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News Links, March 23, 2018

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
'Global Synchronous Recovery' Narrative Crushed As US, EU PMIs Plunge
Russia Is Hoarding Gold At The Fastest Pace In 12 Years
Was Carillion's Collapse the Beginning of the End for UK's Outsourcing Sector?
Two large British outsourcers are also on the verge of collapse, and the vultures are circling.

## War on cash/cashless society ##
Expedia's Orbitz says 880,000 payment cards hit in breach
NSA Has Been Tracking Bitcoin Users Since 2013, New Snowden Documents Reveal
Mark my word: Governments will either control cryptocurrencies or outlaw them. -- RF
Teenager cracks 'unhackable' crypto trading device
Crypto-currency hardware wallets are encrypted, private and supposedly completely secure which is why they sit at the heart of the booming Bitcoin trading market. And a 15-year-old has just hacked one.
Britain unveils new fintech plans, including cryptocurrencies
How a Few Files Could Endanger All of Bitcoin
Study suggests child porn-related content in blockchain could make it illegal to possess

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Grab the oil! U.S. Bases On Syrian Oilfields Receive New Equipment
US Smooths Israel's Path to Annexing West Bank
War Is On The Horizon (Paul Craig Roberts)
African countries still open to cooperation on China-funded projects, ambassador says
African countries remain open to cooperation with China on the development of infrastructure projects under the "Belt and Road Initiative", a senior Chinese official said, despite concerns in some Western countries about Beijing's growing influence on the continent.

There's a New Cold War Brewing in Space
Trump's "Space Force" has support in Congress as China and Russia try to catch up, but the Air Force says it has the planet covered.
China throws sinking Brunei a lifeline
Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah looks to Beijing for succor as his nation's oil and gas reserves run dry
China provides tracking system for Pakistan's missile programme
Tracking system could allow Islamabad to speed up development of missile that can target multiple cities or military sites

## Migrants/refugees ##
Small city of Los Alamitos votes to opt out of California's sanctuary law, and its mayor says more will follow

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Thousands in Rio demand answers about murder of councilwoman
Much of the blame rests on world leaders who have promoted population growth. -- RF
Wind and solar can become dispatchable within three years
Hot-rock thermal storage technology will soon enable wind and solar farms to pump out energy 24 hours a day — and at a surprisingly low cost.

## Got food? ##
Regenerative Agriculture — The Next Big Thing

## Solutions ##
Solutions Only Arise Outside the Status Quo
Solutions are only possible outside these ossified, self-serving centralized hierarchies.

## Environment/health ##
'Catastrophe' as France's bird population collapses due to pesticides
Dozens of species have seen their numbers decline, in some cases by two-thirds, because insects they feed on have disappeared
Judge says groups can sue to keep Arctic, Atlantic drill ban
Benzene, vinyl chloride, butadiene and other known human carcinogens were among the dozens of tons of industrial toxins released into surrounding neighborhoods and waterways following Harvey's torrential rains.
Israeli firm says it can turn garbage into bio-based plastic
But any business or system that feeds off the detritus of industrial society has no future. -- RF
Norway plans to buy electric planes, mimicking green car success
You be the judge. -- RF

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Cambridge Analytica CEO claims influence on U.S. election, Facebook questioned
The suspended chief executive of Cambridge Analytica said in a secretly recorded video broadcast on Tuesday that his UK-based political consultancy's online campaign played a decisive role in U.S. President Donald Trump's 2016 election victory.

## Propaganda/censorship/fake news/alternative facts ##
Tech giants express concern over Singapore plan to fight fake news

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Evolutionary Dead-Ends
Speeding down a dead end road
Since the birth of car culture more than a century ago, lavish consumption of energy has not been a bug but a feature. That's now a feature we can ill afford, as we attempt the difficult and urgent task of transition to renewable energies.
At all its schools, the district is also "requiring students and staff to wear identification badges while on campus" and "locking classroom doors at all times."
Abe's party set to pursue changes to war-renouncing charter
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's party is poised to propose constitutional revisions that would enshrine the nation's armed forces into the charter but retain its war-renouncing pledge, a product of compromise focused on not alienating a skeptical public.

## China ##
It's easy to blame rich property developers and government housing policy, while at the same time ignoring the biggest problem: the growth paradigm. There are simply too many people. Even if developers build a slew of new housing on the land they hold, thanks to the growth paradigm that new housing will fill up in no time, and Hong Kong will be right back where it started from. The proposed solutions are all non-starters as long as the fundamental problems of perpetual growth and overpopulation are left unaddressed. -- RF

## UK ##
Councils face 'decades more austerity' as social care set to account for half of town hall revenues
Councils could also be forced to squeeze budgets on other public services such as housing, bin collections and roads, IFS says
A quarter of British adults have no savings, study reveals
UK govt asked Cambridge Analytica Trump team for advice on "data in foreign policy"
SCL Elections briefed Foreign Office officials in 2017 on how use of data for US presidential elections could be applied for UK diplomatic and foreign policy interests
Outsourcing companies such as Interserve and Capita have been under heightened scrutiny since Carillion entered liquidation on 15 January with just £29m cash in the bank, putting 43,000 jobs at risk.
Britain's anti-Russia propaganda campaign is jumping the shark. -- RF
Dot Plot Fantasyland Projections
The Economic projections made at today's FOMC meeting are straight from Fantasyland.
American Public Troubled by 'Deep State'
Although most Americans are unfamiliar with the term 'Deep State,' according to recent polling they are nevertheless skeptical of unelected government and military officials who secretly manipulate or direct national policy.
No Government Shutdown, Just More Favors Spread Around
A government shutdown will be averted once again. The cost is a bunch of goodies spread around to buy enough votes.

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