Wednesday, June 24, 2020


News Links, June 25, 2020

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
IMF slashes its forecasts for the global economy and warns of soaring debt levels
World Bank Chief Economist Says Emerging-Market Troubles Top Those of Rich Nations
Canada Loses Its AAA Rating
The decline of the U.S. dollar could happen at 'warp speed' in the era of coronavirus, warns prominent economist

## War on cash/cashless society/cryptocurrencies ##
New Zealand makes its biggest ever asset seizure over alleged vast bitcoin crime ring

## Airline death spiral ##
Lufthansa draws up 'Plan B' to avoid insolvency - source

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Trump aides begin discussions on Israel's West Bank annexation plan: sources
Israel's Netanyahu struggles to sell annexation plans
India tells Pakistan to cut embassy staff by half, says will do same
US, Russia End Nuclear Talks, Agree to Second Round
The F-35 Lightning II can't fly in lightning once again
1,000 more U.S. troops to Poland as Trump and Duda discuss NATO's eastern flank
US Military Shuffle from Germany to Poland is Imminent
US military spending to skyrocket over China Sea 'footprint'
Pompeo's UN Move Against Iran Will Fail. Why Is He Still Pressing It?

## Migrants/refugees ##
Rohingya refugees tell Malaysia how dozens perished during four-month voyage

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
400 National Guard soldiers activated to guard DC monuments amid protests
Trump demands end to flag burning as protests flare again near White House

## Energy/resources ##
U.S. Shale Has Lost $300 Billion In 15 Years
In the 15 years since the first U.S. shale boom, the industry as a whole has failed to return a profit.
With contracts canceled and debts mounting, offshore oil drillers face another shakeout

## Environment/health ##
Johnson & Johnson told to pay $2.1 billion over cancer-causing talc powder
US energy laggards still not Paris compliant: analysis
Bayer settles Roundup lawsuits for $10 billion
37% of U.S. adults have dangerous metabolic syndrome, analysis finds
Siberian heat wave is a 'warning cry' from the Arctic, climate scientists say
• Coronavirus
WHO warns coronavirus still hasn't 'reached its peak' in Americas as global cases near milestone
California reports more than 7,000 coronavirus cases, biggest daily jump so far
Florida reports another record spike in coronavirus cases, up 5.3% in a day

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Trump, Bolton, and Pompeo: Loathsome Peas in a Pod
Biden And His Ventriloquists Keep Out-Hawking Trump
In a series of truly chilling and ominous tweets, Joe Biden shows us he would dispense with Trump's even minimal non-interventionism and return the U.S. to full-bore aggression.
Twitter terminates DDoSecrets, falsely claims it may infect visitors

## Japan ##
LDP lays groundwork to consider equipping Japan with attack capabilities
The ruling Liberal Democratic Party began preparations Tuesday to establish a team to consider the possibility of the nation possessing the capability to attack enemy bases.
Office cluster pushes Tokyo coronavirus cases to one-and-half-month high: NHK
China's COVID-19 Vaccine Makers Are Going Abroad for Human Trials
With dwindling coronavirus cases at home, Chinese biomedical companies are cooperating with Brazil and the UAE for phase three clinical trials.

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