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News Links, July 9, 2018

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##

## Airline death spiral ##
Passengers say worst flight problem is airlines' lack of communications
Airline passengers don't know how long a tarmac delay might be, why they've been bumped from a flight, why their flight has been cancelled, what compensation they are owed and or even who to complain to.
Global air passenger demand jumped 6.1pc in May, as capacity rose 5.9pc, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA). But it said that rising airline costs are reducing the stimulus for lower airfares. Jet fuel prices are likely to rise 26pc this year.
US Navy destroyers make a rare passage through the Taiwan Strait
South Syrian rebels agree surrender deal, Assad takes crossing
South Syrian rebels agreed to give up arms in a Russian-brokered ceasefire deal on Friday, rebel sources said, surrendering Deraa province to the government in another major victory for President Bashar al-Assad and his Russian allies.
World powers back Iran oil exports
Iran's remaining partners in the 2015 nuclear deal yesterday vowed to keep the energy exporter plugged into the global economy despite the US withdrawal and sanctions threat.

## Migrants/refugees ##
US Army begins quietly discharging immigrant recruits on path to citizenship
A Century of U.S. Intervention Created the Immigration Crisis

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
The 1,600 Olive Trees Holding Up a $5.2 Billion Pipeline
What was once a lonely fight over local farms has become a populist protest against globalization.
'Occupy' ICE protesters shift to Philadelphia city hall after raid

## Energy/resources ##
Bernstein: Oil May Jump Past $150 On Chronic Underinvestment
A supply shortfall is lurking should major oil companies continue to underinvest in exploring for new oil reserves, and this "chronic underinvestment" is setting the stage for the next super-cycle that could see oil prices soar to $150 a barrel or more, analysts at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co said on Friday.
It all sounds exciting and good but there are problems.
Grid operator warns wind will not fill Sweden's nuclear gap in winter
Sweden will have to import more electricity during winter as the country, a net power exporter to the rest of Europe, shifts from nuclear to wind, its grid operator said.
Current estimates suggest the nation will have to feed nearly 400 million more people by 2050 – a significant undertaking given that it already struggles with widespread malnutrition and lack of water.
New Law Could Remove GMO Labeling From Thousands of Foods
An analysis of newly proposed rule changes reveals that thousands of genetically engineered foods may be exempt from upcoming labeling requirements.
Del Monte Vegetables Linked to Outbreak That Has Sickened More Than 200, Officials Say
Over 200 people have been infected by an intestinal parasite called cyclosporiasis according to the CDC.

Take note: Elites already accept that collapse is inevitable. -- RF
The "Sarin" organophosphate use the 'rebels' claimed is thereby debunked. No degradation products of such chemicals were found. The "various chlorinated organic chemicals" are unsurprising. Chlorine is widely used for water purification and cleaning and "chlorinated organic chemicals" will be found in any household.

## Propaganda/censorship/fake news/alternative facts ##
Too many tourists is a refrain heard around the world. -- RF

## UK ##
Suspect No. 1 is the UK government. -- RF
UK's productivity problem rears its head in early 2018
No Trump, No Clinton, No NATO
The idea that those of us who do not want arch warmonger Clinton in power are therefore supporters of Trump is intellectually risible and politically dishonest.

## US ##

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