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News Links, December 29, 2017

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Tax-free no more: Saudi Arabia, UAE to roll out VAT in 2018
World's Wealthiest Became $1 Trillion Richer in 2017
The richest people on earth became $1 trillion richer in 2017, more than four times last year's gain, as stock markets shrugged off economic, social and political divisions to reach record highs.
Struggling shipbuilders drag down South Korea's Kospi

I'm in Awe of How Far the Scams & Stupidities around "Blockchain Stocks" are Going
UBI Blockchain Internet, a Hong Kong outfit whose shares trade in the US [UBIA], filed with the SEC to sell an additional 72.3 million shares owned by its executives. In other words, it isn't selling the shares to raise money for corporate purposes, but to allow its executives, including CEO Tony Liu, to bail out.

Japan aiming to counter expected pilot shortages around 2030

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Russia establishing permanent presence at two Syrian bases
Reverberations from Trump's Jerusalem Move
One ironic benefit from Donald Trump's presidency is that the world is showing more independence against U.S. edicts, such as the recent rebuff of Trump's decision to move the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.
'Elite Warriors': A refreshingly Eastern perspective on special forces
A new book authored by experts from the Moscow-based Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, or CAST, titled "Elite Warriors: Special Operations Forces From Around the World," explores one of these key changing aspects of modern war: the proliferation of special operations forces by major and minor powers across the globe.
It looks like the India-China rivalry is spreading to another front
Nepal has long been a buffer state between India and China, but with a new communist government at the helm, the Himalayan nation may now lean more toward Beijing.

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Venezuelans protest over pork shortage, Maduro blames Portugal

## Energy/resources ##
It's an obvious truth to those who, like the writer, understand that money is just tokenized energy. And further, this illustrates what I've been saying all along: The shale-drilling industry isn't a matter of "new technology unlocking new energy sources" (for the record, hydrofracturing isn't a new technology, and shale resources aren't newly discovered). Drillers are going after this now because the situation is desperate.  Recall that conventional oil discoveries are the lowest in 70 years. -- RF
If people are outraged over this, imagine what happens when the grid goes down. -- RF

## Got food? ##
Inspector general report: FDA food recalls dangerously slow, procedures deeply flawed
The federal recall process for about 80% of the nation's food is so slow it can take up to 10 months to get unsafe products off all store shelves — even when people are getting sick, says a report released Tuesday by the Department of Health and Human Services'  inspector general office. 

## Environment/health ##
Human influence has reduced chances of record-breaking cold in China
Caribbean Coral Reefs Damaged By Hurricanes 'Natural Experiment' Of Recovering From Disaster
While the greatest threat to coral reefs worldwide is from warming waters and ocean acidification, the marine communities are also vulnerable to other disasters that are generally thought to wreak havoc on land only, such as hurricanes.

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
The Anatomy Of Hillary Clinton's $84 Million Money-Laundering Scheme
Most-admired woman! -- RF
Supply chain cyberattacks on the increase

## Propaganda/censorship/fake news/alternative facts ##
Propaganda Aiming to Prove Iran Supplied Missiles Backfires (Scott Ritter)

## China ##
Panda diplomacy grows with China's ambitions
Public needs to look beyond the furry animal's cuteness and see what's really at play, experts say
Government admits 'losing' thousands of papers from National Archives
Documents on the Falklands, Northern Ireland's Troubles, and the infamous Zinoviev letter among those 'misplaced', leaving historians suspicious
John McDonnell warns over 'alarming increase' in UK household debt

## US ##
Americans View Government as Nation's Top Problem in 2017 (Gallup)
Americans named dissatisfaction with government as the most important problem facing the nation in 2017, the third time in the past four years that government has been at the top of the list.
Brutal US cold snap highlights higher energy costs
Plunging temperatures across half the country on Thursday underscored a stark reality for low-income Americans who rely on heating aid: Their dollars aren't going to go as far this winter because of rising energy costs.

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