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News Links, January 24, 2018

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Nearly one billion Asians in vulnerable jobs, says ILO
High growth, low unemployment mask precarious work conditions for many
Barcelona Rental Market Is Out of Control
Rents up 50% since 2013, wages go nowhere, a third of residents earn less than €1,000/month.

## Cut, baby, cut! ##

## War on cash/cashless society ##
An automated store could end up being bad for your wallet: "When you don't see the money leave your wallet and aren't even asked to swipe, it makes it too easy to spend."

## Airline death spiral ##
Cathay Pacific falls 11 places in safety rankings, hits out at 'unreliable' evaluator

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
America Quietly Starts Nation-Building in Parts of Syria
A Coming Russia-Ukraine War?
A new draft law adopted by the Ukrainian Parliament and awaiting Petro Poroshenko's signature threatens to escalate the Ukrainian conflict into a full-blown war, pitting nuclear-armed Russia against the United States and NATO.

## Energy/resources ##
Philadelphia Energy Solutions to file for bankruptcy - memo
Not touched upon in the article are the implications for PV power. Further, there are times when the wind doesn't blow very much in many European countries. -- RF

## Got food? ##
East Asia's baby eel catch plunges to record low
Prices soar as farms unable to replenish stocks

## Environment/health ##
All that smartphone time may be making teens unhappy
Teens who are glued to their smartphones and other devices are unhappier than those who spend less time on digital media, new research finds.

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Facebook to open digital training hubs in Europe
As with any cashless system, no doubt everything is databased. Who bought what, when, where, and how much they paid for it. There's more of a price to be paid than indicated by price tags. -- RF
Foxes in Charge of Intelligence Hen House
Recent revelations of "inadvertent" deletions of electronic data at the FBI and NSA relating to alleged felonies are being described as a "foul-up," but the intelligence agencies' track record suggests a possibly more nefarious explanation.
Who would imagine, for example, that a former president, an aspiring president and a highly educated only child would work together, purposefully gaming controls at supposed "charities," produce false and misleading public filings, and do so for more than two decades using a bevy of outside professional advisers and world-renowned directors?
All "solutions" proposed by world government officials are vehicles for abuse by the state -- a way to suppress anything that doesn't align with the party in power's narrative.
British govt cracks down on 'fake news'

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
The Fall of the American Empire
Hamstrung by US-friendly deals, domestic sector risks losing technological edge
"Hydrogen city" to be built in central China
Keep in mind that hydrogen isn't an energy source, so building a "hydrogen city" is essentially the same as building a "battery city." -- RF

Too many humans driving too many cars. -- RF
What eventually will happen to "compulsory education"? Will students go sit in classrooms without teachers and textbooks? -- RF
That's right: Shoddy satellite photos and workers at call centers in India - thousands of miles away from the homes they're evaluating - are making up prices for homes that are then used to value collateral used in bond offerings.

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