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News Links, November 29, 2017

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
114 Italian Banks (Roughly 23%) Have NPLs Exceeding Tangible Assets
What is absolutely certain is that global wealth will be totally decimated in the next 4-8 years. It doesn't matter if you are very rich or "just own a house" with some equity left. Most of it will come down in value by 75-95% in the next few years as the debt and asset bubbles implode. But what very few people realise or plan for, is the confiscation of wealth that will take place in coming years.
About 97 percent of India's 1.3 billion people have never been on an airplane, according to low-cost airline SpiceJet Ltd., indicating the potential for growth in traffic.
Rohingya backlash pushes Suu Kyi into Beijing's arms
Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi will travel to China to discuss the Rohingya refugee crisis amid growing international criticism, signaling to the West that Naypyitaw is tilting toward Beijing in favor of its hands-off approach.
In 2016, Bill Gates remarked that "the next epidemic could originate on the computer screen of a terrorist intent on using genetic engineering to create a synthetic version of the smallpox virus".
It could just as well originate on the computer screen of a government with an agenda. Plenty of those around. Or it could originate on the computer screen of a private person with deep pockets and an ideology to justify mass murder. We should be surprised if it doesn't happen. -- RF

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Growing Protests Shut Down Karachi, Hit Other Major Cities

## Energy/resources ##
Venezuela Could Lose A Lot More Oil Production
Here again, people have to do the work that nature did for us when it created real coal. In figuring the energy yield of this manufactured fuel, we have to subtract the energy used in making it. The article makes no mention of this technology's energy balance, which would help determine the difference. -- RF
U.S. has successfuly decommissioned 10 nuclear plants
As of 2017, 10 U.S. nuclear power plants have been successfully decommissioned, and another 20 U.S. nuclear reactors are currently in different stages of the decommissioning process, says the Energy Information Administration.
Revealing article about the usefulness of LTO (i.e., shale oil). -- RF

Generation Waste: Why are millennials throwing away so much food?

## Environment/health ##
Why this deer disease could change the way Americans hunt forever
EU settles dispute over major weedkiller glyphosate
EU countries have voted to renew the licence of glyphosate, a widely used weedkiller at the centre of environmental concerns.
The EU (with Help from Germany) just Made Monsanto's Day
One of Germany's largest companies is trying to buy Monsanto, which changes everything.
Bird flu scare latest to rattle South Korea's Winter Olympics
Local governments in South Korea have called on operators of farms close to venues that are to be used in February's Winter Olympic Games to slaughter around 6,000 ducks and chickens after avian influenza was discovered on a duck farm in North Jeolla Province.
Russia Taking Action to Address Nuclear Waste Hazards in Far North
Confronting one of the most hazardous environmental legacies of the Soviet era, Russian authorities are taking steps to clean up a decades-old problem posed by nuclear waste in Arctic areas.

## Propaganda/censorship/fake news/alternative facts ##
CNN vs Trump: Point, Counterpoint
On Saturday Trump blasted CNN in a Tweet. CNN responded. It's all rather amusing.

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Mexico promised affordable housing for all. Instead it created many rapidly decaying slums
Homeowners toting buckets scrounge for water delivered by trucks. Gutters run with raw sewage from burst pipes. Streets sink, sidewalks crumble, and broken-down water treatment plants rust. In some developments, blackouts hit for days at a time.

Imagine the influx of boat people to Japan if North Korea collapses. -- RF
"Scholarships" Are Driving Students into Debt
Too many humans. -- RF
China's Bike-Share Startup Frenzy Turns into Money-Suck
Fresh startups with millions of dollars in funding run out of cash and collapse.

## UK ##
Scottish councils 'showing signs of serious financial stress'
Several councils are two to three years from draining all their savings to fund services after series of funding cuts, says watchdog

Expect more xenophobic diatribes going forward. -- RF

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