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News Links, March 26, 2018

## War on cash/cashless society ##
Coincheck hackers inch closer to cash-out
Most stolen NEM coins seen laundered through 'dark web'

## Airline death spiral ##
Tigerair to cram extra seats onto planes
How climate change is altering air travel
Rising tides, icy air, melting permafrost and air that is too hot for take-off are challenging aviation as the world warms

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Record number of US Marines to train in Australia in symbolic challenge to China
Vietnam 'scraps South China Sea oil drilling project under pressure from Beijing'
Vietnam's state oil firm PetroVietnam has ordered Spanish energy firm Repsol to suspend its "Red Emperor" project off the country's southeastern coast following pressure from China, the BBC reported on Friday.
Saudi Prince's Nuclear Bomb Comment May Scuttle Reactor Deal
Turkey's president calls anti-war students "terrorists"
Turkey's president on Saturday criticized anti-war students at a top university, calling them "terrorists" and promising to oust them from their studies.

Welcome to the Age of Climate Migration (US)
Extreme weather due to climate change displaced more than a million people from their homes last year. It could soon reshape the nation

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Protest outside Sacramento Kings arena after Stephon Clark shooting delays NBA game

## Energy/resources ##
Even though oil companies are more profitable currently, it was achieved by destroying future production.
This makes it sound as though the US has reliable gas supplies from shale. -- RF
Posco looks for charge from electric vehicle batteries
Steelmaker goes abroad to secure supplies of lithium and cobalt
The Hydrogen-Powered Car's Big Setback
A two-year trial to offer cars that consume Earth's most common element and emit only water will end over high costs.
Fresh food shortage while motorists face wait on fuel
Fresh food stocks are unlikely to make it to Irish supermarkets until the weekend at the earliest - with delivery drivers not taking to the road until the red weather alert is downgraded.
When trucks stop running, everything shuts down. Are you ready? -- RF

## Environment/health ##
EU in 'state of denial' over destructive impact of farming on wildlife
EU's subsidy system, that benefits big farming rather than sustainability, needs to change to prevent ongoing collapse in birds and insect numbers, warn green groups
Study Says West Texas Ground Sinks Under Permian Oil Drilling
Intensive oil and gas drilling in the Permian is causing a large swath of West Texas to sink and uplift, a new study by the Southern Methodist University, Dallas, says, suggesting that decades of oil production have destabilized localities in an area of about 4,000 square miles.
'Great Pacific garbage patch' sprawling with far more debris than thought
The patch of detritus is more than twice the size of France and is up to 16 times larger than previously estimated

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
China = 'Big Brother' for its surveillance tech. But US uses it too
Americans have been living in the brave new world of facial recognition technology in law enforcement for years
Was Destructive 'Slingshot' Malware Deployed by the Pentagon?
Cybersleuths think they've uncovered a military spyware attack, with troubling implications.
#DeleteFacebook? Privacy proves hard to protect online
Anyone tempted to #DeleteFacebook after the personal data of millions of users fell into the hands of a political consultancy is still likely to be monitored by the social network, which tracks nearly 30 percent of global website traffic.

## Propaganda/censorship/fake news/alternative facts ##
How Beijing weaponizes 'comfort women' as propaganda tool
'Comfort women' are not just a relic of Japan's aggressive imperial history. They are today a key tool in Beijing's disinformation strategy to isolate Japan and the USA in East Asia

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##

## China ##
Night light images paint accurate picture of China GDP
Satellite data reveals where growth estimates are most inflated

## UK ##
Death of the British high street? Store closures and job cuts paint grim picture for 2018
Nearly 20 percent of Scots living in poverty, gov't figures show
More than 1 million people in Scotland are living in poverty as austerity measures and income rates have declined, according to government figures.
There is no denial here that they have the agent. All things considered, Britain should still be considered a prime suspect. -- RF

The experts are "puzzled" because they don't understand that it takes a lot of energy to run a large industrial society like that of the US. Under net energy decline, someone must take a hit, and here it's homebuilders. -- RF
Partisan hack Trump supporters are worthless. Partisan hack Democrats are equally worthless. Only those who have awakened from the relentless barrage of mass media psyops and seen beyond the fake uniparty trap can see what's going on. It's up to us to awaken everyone else.
It's just as I've said again and again: America has a China-style one-party system. -- RF

And finally...
Too many humans! -- RF

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