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News Links, July 5, 2017

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Blowing bubbles: The new world economic order

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Are Alaskans alarmed and scared? No doubt. But they also now understand the North Korean fear of US nuclear missiles. That's why eliminating nuclear weapons from the world is essential. -- RF
The Latest: Russia, China offer plan to ease N.Korea tension
The Price of America's Endless Wars
Official Washington likes to think of its wars as "humanitarian," supposedly bringing "democracy" to faraway lands, but the wars really bring death, destruction and despair.
US nuclear inspection results now concealed
The Pentagon has thrown a cloak of secrecy over assessments of the safety and security of its nuclear weapons operations, a part of the military with a history of periodic inspection failures and lapses in morale.
Russia-China Tandem Shifts Global Power
Official Washington's arrogance in trying to push around Russia and China has pushed the two countries together, creating a dangerous new dynamic in international relations.
Playing Chicken with Nuclear Annihilation
Much of Official Washington wants to escalate the confrontation with nuclear-armed Russia, ignoring the terrifying reality that this game of chicken could end life on the planet.
Thieves are tapping into the gasoline pipelines of Mexico's state-owned oil and gas giant, Pemex, with such frequency and in such quantities, the business is losing nearly $2 billion a year, leaving some U.S. companies with second thoughts about entering Mexico's recently opened energy market.

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
NHS patient information illegally shared with Google DeepMind
Once your biometrics are stolen, it's Game Over because you can't change them. And if you refuse to lend someone your "passface," what's to keep them from pointing the phone at your face to unlock your phone? -- RF
Same here. You can't change your fingerprints like a password. -- RF
How Hillary Clinton's Goldman Sachs Speeches Cost Her the 2016 Election
Between April 2013 and March 2015, Hillary Clinton gave 91 paid speeches averaging $235,304.35 apiece, for a total of $21,648,000.
Pursuing Hard Truths in Syria (Scott Ritter)
A U.N. agency says it found sarin in victims of an April 4 attack in Syria, but lack of a plausible weapon and unreliability of pro-rebel witnesses make the pursuit of truth difficult.
Germany big target of cyber espionage and attacks: government report
Police seize servers of Ukrainian software firm after cyber attack
Even Powerful Senator Can't Get U.S. Intelligence Agencies to Tell Him Whether They're Spying On Him … Or Whether Spying Could Be Used to Blackmail Him

## Propaganda/censorship/fake news/alternative facts ##
Nikki Haley: Warmonger Extraordinaire!
It must now be a prerequisite of those who become an American ambassador to the UN to possess certain characteristics and traits, the most important of which are rabid warmonger, child killer, and outright liar.

Kniffen said he expects many more bankruptcies, including Sears as early as next month, and said more strategic mergers are likely.
Retail stands to lose $70 billion over 10 years if food stamp benefits are slashed, and here's who gets hit the most
A 4th of July Remembrance: Independence Arises from Self-Reliance
Individualism, it seems, means not the making of one's own way but the demanding of sacrifices by others to maintain one's own lifestyle.
More than 1,370 counties may only have one health insurer serving them
More than 1,370 counties now have only one insurer that will sell on the Affordable Care Act exchanges next year, while about 40 have none.

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