italian Banking Crisis has become.
Italy winds up Veneto banks at cost of up to 17 billion euros
Two Italian Banks Fail: Bail-In Rules Changed to Protect ECB and Political Class from Losses?
It's going to end 'extremely badly,' with stocks set to plummet 40% or more, warns Marc 'Dr. Doom' Faber
The Economy Is Suffocating, Major Adjustment Period Coming
Push on with the 'great unwinding', BIS tells central banks
"It'll Be An Avalanche": Hedge Fund CIO Sets The Day When The Next Crash Begins
You Know It's Bad When... Prices For Used Jets Are Cratering

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
RBS to cut 443 jobs in UK, move many of them to India

## War on cash/cashless society ##
Understanding The Cryptocurrency Boom — A ground-level assessment
"It's A Virtual Bloodbath" - Cryptocurrency Carnage Continues

## Airline death spiral ##
Etihad Wants You to Pay For Its Empty Seats
China's Airport Plan — a Pie in the Sky?
Over the next three years, local authorities in China are planning to build more than 900 airports for general aviation — the segment of the industry that includes crop dusting and tourism. The figure is nearly double the central government's goal of "more than 500" over the period.

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Qatar says demands made by four Arab states not 'realistic'
Turkey's Erdogan backs Qatar, says calls to shut base 'disrespectful'

## Energy/resources ##
IEA Official: Nuclear Must Remain In The Mix To Meet Global Carbon Goals
Considering the global nuclear catastrophe awaiting us when nuclear power plants and their spent fuel pools lose grid power — which will happen, one way or another — global warming seems the preferable fate. IEA officials are working from the untenable assumption that nuclear power plants will always have offsite power. -- RF

## Got food? ##
Dusty Fields Signal a Peak for the Global Wheat Glut
Dry, hot weather from the U.S. to Europe is taking its toll on crops, and the U.S. government is forecasting global output will fall for the first time in five seasons.
Kansas jury awards $218M to farmers in Syngenta GMO suit

## Environment/health ##
Bees, Butterflies and Wildlife: Research on Electromagnetic Fields and the Environment
Electromagnetic fields from powerlines, cell phones, cell towers and wireless impacts the birds, bees, wildlife and our environment.
It's the injection of fracking wastewater deep underground. -- RF
The author presents the case that the real threat to democracy is not coming from Russia, it is coming from our own political system and the forces which benefit from and which promote war and aggression. Former President Jimmy Carter has said the U.S. is an "oligarchy with unlimited political bribery."
Flimsy Evidence and Fringe Sources Land People on Secretive Banking Watchlist

## Propaganda/censorship/fake news/alternative facts ##
Policing 'Truth' to Restore 'Trust'
The U.S. mainstream media insists it just wants "truth" algorithms to purge "fake news" from the Internet, but the real goal seems to be restoring public "trust" by limiting what the people get to see.

## Japan ##
Japan's government bond market grinding to a halt
Yields on newly issued 10-year Japanese government bonds remained flat for seven straight sessions through Friday as the Bank of Japan continued its efforts to keep long-term interest rates around zero.
A disgusting postscript to the Philando Castile story. -- RF

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