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News Links, August 2, 2017

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
EU Deposit Insurance, a Bank Crisis in Italy and Greece, and the Coming Ban on Cash

## War on cash/cashless society ##
Letters from India: How Bad Can the Crackdown on Cash and Tax Evasion Get? What's Next?

## Airline death spiral ##
Aviation bursting at seams in busiest-ever summer for airports and airlines (UK)
Thousands of travellers remain stranded after their weekend flights were cancelled, with easyJet alone grounding at least 28 flights.
Court dings FAA in 'case of incredible shrinking airline seat'

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
U.S., Japan, New Zealand begin joint anti-submarine drills
Now we're talking. There is no way to "win" this; it's a complete waste of lives and money. -- RF
Shielding Israel from Popular Outrage
A bipartisan bill in Congress seeks to criminalize boycotts of Israel with fines and imprisonment, as the so-called BDS movement passes its twelfth birthday.
Regional education authorities might want to seriously consider Chinese-language classes in their schools. -- RF
Trump Intel Chief: North Korea Learned From Libya War to "Never" Give Up Nukes
North Korea's 33-year-old dictator Kim Jong-un is not crazy, said Coats. In fact, he has "some rationale backing his actions" regarding the country's nuclear weapons. That rationale is the way the U.S. has demonstrated that North Korea must keep them to ensure "survival for his regime, survival for his country."
Indeed, the lesson is: If you don't want to be attacked by the US, get and keep WMD. -- RF
'Furious' US Complains of Russian 'Lockout' at Site
After months of imposing new sanctions against Russia, US diplomats reacted with shock and outrage after Russia imposed retaliatory sanctions against them over the weekend, calling the retaliation "uncalled for"
and threatening further retaliation to that.
Bloomberg earlier this year warned that oil drillers face US$70 billion in debt payments in 2017 on their sub-investment grade bonds. This load will only become heavier in the coming years, rising to US$110 billion in 2018 and almost US$160 billion in 2019. Oilfield service providers are in the same hole.
Germany says 'nein' to U.S. energy ambitions, survey shows
A survey for Germany energy company Wintershall found most respondents view U.S. sanctions on Russia as a way to move into the European energy market.
Extremely bad idea. When the power goes out — which it will — the robots will be rusting junk in the way, and there won't be nearly enough people with agricultural skills to help. -- RF
In view of the planet's serious human overpopulation problem, we ought to be thanking them. -- RF
Climeworks reckons it now costs about $600 to extract a tonne of carbon dioxide from the air and the plant's full capacity due by the end of 2017 is only 900 tonnes a year. That's equivalent to the annual emissions of only 45 Americans.

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
WikiLeaks issues leaked Macron campaign emails to its site
It's the Biggest Scandal in Tech (and no one's talking about it)
This scandal concerns the fact that 60% of advertising "clicks" are in fact NOT coming from humans; they are generated bots or automated algorithms that don't buy anything. EVER.
One can easily imagine that a person with evil intentions and determination would chop off your hand to get your "password." -- RF
Israeli spyware found on Google Play
Security researchers at Google have discovered a highly sophisticated spyware specialised in stealing users' data that appears to have been developed by an Israeli company.

## Propaganda/censorship/fake news/alternative facts ##
CNN Crashes And Burns With 'Exclusive' Report On Russia Arming The Taliban

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
The U.S. Is the Sick Man of the Developed World
The clear message is that the U.S. -- the richest nation on Earth, as is frequently proclaimed, although it's actually not the richest per capita -- is increasingly becoming the developed world's poor relation as far as the actual living standards of most of its population go.

## Japan ##
How to Clean Up Hundreds of Tons of Melted Nuclear Fuel
The cleanup process that may last 40 years and cost 8 trillion yen ($72 billion) will require technology not yet invented.
In 40 years it's certain that TEPCO and the other utilities will no longer exist (they will probably disappear within 10 years), and highly likely that the current Japanese government won't, either. And they will run out of money. Cleanup and decommissioning will of course never be finished. -- RF

Environment group Greenpeace said the solar curtailment rate across China rose 50 percent in 2015 and 2016, with more than 30 percent of available power in northwestern province Gansu and Xinjiang failing to reach the grid.
It's part of the worldwide mad scramble to lock down fossil-fuel resources. Everyone knows that if you want to make "industrial-strength" war, you need fossil fuels. -- RF

## UK ##
Have we reached 'peak London' as millennials leave in record numbers?

## US ##
Uber, Lyft Mangle Rental Cars & Taxis. Other Sectors Next
A deal it will come to regret. -- RF
The real reason so many millennials still live with their parents
Recently, a U.S. Census report confirmed something many millennials like me know all too well: As of 2015, one-third of 18- to 34-year-olds still lived at home—beating out all other living arrangements, including cohabitating with a partner or living alone, for the first time.

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