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News Links, January 9, 2019

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
2019 Considered...Macro Population Cycle & Business Cycle Turning Down Together?
China, Russia and EU edge away from petrodollar
Rise of US unilateralism raises concern about relying on greenback for oil trade
2019: Fragmented, Unevenly Distributed, Asymmetric, Opaque
Add up Fragmented, Unevenly Distributed, Asymmetric and Opaque and you get a world spinning out of centralized control. No wonder The Powers That Be are trying so hard not to reveal their growing sense of desperation.
Germany Heads for a Technical Recession
This economic slowdown is not unique to Germany but has been spreading across the EU.
Hypersonic Weapons Pose "Significant Challenge To World Peace": Expert

## Migrants/refugees ##
Guatemalan farms shift to palm oil, fueling family migration
In the poor, hot region of Guatemala that was home to a seven-year-old migrant girl before she died in U.S. border custody last month, palm oil cultivation is taking over from subsistence farming, adding to pressure on people to leave.

## Energy/resources ##
So far, much more money has been poured into shale oil production than it has returned from the sales of shale oil. "Energy dominance" seems to be just an elaborate way to lose money and resources.
Before the Electric Car Takes Over, Someone Needs to Reinvent the Battery
Solid-state technology promises to be cheaper and charge faster than anything on the road today. But no one is close to figuring it out.

There are still headwinds to keep in mind. For example, fossil fuel-based agriculture (the "green revolution") does not have a long future. Machines and artificial fertilizers won't be available in the future as they are now. So even with such crop plants, the US Midwest won't be feeding an extra 200 million more people. And one thing about the population: A distinguished Princeton lecturer is quoted as saying, "The population alone is almost inevitably going up to 10 billion." I absolutely guarantee you that the population will not reach 10 billion. -- RF

Monarch butterfly numbers plummet 86 percent in California

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Some of this is eerily reminiscent of China's social credit scores. -- RF
Trump administration downgrades EU mission to US
The Trump administration has downgraded the diplomatic status of the European Union's delegation to the United States, an EU official has confirmed to DW. The demotion happened at the end of last year without notice.
What's the problem here? Current US sanctions are unilateral and not approved by the UN, so it is none of America's business whether the Chinese or Europeans or any others choose to trade with Iran. -- RF

## Propaganda/censorship/fake news/alternative facts ##
Why is Netflix enabling the Saudi crackdown on press freedom?

## UK ##
Carmageddon in the UK: Auto Sales Plunge 12% in 2 Years, Diesels in Death Spiral. Consumers, Businesses, Fleets Cut Back
Reports: 2 British soldiers wounded in ISIS attack in Syria
Inside the City That Spies on You
At a London CCTV center, operatives monitor thousands of citizens every day. But does the public realize how surveilled they are? And do they care?
After 29 hours of work... Embrace the suck, peons. -- RF
Because no convincing evidence has ever been presented to show that the Russians had anything to do with this, my guess is that the government's purpose is to destroy any physical evidence of its own bungled assassination attempt, or to put on the appearance of "protecting" the public. Also, demolition of the house suggests that the Skripals are not "coming home." Why are they still being held incommunicado, and what is the UK government hiding? -- RF

Debt, dope and casinos: Chicago is circling the drain
While the federal government is slowly careening toward permanent, fiscal disaster, many state governments (which don't have the power of the printing press) are already staring into the abyss…

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