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News Links, August 1, 2020

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Fiat Chrysler reports $1.2 billion loss in second quarter
Turkey Faces Second Currency Crisis in Two Years, Lira Slumps to Record Low
Foreign investors are fleeing, worried about surging inflation, deeply negative real interest rates, and a central bank unwilling to crack down on inflation.
Memo from Insiders: Dear Bagholders, Thanks for Buying Our Shares at the Top
Gold heads for biggest monthly gain since Jan 2012 on rush to safety
Peter Schiff: The Dollar Is Not Just Going Down; It's Going to Crash

## Airline death spiral ##
British Airways owner IAG to raise €2.75bn after record loss
British Airways pilots accept pay cuts, job losses negotiated by union
Tough times ahead for Singapore Airlines
Air Canada weighs order cancellations, blames travel restrictions, after second-quarter loss
U.S. airlines making push for new round of payroll assistance

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Chinese long-range bombers join drills over South China Sea
Will Japan Pursue a Strike Capability in Lieu of Aegis Ashore?
Iran Uses First Military Satellite to Map, Publish U.S. Base in Qatar
Philippines: Can't afford to go to war with China over sea row, Duterte admits in national address
It's Official: Pompeo Has Declared Cold War With China
This puts us on a course for a costly and unnecessary conflict at a time when we can't even take care of our own problems.
U.S. to have permanent troop presence in Poland as defence pact agreed
AFRICOM ordered to plan move out of Germany, latest pullout from key European ally
Hungary upgrades military with delivery of German tanks

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Trump: Feds won't leave Portland until governor clamps down on protesters

## Energy/resources ##
Heavy-duty hydrogen fuel cell trucks a waste of energy and money
Power Blackouts Could Tip Iraq's Protesters Over the Edge
Vehicles burned in Mexico to protest US water payment
Brutal 20-Week Rig Count Collapse Finally Subsides As Oil Prices Stabilize

## Got food? ##
Plastics, pathogens and baby formula: What's in your shellfish?
'We had to eat our seeds for planting': 10 million in Sudan facing food shortages
Coronavirus-linked hunger kills 10,000 children per month, says UN

## Environment/health ##
Coastal flooding set to get more frequent, threatening coastal life and global GDP
Researchers make major, concerning microplastics discovery
Scientists genetically alter squids for the first time in 'game-changing' breakthrough
USDA identifies some of the mysterious, unsolicited seeds after all 50 states issue warnings
• Coronavirus
WHO: Young people are 'letting down their guard'
Global health body says youth-oriented 'amplifiers' such as nightclubs are causing Covid-19 spikes

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Big Google and Facebook are Watching You!
How to hide from a drone, like a Marine
China Criticizes Trump for 'Double Standards' Over TikTok
The US is a 'cheap date' in cyberspace. A commission has ideas to change that.

## Japan ##
Tokyo reports 463 new coronavirus cases
Tokyo could declare emergency if situation worsens: Koike
LDP policymakers say Japan should have missile base-striking ability
In what could be a controversial move under the pacifist Constitution, the Liberal Democratic Party's defense policy committee on Friday approved a proposal for Japan to have the capability of halting ballistic missile attacks within enemy territory, a document showed.
Japan's top court rules GPS tracking of cars is not spying
Tokyo Disney Resort Operator Logs Record Quarterly Loss
Fitch downgrades ratings outlook for Japan to negative

## China ##
US must prepare for an ever more powerful China, Rand Corporation says
Three Gorges Dam weathers the flood challenge
Monsoon torrent passes as signs emerge that Chinese leaders may be cooling on huge hydroelectric projects
U.S. imposes sanctions on Chinese company over abuse of Uighurs
Hong Kong postpones elections by a year, citing coronavirus

## UK ##
New push to raise Covid-19 testing capacity in England to 500,000 a day
COVID infections on the rise in England, survey shows
Use of plastic bags in England drops by 59% in a year
Coronavirus: Visiting people at home banned in parts of northern England

## US ##
CDC reports the rich sleep better at night
Who would have thought? -- RF
COVID-19: Poverty Weaponized By Elite as US Eviction Crisis Looms
New Government Loan 'Could Accelerate Demise of US Postal Service'
Portland Journalists Ask For Sanctions As Federal Agents Continue To Assault Reporters And Legal Observers
A surge in evictions could turn into financial crisis, economist warns
It could also result in more riots. -- RF
Consumer Spending Jumps for a Second Month ... But
Potential defense budget cuts demand a new calculus
The 'restaurant apocalypse' is 'much worse than I thought,' Jim Cramer says
"If you're in the business of serving people food in a brick-and-mortar setting, all I can say is stick a fork in it, because that business is done."
Billboard Ad Revenue Collapses As Americans Stay Home

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