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News Links, April 7, 2020

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Ocean shipping services continue to deteriorate
Apple supplier Foxconn's sales down 7.7% in March
Swiss gold refineries to reopen at sharply reduced capacity
Emerging Currencies Under Threat From Covid-19 Face Further Declines

## Airline death spiral ##
From 271 to 13: American suspends most NYC flights amid coronavirus crisis; demand 'evaporating'

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Taliban warn peace deal with US near breaking point
How Generals Fueled 1918 Flu Pandemic to Win Their World War
Just like today, brass and bureaucrats ignored warnings, and sent troops overseas despite the consequences.
Acting Navy Secretary Under Fire For Speech Calling Fired Captain 'Stupid'
'What the f-ck?' a sailor can be heard yelling in the background of Modly's speech over the ship's PA system.
So Much for Keeping the Military Out of Politics
Acting Navy Secretary Modly's Trumpian approach to the military and his firing of a carrier captain has gone over like a lead anchor. Now members of Congress are calling for his own firing.

## Energy/resources ##
The Oil Giant Drowning In Debt
[Exxon's] struggles are growing, but they predate the pandemic and the collapse of oil prices.
• Coronavirus
Scientists at the Royal Melbourne Hospital believe ivermectin may in turn reduce the severity of the life-threatening disease. They are now urging for ivermectin to be trialled on coronavirus patients, as experts continue the race against time to find a cure.

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
U.S. Will Cover-up Its Own Coronavirus Death Toll
The Trump administration has used the novel coronavirus pandemic to malign its perceived enemies. Now as the U.S. itself is at the center of the pandemic the accusations and lies come back to bite.
Open database exposes 425 GB of financial companies' data

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Saudi futuristic city turns mirage in Covid-19 era
Tokyo running out of beds and gear, medical staff say
As Japan faces a fresh wave of coronavirus infections and the government prepares for a state of emergency, medical staff say a shortage of beds and a rise in cases linked to hospitals are pushing Tokyo's medical system to the brink of collapse.

## China ##
If Lockdown Is a Needless Over-Reaction, Then Why Did China Lockdown Half its Economy?

## US ##
New York Fed, FDIC Tout "Opacity in a Banking Crisis" to Keep Corporations, Hedge Funds, PE Firms & Counterparties in the Dark about Weak Banks
"Suppressing" bank balance-sheet data in a banking crisis to prevent the biggies from yanking their billions out of a weakened bank.
• Coronavirus

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News Links, April 6, 2019

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Deflationary collapse: Coming right up! -- RF
With over a million coronavirus cases, economic freefall looms

## Airline death spiral ##
U.S. airlines apply for U.S. payroll help but terms still unclear

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
11 Nations on Board as UN Secretary-General Pushes Global Ceasefire
Maximum Pressure on North Korea Is a Total Failure
Why should America continue fighting a 70 years' war with a country 6,000 miles away when it is so ill-prepared for an epidemic at home?
Both Freedom House and V-DEM's Annual Democracy Report shows Israel is experiencing a precipitous decline in democracy. Thought that would hardly be surprising to the 2 million Arab citizens that live there.
For those of you in the northern hemisphere, if you're planning on learning to garden, now's the time. Remember that, despite your wildest fantasies, you are not going to become an instant farmer. -- RF
The Biggest Chokepoint in the Global Food Supply Chain Is Trucks
Truckers hauling food are facing delays across the globe in the latest disruption to supply chains snarled by the coronavirus pandemic.

• Coronavirus
Cuba: US embargo blocks coronavirus aid shipment from Asia
Cuban officials say a shipment of coronavirus aid from Asia's richest man, Jack Ma, has been blocked by the six-decade U.S. embargo on the island.
US Leads Global Wave of Nations Stealing, Seizing and Diverting Coronavirus Equipment
Governments have resorted to seizing, diverting, outbidding and outright stealing equipment from each other in a desperate bid to stem  the tide of the coronavirus epidemic.

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
And while the United States is uniquely poorly positioned to address this, the massive jolt this has provoked the world over makes it clear enough that the systems of capitalism, of industrial civilization itself, have been teetering on the edge.
COVID-19 and the "Just-in-Time" Supply Chain: Why Hospitals Ran Out of Ventilators and Grocery Stores Ran Out of Toilet Paper

Tokyo Gov Yuriko Koike said Sunday the metropolitan government has secured about 1,000 beds for coronavirus patients, although experts say at least 4,000 beds may be needed for the capital.
Mainland China reported 30 new coronavirus cases on Saturday, up from 19 a day earlier as the number of cases involving travellers from abroad as well as local transmissions increased, highlighting the difficulty in stamping out the outbreak.
How much gold does China really have and how will it be used?
Fishermen face bleak year as pandemic bites
After three months of storms and high winds, a slump in demand has left most of the UK's fleet tied up and facing ruin
The Blob Sucked Away Your Public Health and Gave You War Instead
Trillions down the drain for overseas operations and the national security state is still agitating for more.
Everything I have warned about for years—government overreach, invasive surveillance, martial law, abuse of powers, militarized police, weaponized technology used to track and control the citizenry, and so on—has coalesced into this present moment.
• Coronavirus
Hey, I thought such things only happen in China! -- RF
Shortly afterward, the federal government published highly unusual guidance informing doctors they had the option to prescribe the drugs, with key dosing information based on unattributed anecdotes rather than peer-reviewed science.

