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News Links, November 22, 2017

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
The stage has been set for the next global financial crisis
The Approaching Silicon Valley Meltdown

## Airline death spiral ##
British Airways passengers to board in order of their ticket price
From next month, those who pay the lowest fares will have to wait at the departure gate and board after everyone else.
TSA PreCheck members fume as their lines get longer
Increasingly, travelers such as him who paid for their membership and submitted to a background check are finding that the fast lanes are actually slower than the non-PreCheck lines. And they're wondering why they even bothered.
Airbus Looking Forward to a Pilotless Future

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
At least 55 percent of Indians also back a governing system "in which a strong leader can make decisions without interference from parliament or the courts," the survey added, noting that support for autocratic rule is higher in India than in any other nation surveyed.
Be careful what you wish for. -- RF
Varela said on Monday that he hoped his trip would not only underline Panama's support for Beijing's "one-China" policy, but also signal that Panama welcomed China's growing presence in the United States' backyard.
Solar Companies Are Scrambling to Find a Critical Raw Material
Prices of polysilicon, the main component of photovoltaic cells, spiked as much as 35 percent in the past four months after environmental regulators in China shut down several factories.

## Solutions ##
Want Widespread Prosperity? Radically Lower Costs
As long as this is business as usual, it's impossible to slash costs and boost widespread prosperity.
Industrial Strength: How the U.S. Government Hid Fracking's Risks to Drinking Water
A pivotal EPA study provided the rationale for exemptions that helped unleash the fracking boom. The science was suppressed to protect industry interests.
TransCanada sends more crews to Keystone pipeline leak
Everything's gonna be all right. -- RF
Scientists call for cell phone tests to 'get real', claiming simulated results grossly misleading
Lab experiments cloud reality: Three scientists observe the truth using real-life mobile phone radiation exposures.
As Oceans Warm, the World's Kelp Forests Begin to Disappear
Kelp forests — luxuriant coastal ecosystems that are home to a wide variety of marine biodiversity — are being wiped out from Tasmania to California, replaced by sea urchin barrens that are nearly devoid of life.
Special Counsel Mueller Now Probing Kushner's Contacts With Israeli Officials During Transition, WSJ
Germany bans children's smartwatches over privacy concerns
Its telecommunications regulator called them 'unauthorized transmitting systems.'
"Session replay scripts" can be used to log (and then playback) everything you typed or clicked on a website.
The Lost Journalistic Standards of Russia-gate
The Russia-gate hysteria has witnessed a widespread collapse of journalistic standards as major U.S. news outlets ignore rules about how to treat evidence in dispute.
Google plans to censor Russian government-funded news sites, exec says
The Executive Chairman of Alphabet, the parent company of Google, said the search engine giant will make news articles from Russian-funded news sites difficult to find on its platform.
Sooner or later the US will have a Great Firewall just like that of China. -- RF
Using corporate algorithms to determine the "truth" is a problem, not a solution. -- RF

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Our National Madness
The efforts of those in positions of power are now focused on obscuring the truth, marginalizing critics, blaming malevolent external forces, cloaking self-interest with virtue signaling and staking claims to victimhood. These are the five dynamics that are powering the nation's descent into madness and dysfunction.
Denying the Imperium of Death
The tens of thousands of American deaths from drug overdoses are a measure of the hopeless desperation left behind by the soul-starving socio-economic system of late-stage capitalism.
America's dark future: Deaths from booze, drugs, suicide could spike 60 percent to 1.6 million over next decade

## Japan ##
Russia reviews LNG options with Japan
Demand for LNG in the Japanese market may be limited, however. With its weak economy, Japan's consumption of electricity has declined for five straight years. In an update on the pace of the global economy, the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development said Japan was one of the countries whose growth was slowing down the global average.

## China ##
Scientists question the value and environmental impact of the expensive project, which is of special interest to the Chinese president
China Faces an Uphill Renewable Energy Curtailment Challenge
The world's largest energy market is shedding more than 1 in 10 kilowatts, and it wants to stop.
As far as propping up industrial society, such tweaks are exercises in futility. It would make more sense to dump the grounds on farmland. -- RF
UK water firms admit using divining rods to find leaks and pipes
Calls for regulator to stop companies passing cost of using discredited medieval practice on to customers
'We don't treat animals like this': Watchdog reveals shocking conditions of UK's child prisons
Report shows staff shortages mean many young offenders locked in cells for 23 hours a day, with some prevented from  showering daily
"Adjusted" earnings are the great American fiction conceived to serve the great American passion: inflating share prices by hook or crook.
A human population decline is one of the best things that could happen to any country. -- RF
Doctors are burning out, teachers are burning out, everybody's burning out. -- RF
US involvement in Saudi Arabia's crimes against Yemen is a national disgrace. That the mainstream media fails to accurately cover this genocide is shameful.

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