Friday, April 03, 2020


News Links, April 4, 2020

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Emerging markets will be 'cut to their knees' by pandemic, ex-IMF chief economist says
Coronavirus pandemic crashes prices of commodities
Coronavirus: India's bailout may not be enough to save economy
IEA: Oil Price Collapse Could Leave 50 Million Jobless
Coronavirus Pandemic Could Cost the World $4.1 Trillion
Uber, Lyft Revenues Drop By Staggering 50% Due To Coronavirus Outbreak
Global Silver Supply Collapse On Its Way: Mexico mining suspension to hit silver supply
Gold dealers report big shortages of coins and smaller bars
Services Sector Falls off Cliff: First Data Points from the Eurozone where Lockdowns Started Earlier

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Coronavirus economic updates: US cuts 701K jobs in March, unemployment rate jumps to 4.4%

## Airline death spiral ##
Airline industry braces for lengthy recovery from coronavirus crisis
American Airlines cutting international summer schedule by 60% as coronavirus drives down demand
London Heathrow to close runway as it scales back operations due to coronavirus pandemic
Avolon cancels order for 75 Boeing MAX jets, 4 Airbus A330neo

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Indo-Pacom Chief's Bold $20 Billion Plan For Pacific; What Will Hill Do?

## Got food? ##
How the coronavirus crisis is affecting food supply
The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted global food supplies and is causing labour shortages in agriculture worldwide.
Wisconsin farmers forced to dump milk as coronavirus slams a fragile dairy economy
• Coronavirus
As countries use tech to tackle COVID-19, rights groups warn digital surveillance measures threaten freedoms and privacy
Brazil's Ex-President on Venezuela: Maduro is Democratic, Guaidó Should Be in Prison, US Blockade Kills Civilians

## Propaganda/censorship/fake news/alternative facts ##
Kim Jong Un struggling against South Korea influence, analyst says
China's unemployment crisis mounts, but nobody knows true number of jobless
As many as 205 million Chinese workers cannot find jobs or are unable to return to their previous posts, according to one analyst

## UK ##
Britain to build two further temporary coronavirus hospitals

## US ##
$1.5 Trillion Helicopter Money for Wall Street in 3 Weeks of Fed Bailouts
Loading up on Treasury securities, mortgage-backed securities, repos, "central bank liquidity swaps," and "loans" to keep the Everything Bubble from imploding further.
Unemployment Rate Jumps to 4.4% But Worst is Yet to Come
Forget about -701,000. There are at least 10 million more unemployed than reported today.
This hard truth about the mortgage markets isn't being told
Real estate industry sees no problem, hears no problem, speaks no problem
• Coronavirus

Thursday, April 02, 2020


News Links, April 3, 2020

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Softbank pulls the plug on WeWork bailout, giving co-founder Adam Neumann another black eye
Saudi-Russia oil war is a game theory masterstroke
Volkswagen extends Mexico production halt as coronavirus bites
U.S. weekly jobless claims blow past six million as coronavirus lockdowns spread
New York City Current Business Conditions Plunges To Lowest Reading On Record
Concerned That Asia Could Blow A Hole In Future Economic Recovery
Gold posts first gain in 5 sessions after another surge in jobless claims
Perth Mint sold out of gold kilobars

## Airline death spiral ##
British Airways could suspend 36,000 employees: BBC
Flight attendants say government stakes in airlines in exchange for grants could cost jobs
Germany in talks to inject billions into Lufthansa - sources
What airlines are doing to clean their planes
Boeing 787s must be turned off and on every 51 days to prevent 'misleading data' being shown to pilots
US air safety bods call it 'potentially catastrophic' if reboot directive not implemented
Trump to Consider Domestic Air Travel Ban for 30 Days

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Iran Warns US Against Warmongering, Top Iran General Visits Baghdad
Inside US Indo-Pacific Command's $20 billion wish list to deter China — and why Congress may approve it
EU Set to Deploy Warships Off Libya in Rare Hard-Power Display
Dismantling democracy? Virus used as excuse to quell dissent

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Businesses protect themselves from coronavirus-spurned civil unrest by boarding up storefronts
By "spurned" the writer probably meant "spawned." -- RF

Large-scale industries like the oil industry need momentum and a huge amount of money to stay in business. Once components of the industry start to shut down, getting them started again is no easy task. -- RF
• Coronavirus
Why The U.S. Will Drown In Covid-19 Cases
The reasons include ill discipline, ignorance and incompetence, nutty religiousness and racism.

## Propaganda/censorship/fake news/alternative facts ##
Scoop: Netanyahu shared fake video as proof of Iranian virus cover-up

Criticism soon erupted on social media. The money would be much better spent on upgrading the capacity of mask manufacturers. According to the government, companies are making masks by the hundreds of millions, but just try to find them. -- RF

## UK ##
British Airways expected to suspend 36,000 staff amid coronavirus crisis
How It Starts (Craig Murray)
It is a recognised pattern for dictatorship to commence with emergency measures designed to combat a threat. Those emergency measures then become normalised and people exercising arbitrary power find it addictive. A new threat is then found to justify the continuation.
The Military Knew Years Ago That a Coronavirus Was Coming
The Pentagon warned the White House about a shortage of ventilators, face masks, and hospital beds in 2017—but the Trump administration did nothing.
Unemployment claims for last week could shatter record amid millions of new layoffs
Week Two of the Collapse of the Labor Market
This type of sudden, previously unimaginable fall-off-the-cliff data about the lockdown-economy is gut-wrenching.
Coronavirus Is Making the Public Pension Crisis Even Worse
The pandemic has handed the funds big losses after they ramped up their appetite for risk over the past decade.
• Coronavirus

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